"I will believe to the end even with my face pressed to the fire.

I won't be shaken or moved by the heat getting closer and higher."

- Naked Arms (T.M. Revolution)

Dallas [Russian: Даллас] is a Haos Brawler and Sentinent Bakugan that prominently appeared in Mission Grammaton and Bakugan: Dimensional Trouble. He is derived from the custom character in Bakugan Defenders of the Core (and supposedly Bakugan Dimensions also).

The Count of Saint Germain

DT Dallas Awakened

Unknown (appears 15 in sealed form, 22 in awakened form)
Sentinent Bakugan
Member of the Good Guys Team (DT), Member of the Resistance (DotC)
Guardian Bakugan
Nemus (DotC); Crusader Abel (DT), Paladin Abel (DD)

Bakugan: Defenders of the CoreEdit

"An accidental hero of the dystopic parallel universe."

Dallas is a player of the Bakugan Interspace who was transported into an alternate Earth when the BI malfunctioned. In that world, Dallas is the only one unaffected by the Vexos Crystal and he must help the Resistance defeat the Vexos that had won the war and are now advancing towards ruling the universe.

An Fanon Alternate Path shows Spectra rebelling against Zenoheld. Dallas, being the Resistance's last hope, was abducted and brainwashed by Spectra Phantom into becoming part of the third party Rebel group.

Bakugan: Dimensional TroubleEdit

Dallas is a Haos Brawler who arrives to the convention in search for Brawlers to battle against. He is always on an appetite to increase his skills and efficiency in battle.

Prior to becoming a Brawler, Dallas has no recollection of his past or his origins. All he remembers is that he is the adopted son of the eccentric scientist named Kunagiri Ex Machina. He also possess some innate magical powers.

He notably uses the Grammaton's way of Brawling in which he tries to predict the next ability that the opponent will use. This is although the Order of the Grammaton does not exist in the story. His Guardian Bakugan is the Divine Dragon of the White Night [白夜の竜神 アベル byakuya no ryuujin Aberu] named Crusader Abel.

Other Information

Name: Dallas (pronounced as /dale'th/)

Nickname: Dal; Dal Dal and Mr. Human (from Jasper)

Gender: Male

Motto: "Those who seek light are likely to find darkness."

Likes: Pear Juice in Boxes, Lollipops and Konpeito (obsessed with candy)

Dislikes: Closed Spaces, Vito Faust, Spectra Phantom

Fears: Mechtogans, Mechtogan Titans and Jasper's Antics

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

Dallas is set to appear in Dimensional Defenders as the leader of Team Lilium (Yurizoku-Dan / Lilium Brigade). His Guardian Bakugan is new and evolved form of Crusader Abel called "Paladin Abel."

Bakugan Universal Avengers: Mission GrammatonEdit

Main article: Dallas (Vita Cleric)

Brawling Record Edit

Contrary to Dallas, Abel and Professor Kunagiri's belief; Dallas doesn't have natural weakness for good-looking men. All of his Brawls against Darkus Brawlers have been losses so far because of Dallas' true nature.

(Prior to Dimensional Trouble)

Opponent Outcome
vs Ace Grit (Darkus Midnight Percival) Loss
vs Shun Kazami (Ventus Master Ingram) No outcome (interrupted)
vs Dan Kuso (Pyrus Cross Dragonoid) Draw
vs Shadow Prove (Darkus MAC Spider) Loss
vs Marucho Marukura (Aquos Minx Elfin) Win
vs Baron Leltoy (Haos Saint Nemus) Win
vs Alice Gehabich (Darkus Alpha Hydranoid) Loss
vs Gus Grav (Subterra Rex Vulcan) Win
vs Spectra Phantom (Darkus Infinity Helios)


vs Zakuro (Darkus Dio Sivac)


(During Dimensional Trouble)

Opponent Outcome
vs Drake (Pyrus Cyclone Percival); with Blade as his Brawler


vs Vito (Judgment Dragonoid); tagged with Jasper JaXX


True IdentityEdit

Dallas is actually the dormant or sleeping form of the Vita Cleric named Haos Dallas who was killed during Mission Grammaton's first season. When the Haos Vita Cleric's metaphysical Bakugan body was destroyed, his soul was somehow able to take the form of a tactless young teen whose weakness for the Darkus Attribute is his nature of being. This is probably his close link with Father who used the same method to create his Guardian Bakugan, Aethereal Kain. Dallas' true self may temporarily awaken in the presence of great wave of magic or malevolent force.

