Dan "Daniel" Kuso is the main character of the anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers Team. He appears often in Fan-Fiction and usually is parted up with Runo Misaki. His Gaurdian Bakugan is Drago.

Stories Featured InEdit

Bakugan: Planet Takedown! Dan is a brawler.

Bakugan: Insos Invation Dan is a brawler.

Bakugan: Fight for All Dan is a brawler.

Bakugan: Clone Assault Warriors Dan is a brawler and a trainer of Clan.

Bakugan: the adventure Dan is married to Runo and has two kids named Lena and Casey.

Bakugan:The New Player, Dan is a battler.

Bakugan:Brawlers Unleashed, he is the main protonagist and the current wielder of Chaos Dragonoid.

Mission Grammaton: Dan Kuso is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance in the first season.

Fall from Grace: Nine years after Mechtanium Surge; Dan is happily married to Runo but their happiness was soon shattered when Runo was murdered. This caused Dan to lose his mind and his alignment with the good side.

Bakugan: True Evil

Bakugan battle brawlers

Bakugan :new vestroia

Bakugan :gundalian invaders

Bakugan:mechtanium surge(arc 1 and arc 2)

Bakugan:tech brawlers

Dimentional Trouble: Dan appears to aid the Skarks against DIO but later became possessed by the latter.

Dimensional Defenders: Dan's body is possessed by DIO and therefore, he is technically the main antagonist of the story.

Reality Shift


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