She is a haos battler with a vary powerful and mystirus bakugan named Phantom Leonidas. Just like her bakugan little is know about her. She has only one friend Leonidas. She has battle gear, nano and mectugan but she dosen't like to use them.


She is very crule and doesn't care for any one on the side of good, except for a little crush on Jasper.

Age:13(Dimensional trouble) 14(dimensional defenders)

Likes:Battling,Phantom Leonidas, and evil


She is part Gundalian.

The New PlayerEdit

Danielle meets leonidas as he came out of the doom dimension and didn't rekionized him but, she battled with him befor but lost her memory.

Dimentinal troubleEdit

She is on the evil side but she is spying on vito for Jasper to get Leonidas back.

Dimentinal DefendersEdit

She had Leonidas teliport her to Interspace and she battled a human named bob with a darkus scaboid. She is now faceing Dani. She went back to the bad guys base and had a match agenst Gerald,Dante, and jasper. She lost.

Phantom LeonidasEdit

He is vary powerful, loves to battle, and is very myterius. He hates the good side and has been battle hungry. Leonidas had been loosing control over his powers. He was taken by Jasper who placed a spell on him so he would be useless in battle and later swallowed by him. Leonidas is still alive in Jasper's stomach.


Shadow Sweep

Phantom Blaster

Haos Lighting

Dragon Blast

Dark Sword

Shadow LeonidasEdit

Phantom Leonidas Evolved after a short battle with a kid on earth. He now has bigger wings and the power of Avior, Dharak,Titianium dragoniod, and omega leonidas.


Evil Blow

Power From The Darkness

Shadow Blast

Fire Wall

Crystal Fang


  • Danielle is the daughter of Brodieus


Bakugan: dimentional trouble

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