Dallas is also capable of telepathy as well as sensing magical wavelengths or force in a closed space (later on, he may also sense it in open spaces). His magical capacity is always synchronized with the skills and capacity of his Guardian Bakugan.

He is thus far unaware of why strange things happen to him as well as his true nature of being.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sealed Form

Unlike the more outrageous looking characters in Mission Grammaton; Dallas is customized to look more in-sync with the hip and sporty look of his fellow Human brawlers.

As his appearance was customized to look as close as possible to his namesake, he wears predominantly black. His attribute specialty is denoted by the color of his shoes.

Being a custom protagonist of Bakugan Defenders of the Core, he has the traits of a typical shounen anime hero. However, he is portrayed differently in fanfics. He tends to cringe at the sight of good-looking men and the implication of being treated as an Uke (submissive) such as when he first saw Ace, Shun, Spectra and Shadow. Though more likely an Uke, he would mostly be a Seme (dominative) with Dan, Baron and Marucho.

Despite the Boy's Love undertones to the character, he prefers women. He even had his eyes set on Mira once. He acts as a gentleman to female characters but when told off by a good-looking guy, he flinches.

Awakened Form (Dimensional Trouble only)

Dallas appears as a very tall man (six feet and five and a half inches tall) with a slender body build, short brown hair and sapphire eyes. He had lost his ahoge (stick-up hair) that was present in his sealed form. He wears a short white sleeveless vest and a short black undershirt that exposes his midriff which was complimented by his low-rise black leather pants and black leather and gold-heeled boots. He also wears several chokers around his body, a pair on his neck and another pair around his wrists and right thigh. Lastly, he wears a necklace around his neck with a gold pendant depicting a Fleur-de-Lis, his personal Magus emblem.

Dallas no longer has weakness with good-looking men. His weakness and fears are now either Jasper's antics and Mechtogans/Mechtogan Titans. He still maintains his gentleman personality and would hesitate to fight female brawlers.

Though he looks like a long lost brother of the villainous SOLDIER, Dallas moreover possess the sense of loyalty and conviction of the heroic SOLDIER. This appearance-contrasting-with-personality contradicts an as-of-yet unnamed Darkus Brawler (that will make his debut in Dimensinal Defenders) much like how Protheus and Spectra compliment and contradict each other.

For some reason, Dallas (in this form) also has the same Herculean strength as Mizuhiro and Shizuo. Dallas, however, can lift towering objects like Vending Machines and vehicles with just one hand and can send them flying like NERF darts. He is yet to display this strength in actual fanfics though.


1. Teleportation to short or long distances.

2. Extra Sensory Perceptions such as Clairvoyance and Clairaudience as well as able to sense magic wavelengths and elemental disturbances.

3. Telepathy and other forms of astral communication.

4. Superhuman strength. Stronger than Shizuo but may not be as strong as Mizuhiro.

5. Photographic Memory - Able to memorize sequence of objects, digits or letters at a single glance.

6. Height Modification - Being a Sentinent Bakugan; he can shrink himself to ball form, human size or gigantic released Bakugan form.

7. Light Conjuring - He can conjure the power of light to take any form or shape like an intangible weapon (Piercing Light, Sacred Javelin) or Projectiles (Mystic Cross).


- In Dimensional Trouble, Dallas was once referred to as "Dylan" by Jasper JaXX. Dylan is coincidentially the name of another character from Valkyrie Profile and someone who doesn't really agree with Dallas.

- Dallas' full name is Dallas ex Machina which means Tranquility out of a Machine. It is derived from the Latin phrase and plot device "Deus Ex Machina" (God out of a Machine). In Bakugan Defenders of the Core, the protagonist was the last to leave Bakugan Interspace which is why he was not affected by the Vexos. Thus, he is able to save the day and bring tranquility to the universe.

- Though Dallas' sealed form appears as a teenager (he's perpetually 15 years old); his awakened form is a man of around the same age as Professor Kunagiri.

- His sealed form has an uncanny resemblance to Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson. However, in the more recent chapters of Dimensional Trouble, Dallas has formally announced that the sealed form is to be considered dead. It is unknown though if Dallas would ever revert back to the said form but there is the possibility.

- If Dallas was a real person, his nationality would be Russian because in Valkyrie Profile II Silmeria; the Kingdom of Dipan represents Russia. This is despite that Dallas officially has an American accent (and awful child-like voice) in the English dub of the said video game.

- In his appearances within the Bakugan Fanon, Dallas speaks with a Russian accent (both as an adult and as a child).

- In Mission Grammaton, Haos Dallas said that he came from "Sankt Dipanesburg."

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