I've been thinking about Pokemon Black and White lately So I got bored and decided to mix pokemon black version with bakugan, and most of these brawlers come from the game itself. These are the heroes.

Gideon Novalee- The pyrus brawler. He has always dreamed of becoming a pokemon trainer with his best friends Cheren and Bianca, and gets his dream come true when Professor Juniper gives him Tepig. However, the next morning, he travels out only to witness a dragonoid to get expiramented by Team Plasma, and him, Cheren and Bianca challenge the Team Plasma grunts to a pokemon battle and win, and the scientists flee. The Dragonoid, calling himself Draco, is impressed by the children's bond, and very thankful for being saved, becomes Gideon's partner. Gideon is wise like Cheren and a little troublemaker like Bianca. His mom states that he never cleans his room. He names the team after his dragonoid, which Draco finds, "Completely sensless." He is 12.

Cheren Black- The aquas brawler. He is a strategic brawler who pursues the ideal of strength. He picks Oshawott as his starter pokemon. He, Gideon, and Bianca spot Draco getting tortured by Team Plasma scientists and defeats a trio of grunts with Gideon and Bianca. He recieves his partner, Aquas Torbino, from Cress. He is very organized. He is 13.

Bianca Whiteson- The girly-girl ventus brawler. She is addicted to cake and brownies, as shown in episode 5, when she tried to grab a brownie from a platter. She is not an expert at brawling, but is quite good with pokemon, especially with her Snivy. She always puts little bows on Funnel Skyress, her gift from Skyla. She also spots Draco getting tortured and defeats some Plasma grunts in episode 1, and Cheren calls her, "An unreliable airhead" throughout the series. She is also klutzy. She is 14.

Tabby Shaker- A subterra brawler and a tomboy. She plays drums in a famous band, and Gideon's older cousin. She first appears in episode 5 with Caitlin and Drago. (Who went with the girls to find answers about his older sister, who recently disappeared) Her guardian bakugan is Subterra Earthquake Coredom, and her main pokemon is Sandile, and she is very hyper, and NEVER uses her indoor voice, typical for a rock star. She, like her younger cousin, does not clean her room. She lives in Black City, which was were she got her mightyena. She is 16.

Lady Caitlin Lumina- A mysterious haos brawler with psychic powers, and the youngest member of the Unova elite 4, being only 14 years old. She first appears in episode 5, trying to prevent Bianca from grabbing a brownie. She has two guardians, Lumagrowl and Drago, who constantly bicker. She keeps Drago because of his desire to find out about his older sister, Ryuka, who disappeared. Caitlin is very impatient, and loses her temper very fast, but she has her sweet side, and she is very wise and understanding, and she is very rich. She also taught Tabby the ways of pokemon battling, and is the best at pokemon than anyone else on the team, which is why she doesn't use her pokemon unless her team is really backed into a corner.

Setter Atra- A dark phantom behind a mask, and a darkus brawler, and always tries to win a girl's heart. He first appears in episode 6, training his purrloin. His guardian bakugan is Cyclone Percival, which he nicknames Percy. Unlike Caitlin, he is patient, easygoing, and rude. He wears a black-and-red cape, and boots that go above his knees, and a tuxedo and a Top hat. He is 17.

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