"I can’t laugh like it’s someone else’s business.

I can’t wipe it away just with loneliness"

- Song: World End

Crusader Abel is a Haos Guardian Bakugan that resembles a white dragon and a gem knight.

Haos Guardian Bakugan

Crusader Abel

Crusader Abel
白夜の竜神 アベル
Byakuya no Ryuujin Aberu
Base Power
1000 Gs
Paladin Abel

Mission GrammatonEdit

Crusader Abel is the Guardian Bakugan of Genesis Wright. Being a warrior of justice that defends righteousness, Abel never trusted Genesis.

When Genesis left the Grammaton, Abel was given to Volt Luster. Abel trusted Volt a lot more than he did back then when he was just Genesis' Guardian Bakugan. While in Volt's care, Crusader Abel evolved into Paladin Abel.

At times, Abel has a cold personality. He is often calm and collected, going only by a few words and sometimes he does not even care. It is because Abel never trusted people easily.

Bakugan Dimensional TroubleEdit

Crusader Abel is Dallas' Guardian Bakugan. Unlike in Mission Grammaton, Abel has a sarcastic personality. He often scrutinizes Dallas' ludicrous weakness.

Abel and Dallas

Crusader Abel's Ball form

Bakugan Dimensional DefendersEdit

After his battle with DIO in Dimensional Trouble, Abel evolved into Paladin Abel. He is still Dallas' Guardian Bakugan but now working in-sync with the Ninja Bird Brigade as their confidant and partner-in-crime.


Basic Abilities

1. Longinus [ ロンガイナス (Rongainasu)] - Add 200 Gs to Abel.

2. Judgment Alto [ ジャッジメント アルト (Jiyajimento Aruto) ] - Add 300 Gs to Abel. 3. Haos Maxima [ ルミナ マクシマ (Rumina Makushima) ] - Add 500 Gs to Abel.

4. Illuminate [ しょうよう (Shouyou) ] - Recover 300 HP for the Brawler if Brawler has less than half HP remaining.

5. Ark Blast [ アーク ブラースト (A-ku Burasuto) ] - Subtract 300 Gs from the opponent.

6. Megiddo Halo [ メギド ハロー (Megido Haro-) ] - Subtract 250 Gs from Abel, 500 Gs from the opponent.

7. (Paladin Abel) Solar Divider [ ソーラー ディバイダー (Sora- Dibaida) ] - Halve Abel's G Power but causes opponent to lose his next turn.

8. (Paladin Abel) Lunar Eclipse [ げっしょく (Gesshoku) ] - Disables opponent's abilities for the next turn.

9. (Paladin Abel) Empyreal Ray [ まんげつ (Mangetsu, lit. Full Moon) ] - Subtract 500Gs from opponent.

10. (Paladin Abel) Damascus [ダマスカース (Damasukasu) ] - Add 100 Gs to Abel.

Fusion Abilities

1. Gamma Ray Burst [ がんません ばくはつ (Ganmasen Bakuhatsu) ] - When Longinus is active. Disables opponent's BakuNano, Battle Gear or Bakugan Trap for until the next round.

2. (Paladin Abel) Cosmos Regult [ コスモス かさなる (Kosumosu Kasanaru, lit. Cosmos Overlap)] - When Damascus is active. Switches the opponent's attribute to its opposite until the next round.

3. (Paladin Abel) Daybreaker [ あかつき (Akatsuki) ] - When Damascus is active. Causes the opponent to deduct gate card bonus to his G power instead of adding it.


- Despite being named Abel, he is not related to Aethereal Kain.

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