"Protector Of Justice, I will show you The Power We Have!" (Damos- "The Sky Legend)

"Damos" (Daa-Mo s) is a character in Arc two of Bakugan: Sky Warriors He is partnered with Aquos Aerogan

First Appearence: The Sky Legend


Damos is a man who was once a sky warrior, he then became a normal human and still had the legendary Bakugan "Aerogan" people still think of him as the strongest brawler he actually is famous. Currently he is Battling alongside Indigos Team againist Dread.


  • Pyrus Ziperator: Damos Original guardian, it was deceased Because of a Shadowreaver.
  • Aquos Aerogan (Main Bakugan): Aerogan was a major fast legend to new vestroia, after ziperator was killed Damos found aerogan and became Friends.


  • Damos was a sky warrior but quit his job as one, he then trained hard to become a better one.

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