"Living is a cup of poison; who shall teach me the trick to drink dry the bitterness of groundless fears?"

- Song: Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis

Dallas, also known as the "Radiant Conjurer" [輝きの魔術師 (Kagayaki no Majutsushi)] is the Vita Cleric of the Haos Attribute.

Haos Vita Cleric

Haos Dallas

Haos Dallas
ルミナ ダレス
Rumina Daresu
1800 Gs
Known Evolutions
Brawling Partners

Mission GrammatonEdit

Vita Clerics are the Guardians of the Vita Chamber that are tasked to protect the Brawlers' Vita Records. These Clerics are formed within the Vita Chamber from the memories of Pop Culture Enthusiasts. Thus, they resemble anime, manga or game characters.

Dallas is a unique Vita Cleric because not a single being in the universe remembers him as vividly as Father. Because of this, Dallas can look into all but one Vita Record without the risk of accidentally altering their fates. The only Vita Record he is not allowed to look into is Father's own Vita Record.

Dallas is also Father's favorite Vita Cleric as the former is one who does not lust for power or does not possess the desire to usurp power from anyone. In Dallas' own words, he choose to "Die a patriot rather than to live on a traitor with a guilty conscience." This rather chivalrous trait of Dallas led to his own death in the hands of a mysterious assailant. Dallas' death would cause a chain of events that will lead to the Grammaton discovering the true traitor amongst their ranks.

Bakugan Dimensional TroubleEdit

The late Vita Cleric eventually reincarnated as a Haos Brawler who has no memories or recollection of his own past. Being the reincarnation of a good sorcerer, the Haos Brawler cannot be directly affected by any malevolent force or magic in the universe.

Bakugan Fanfic WikiaEdit

Dallas is the Guardian Bakugan of Keith Strife. He is in constant search of the fabled Leviathan Herbs which he believed would make his angsty teenager voice sound like a stunning debonair (just like Howell Jenkins Pendragon). He is often called by Keith Strife as "Ben Ten" or "Kirby" when he talks too much.

He has the habit of eating too much candy, buying too many food (also nicknamed Harvest God or "Benten") and falling asleep in the middle of the Brawl when his G Power goes too high as he cannot handle G power beyond 5000 Gs. He evolved to his BakuTech form after the first battle with Nuzamaki's Aranaut in which his previous form achieved an uncontrollable 10100 Gs.

Basic Abilities and Fusion AbilitiesEdit

All of Dallas' moves are written in Latin, denoting his occulted origins as a sorcerer and master of the Haos attribute. They are translated in simple Japanese (Katakana and Hirigana) with the literal English translation of the original Latin name.

{C}Basic AbilitiesEdit

1. Percitus Coma [ けたたましい あかるい (Ketatamashii Akarui, Piercing Light) ] - Sharp rays of light converge upon the opponent. Adds 500 Gs to Dallas and deducts 500 Gs from the opponent.

2. Magus Crux [ ミスティック クロス (Mystic Cross) ] - Cross-shaped beams of light converge on the opponent. Adds 400 Gs to Dallas and deducts 400 Gs from the opponent.

3. Sanctus jaculum [ せいなる なげやり (Seinaru Nageyari, Sacred Javelin) ] - Spears of light descend down the opponent. Adds 300 Gs to Dallas and deducts 300 Gs from the opponent.

4. Ferrum Inflexus [ フレックス ソード (Flex Sword) ] - Deduct 400 Gs from the opponent

5. Accendo [ さしこむ (Sashikomu, Illuminate)] - Increase G power by 400 Gs

6. Benevolentia [ じりき (Jiriki, Benevolence) ] - Increase G Power by 1000 Gs if the current G Power is half or lower of base level (ie: 900 Gs and below).

7. Lux Clementia [ じこう (Jikou, Merciful Light) ] - Recover 150 HP for Brawler (if Life Point System is implemented)

8. Indignatio [ ぎふん (Gifun, Righteous Indignation) ] - Disable the ability the opponent had just used.

9. Porta Increpo [ しかりつける かど (Shikaritsukeru Kado, Rebuke Gates) ] - Destroys the Gate Card and nullifies its effect (if the effect is more beneficial to the opponent or harmful for the player).

10. Labores Solis [ にっしょく (Nisshoku, Solar Eclipse) ] - Absorb HP damage as G Power augmentation.

{C}Fusion AbilitiesEdit

1. Infitias Ire [ こっきしん (Kokkishin, Denial) ] - (Indignatio Activated) Disable all abilities the opponent had used to augment his or her Bakugan's G Power for that turn.

