Dante is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom of Echoes.

Dante Royal

Dante KOE

Dominant Male of Ivory
Sinos, Pyrus, Haos and Ventus
Guardian Bakugan
Known For
Aniju's Boyfriend

"Music makes me high"

~ from Rocketship 2010, Shiny Toy Guns


Dante has ADD so he is hyper as Hell! He sometimes “accidently” forgets to take his medication leaving him rather spunky. He is easily distracted by even the smallest minor of things that can amuse him for hours. Dante is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and what they believe in. He can make friends with anyone and is quiet talkative and very social. Addicted to music, Dante usually has a song stuck in his head.


Dante is slender and very tall, 6’0’’ to be exact. He has brown hair that goes a little past his shoulders and a yellow streak of hair on his right side that covers his right eye. He has blue grey eyes and a lip piercing. He wears a red jacket that opens on the side rather than the front. His jacket had a large white mane of fur around the collar and down to his chest. His sleeves and the ends of the jacket also sport tuffs of white fur. On his left side the letters A, F, I can be seen.

In Kingdom of Echoes, Dante appears to be half human half animal, like a sphinx. He has a long fluffy tail and paws for feet. While his upper body appears more human, althought he is covered in fur and his hands are now clawed. He only appears in this form in the city of Xurtron.


Dante was born in the Royal family, yes that is their name. He has seventeen siblings, Dante being the ninth born. He met Aniju when he was 13 and the two have been friends since then although he soon developed feelings for her. Sadly she was bind to this and he was too afraid to tell her so for four years their relationship never went any farther. She had feelings for him as well but never told him either, so she assumed he didn’t like her that way and he came to the same conclusion. Dante, never the less, helped Aniju without question and stayed by her side. When Aniju started making Bakugan, she made one for Dante, because there was no attribute for sound. Dante took to brawling a little better than Aniju but he wasn’t too interested in forcing his Bakugan to fight when he can defeat himself.

In the time span after New Vestroia Dante and Aniju started spending more time together and although they were pretty sure the other have feels, they remain quiet about their love. During the time span of Gundalian Invaders, Aniju got in a War with some Humans, who started to seek the power of the Bakugan to aid them in their fight against her. Dante loyal and brave stuck with her knowing this whole crap was started by something really stupid, a lie. Soon these humans started to invade Gundalia and Neathia. Aniju was force to split her farces in two and was able to drive the humans off of Gundalia, however Neathia was conquered. It was Dante who suggested seeking aid from Vestal in an attempt to free the now enslaved Neathia. Towards the end of this war Aniju and Dante were still not able to tell each other how they felt but after being through so much together, they two just know what the other had felt all along. Four years after they had met the two become lovers finally.

By then these humans had started a Gene Splicing Project where several humans were fused with Gundalian, Neathian and many other creatures DNA. Dante went to Neathian were he discovered about the existence of this project and that some of the enslave Neathians were being experimented on and tormented to death. This enraged him forcing Dante to become a Moon Devil. He killed off the base there and freed the Neathians in that laboratory. Vestal, Gundalia and the remaining free Neathians joined forces under Dante’s command while Aniju left briefly to seek the aid of several friends she had made over the years on other planets. Thanks to the aid of several friends from several different planets, the war was won and the humans who had started this worn were wiped out completely. This war lasted for six months and most of Neathian and parts of Gundalia were destroyed. Dante stayed with Aniju during the clean-up and recovery process that took place after the war. He was very good at locating Neathians that had been trapped under the ruble of their former city.

Not too long after this Aniju went to the Earth, Dante tagged along. There was where they met Order of Grammaton through Jasper. Seeing how a similar war could be caused by the slightly different events that were taking place, Aniju stayed with the Grammaton, while Dante, became Aniju’s Rabscuttle, and went to the Mephisto Organization to act as a spy for her. He was also sent to join DIO so he could keep an eye on Jasper for Aniju, seeing how Jasper had joined up with DIO.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Dante appears alongside Aniju in Dimensional Defenders. Dante joins up with DIO so he can keep tabs on Jasper and inform Aniju on DIO's movements.Dante first at the villian's base making linked paper dolls, claiming each one respresended a different members. Later he was seen watching the monitor screen and playing with dinosaurse toys. DIO sent him on a mission to get info on the newly formed teams, first stop what Team Lilium. Dante sent, Lyra, Lorenzo and Seek to distract the other team members while he contronted the team leader Dallas. Dante did not seek to brawl him. Instead he had his Bakugan Popkat give Dallas a prophecy about the future. "A darkness filled with fire will threaten all that exist. Those blinded by sight will fall under his will. Two forces will meet on the battlefield, only one will remain. Find darkness through the impure light." Dante also told Dallas to "Beware of a fallen friend. There is still time to save him." Dante was seen taking down stats on the other members of Team Lilium for DIO.

