Clydron is a Bakugan very similar to Dryoid, it is a nonmechanical humanoid form of it. its G Power is 1500. its BakuNano is Magmasword. its Mechtogan is Coreveil. It's One of Dread's minor guardians which is used in either chapter 7 or 8 of Dimensional Defenders.


Clydron is a fast and stealth samurai subterra warrior who brings out unknown attacks to its opponents, with it mighty blade of power it strikes fear into its opponents.

Bakugan: Dimensional DefendersEdit

It will be used by Dread in chapter 7 in the group fanon.

Ability CardsEdit

Mirashame Clash: adds 400 Gs to Clydron

False Blade: adds 100 Gs to opponent, however it weakens the Opponent Bakugan.

Restu Volt: adds 500 Gs to Clydron, decreases opponents by 400.

Dry Storm: decreases opponents Gs by 200. adds 300 to Clydron.

Accel Getus: adds 500 Gs to Clydron, nulifies opponents used ability and gate card.

Tri Quake adds 300 Gs to Clydron, decreases opponents by 500.

Samurai Fury adds 650 Gs to Clydron, decreases opponents by 600.

Fusion AbilitysEdit

Dusk Magmus Blaze: adds 600 Gs to Clydron

Omega Quake: adds 650 Gs to Clydron, decreases opponents by 650.

Hyper Fissure: adds 700 Gs to Clydron, decreases opponents by 750.

Magma Destruction: adds 1000 Gs to Clydron, deactivates and ability or gate card, decreases opponents by 1000.

BakuNano AbilitysEdit

Dusk Blade: Adds 100 Gs

Lightning Blade: Adds 150 Gs

Magma Blade: adds 200 Gs

Destroy Blade: adds 500 Gs.

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