2. Regnum Verus [ しんにょ (Shinnyo, Absolute Reality) ] - (Indignatio + Lilium Activated) If the opponent uses a G power augmentation ability for that turn, their G Power is returned to normal and they will receive a G power deduction of the same value as the augmentation.

3. Silens Prex [ もくし (Mokushi, Silent Contemplation) ] - (Lux Clementia activated) Recover HP based on previous G Power deduction.

BakuTech AbilitiesEdit

Dallas' BakuTech version adopts a new movelist which are based on Japanese proverbs.

1. Meikyo Shisui [明鏡止水 (Crystal Clear Mind)] +500 Gs to self, -500 Gs to opponent

2. Shinra Banshou [森羅万象 (All of Nature)] -500 Gs to opponent

3. Kachou Fugetsu [花鳥風月 (Beauty of Nature)] Reverse an opponent's augmentation.

4. Kanzen Muketsu [完全無欠 (Absolute Perfection)] Double G Power if against a Darkus Bakugan.

5. Kennin Fubatsu [堅忍不抜 (Fortitude)] Halve an opponent's current G Power in exchange for 500 Gs of power.

6. Ikki Tousen [一騎当千 (Strength of Thousand)] +1000 Gs for every Bakugan that the opponent is using

7. Hyakusen Renma [百戦錬磨 (Gain Experience)] -1000 Gs to the opponent for every Bakugan used

8. Munen Musou [無念無想 (Banish Distraction)] Remove an opponent's ability from play (disable the opponent from using that one ability for the rest of the brawl).

9. Junshin Muku [純真無垢 (Return to Innocence)] Disable an opponent's ability.

10. Haran Banjou [波瀾万丈 (Stormy)] In exchange for 500 Gs of power, decrease the opponent's G Power by 100 Gs for every turn.

BakuNano AbilitiesEdit

Gold Lilium [ きんのゆりぞく (Kin no Yurizoku) ]

Requires: Crusader Abel

1. Misericordiam [めぐむ (Megumu, Mercy)] - Negate the damage the opponent made to the Brawler's life point if the damage is over 300.

2. Infectum Reddere [くうげき (Kuugeki, Void)] - Doubles the player's current G Power for that turn. When it's the player's turn again, the G Power returns to it's base level (1800 Gs).

3. Aduro Eternum [はてしないのひかり (Hateshinai no Hikari, Everlasting Light)] - Negate all G Power deduction dealt by the opponent during that turn.

Platinum Gugnir [ しろがねのかみや (Shirogane no Kamiya) ]

Requires: Paladin Abel (Crusader Abel evolved)

1. Scaliger [スカリジェ (Scaliger)] - Effective when the Life Point System is part of the battle. When the Player is struck by a fatal blow, recover full HP and Dallas' current G power is doubled but the Gugnir is removed from play.

2. Fatum Speculum [ごうきょう (Goukyou, Fate Mirror)] - Nullifies any G Power or Life Point damage dealt by an opposing Haos Bakugan for one complete round.

3. Vespera [ようそくこう (Yosoukukou, Evening Prayer)] - Any Darkus Bakugan that inflicts more than half of G Power Decrease on Dallas will have their G Power cut down to just a third of their base level for two turns. Any ability augmentation done by the opponent would be negated.

Mechtogan Edit

Dallas' Mechtogan "Veritas" can also be summoned by Crusader Abel because it draws power from Dallas and Abel's synchronization.

Dallas' Mechtogan


ルミナ ヴェリタス
Rumina Veritasu
G Power
2500 Gs (Veritas), 7500 Gs (Veritas Titan)

Battle SuitEdit

Haos Illumina or Lumina Mokuren can also be used by Crusader Abel. Additionally when Dallas equips this Battle Suit, he can access all of Crusader Abel's abilities.

1. Longinus - Add 200 Gs to Dallas or any ally's Haos Bakugan.

2. Judgment Alto - Add 300 Gs to Dallas or any ally's Haos Bakugan.

3. Haos Maxima - Add 500 Gs to Dallas or any ally's Haos Bakugan.

4. Illuminate - Recover 300 HP for the Brawler if Brawler has less than half HP remaining.

5. Ark Blast - Subtract 300 Gs from the opponent.

6. Megiddo Halo - Subtract 250 Gs from Dallas, 500 Gs from the opponent.

Dallas' Battle Suit


Haos Illumina
ルミナ もくれん
Rumina Mokuren (Lumina Magnolia)
G Power
500 Gs

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