Dan Kuso is the leader of the battle brawlers, and was Cassie's inspiration to start the CCB brawlers. His partner is Drago, who is the descendant of the first dragonoid, (The sun goddess Hemera), and a demigod, and Cassie's master. Cassie claimed she saw all the troubles Dan and Drago faced and even Naga taking the silent core. (See Cassie's page for the quote.) Dan has a girlfriend, Runo, and a horse named T-rex, and aided Cassandra in the final battle against Clytemnestra, where Drago was severly wounded by Death Blow, (Clymmie's ax, which she used to kill Cassandra in the myth), which makes him join the quest for the golden fleece in the second book, Fire Burning, in order to save his partner, even if it means temporarily becoming a haos brawler. (Death Blow can severly wound even a bakugan with it's mass.) He is a pyrus brawler and appears in Bakugan: Cassandra and the Crimson Core Brawlers.

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