Bakugan: The Next Generation - Drago's Kingdom Character Dargo Edit

Dargo is a Character, who is appearing in my Fanfiction Bakugan: The next Generation - Drago's Kingdom. He is a secondary Character and the younger brother of Saphir as well as Son of Drago and Wavern.

Description Edit

Dargo looks like his father in Neo Dragonoid form, the only mature difference between the two is that he inherited the Haos attribute of his mother (when she was in connection with the Infinity Core). He has Drago's smaragd green eyes, but they look more like a Gundalian Bakugans eyes instead of a Vestroians.

Backstory Edit

Dargo was born second to Drago and Wavern and earns the title Prince. He is about 10 seconds younger than his sister Saphir. Dargo has a calmer life than Saphir, meaning being the Kings and Queens second born child he always will be a Prince instead of a ruler himself. He always played and hunted with his friends. The first time he meets Kizuato was when they all still were not fully grown and together with their parents. After the short confrontation, he returns, with his family home to the Dragonoidrock. Later he meets Kizuato a second time, this time as a full adult, mocking him about his father Dharak/Razenoid, even calling him "the devil's offspring". He helps to carry Drago back to the Dragonoidrock after his father was wounded in a battle with the group of Dharaknoids Zira was leading. He also watched Kizuato's exile and smiled at the end, when he was disappearing in the distance. Later he battles Vitani at the border line of the both territories. He was battling with a rage never seen before, because of Vitani insulting his sister. Saphir. Dargo was later still skeptic about Kizuato, not trusting him at all.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a Dragonoid, he features the Gundalian Bakugans eye scheme.
  • He has inherited the attribute of his mother, while she was connected to the Infinity core.
  • Dargo is about 10 seconds younger than his older sister Saphir.
  • Dargo is in possess of the Ultimate Warrior Gene as well as the Twin Gene.
  • He has to ¾ Vestroian and to ¼ Gundalian Bakugan blood.

Gallery Edit


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