Dante returned to the base where he gave DIO a large amount of tacos he got from somewhere. He later was accomponied Jasper to Interspace to brawl of the members of Team Lilium. Jasper conviced Lysie and Yayoi to brawl him and Dante, however Dante was not to trilled about this. Danielle showed up making the teams a little unfair so Lysie called in Gerald to aid Dante and Jasper. Dante sued Popkat's special ability SunStorm right away in the brawl taking out all the Bakugan, but left Popkat too tired to continue the brawl. Jasper teleported the group away. A little later Dante is seen healing his Bakugan with techno music by the soon to be members of Umbra Team. He warns them about Banshee and tells the group what she and Bree had been through. After he leaves, he runs into a mercenary that Aniju had sent him. Dante hired Hans to work for him, sending him off to brawl Team Wolf. Dante later appeared again being chased by Mizuhiro along with Jasper. Both went mental and transformed, Dante became Demonclaw and attcked Lync beside Jasper and Banshee. All then disperse however, Dante wondered off after Aniju. Dante later takes an arrow to the knee shot by Luca, this causes Dante to become infatuated by Luca because he shot him with an arrow. He kindly gives Luca some milk from a magical LunchBox he some how got that very moment. Dante challenges Luca to a brawl for some reason, after he demonstrates his superior strenght. Ultimatly Dante was force to lose the match and went back to the villain's base with Hans and Jasper where he builds a Hut made out of pizza he found.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

In Kingdom of Echoes, Dante is the one gathering powerful brawlers for the Tournament.

Dimesnional Adventures

In Dimensional Adventures, Dante moves into Gerald's house along with Aniju and the rest of Ivory. He breaks wholes in the walls mostly. He later dresses up as a cow with Slasho to capture Luca which was succeesful. After which he dresses up as a female with Jasper and Sid Vicious to lure Gin out.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Dante Royal

Nickname: Redclaw (Warrior's name) also Demonclaw (When he goes berserk)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 23

Appearance: Varies from time to time, because he transforms alongside Aniju. Hs always has his white mane in anyform, brown hair with a yello streak and grey blue eyes.

Clothes: Red jacket with the white mane all the time, black pants and fingerless gloves, wears various band shirts under jacket.

Personality: care-free, extremely loyal, hyper ADD, devoted, super friendly, sometimes a litter to trusting

Motto: "Music makes me high!"

Likes: music, singing, nature, glass, hanging out with friend and spenting time with Aniju

Dislikes: girly girls with big boobs, sudeen loud noises, revealing clothing, being told not to do something, that song "I'm Cool Like That" (hates that song)

Fears: Girls that are large busted, (Lysie)

Attribute(s): Sinos, Glass, Haos, Pyrus and Ventus (His elements are Sound and Glass)

Guardian Bakugan: Popkat


Demonclaw is the name of Dante's demon form. Why Dante has this form is unknown and is believed to have been obtained when he was cursed by his Master Cerise. However it seems he had this form prior to the events that took place during the reign of the monsters. Demonclaw a large red cat, around the size of a tiger but resembles a lion or saber tooth. He sport's Dante's white mane, and red pelt as well as Dante's yellow streak of hair. He has a pair of antlers on his head, two long feather wings and four fangs, the lower fangs are bigger than the top. His ears are tipped with tuffs of hair. When Dante is in demon form, seems to act more on instinct however he is capable of using his head to get out of situation. He is incredibly strong in his form, capable of break down walls, throwing cars. He also uses his sound attacks to aid him. He doesn't talk much, mostly makes animal sounds however he will sing still. He is also very unstable in this form and attacks and destroys everything around him. Dante only transforms when prevoked or when he is under great stress. Most often he transforms out of fear but tries to stay in control as best as he can.

Dante's AbilitiesEdit

Dante is not human of course so he has some abilities humans do not have. First up, his element is sound, he is the master of sound. He can hear people's present from far away, not total hear their words, but he is capable of location people by listening for him, the sounds of their voice pitch or body, the rhythm of their heart. In closer ranges he can hear words from conversations. He shoot sound wave, or sound bombs to paralyze or even kill people. He can open locks and push objects with sound.

Beside Sound, Dante can make and control glass. He makes glass by heating up sand with sound making them vibrate till they melt. He is a glass blower and can make various objects. Glass windows are not an obstale for him.

Another thing about Dante, is when he says something is going to happen, it happens, but only when he is not aware that he said that. Most often he is joking and then it becomes trues. He can not use this abilities of his own will or be forced to. So he watches what he says in order to prevent anything from happening.

Dante's Bakugan Popkat is a multi-Attribute Bakugan using Sonus, Haos, Ventus and Pyrus abilities. However unlike most brawlers, Dante is capable of using some of Popkat's abilities himself. Here is a list of abilities (cards for Popkat) that he can use. When preforming these Abilities (Shouts), Dante actually has to shout them, he will only say the Abilities in a Foreign Language rather than the translated name. Example: Dante will Shout “FUS RO DAH”, instead of saying Unrelenting Force. However when Popkat uses the ability, Dante will say the name of the Ability but she will Shout the foreign words instead. Dante has to wait 30 to 60 seconds before using another these Abilities call Shouts.

Unrelenting Force [FUS RO DAH (Force Balance Push)] (Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in your path.) Push and stagers opponents for a few moments.

Whirlwind Sprint [WULD NAH KEST (Whirlwind Fury Tempest)] (The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in its wake with the speed of a tempest.) Compels user forward for 60 feet in lighten fast speed.

Dragonrend [JOOR ZAH FRUL (Mortal Finite Temporary)] (Your voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beast to land.) Forces the dragon to understand the meaning of mortality that the knowledge tears at their very soul, breaking their concentration enough that they cannot focus on flying. (Only works on Dragon Bakugan/DIO)

Marked For Death [KRII LUN AUS (Kill Leech Suffer)] (Speak, and let your Voice herald doom, as an opponent's armor and lifeforce are weakened.)

Clear Skies [LOK VAH KOON (SKY Spring Summer)] (Skyrim itself yields before the Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather.)

Disarm [ZUN HAAL VIIK (Weapon Hand Defeat)] (Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp.)

Dismay [FUUS RU MAAR (Fear Run Terror)] (And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in Terror.)

Elemental Fury [SU GRAH DUN (Air Battle Grace)] (The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.)

Aura Whispers [LAAS YAH NIR (Life Seek Hunt)] (Your Voice is not a Shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.) See the life force of others.

Become Ethenreal [FEIN ZII GRON (Fade Spirit Blind)] (The Thu'um reaches out to the Void, changing your form to one that cannot harm, or be harmed.)


* Dante is named after the main character in the video game Devil May Cry. His last name comes from the color Royal Blue, however Dante's color is red.

* Dante's is made of of six people, Dante(DMC), all the members of the band AFI and is voice is the main male vocalist for Shiny Toy Guns. He bares the Devil May Cry Dante's name and a little bit of his care-free personality. He has the main singer of AFI, Davey Havok,'s lip ring and the ability to sing. The gutairist of AFI, Jade Puget,'s hair style back in 2006-2007. The drummer of AFI, Adam Carson,'s eyes. The bassist of AFI, Hunter Burgan,'s ability to play multible instruments. Shiny Toy Guns' lead male vocalist, Chad Petree,'s voice.

* Dante refers to himeslf as Aniju's Rabscuttle and she is his El-ahrairah. These two are characters of the book Watership Down, Rabscutle is El-ahrairah's most trusted right hand man with unquestionable loyalty towards him.

* Dante is a glass blower and sculptor but this probably won't be apperent in any Bakugan related stories.

* Dante's primary element is sound, his secondary element if glass.

* Dante apperently has a thing for rockets. The song in which his voice was discovered is called Rocketship. His favorite song is called Rocketeer. And his favorite meerkat who he named his emon after is called Rocket Dog.

* Dante's Bakugan is named after a little meerkat named Popkat, who played Mary-Pat on Meerkat Manor. She is an angel like Bakugan.

* Some of Popkat's abilities are named after techno songs by Dim Rain47, Kamzo, Babokon.

* Dante has Caligynephodia: The Fear of Beautiful Women


Pictures of Dante.


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

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