"Anyone born in Hell and was baptized by it's flames can never ascend to Heaven."

- Emperor Barodius

Chryslar Zeit is a former soldier of Gundalia whose related to the royal family. He is currently the Pyrus Brawler and the Navigator of the Order of Grammaton.

Chryslar Zeit


Chryslar Zeit
クライスラ ゼイト
Kuraisura Zeito
26 (Mission Grammaton season 1) 27 (Mission Grammaton season 2)
Soldier of Gundalia (former)

Pyrus Brawling Operative, Order of Grammaton

Navigator of the Winchester [ Grammaton Mothership ]
Guardian Bakugan
Hellfire Thanatos

Background StoryEdit

Chryslar is a man of peace that had always detested the war between Gundalia and Nethia. Unable to take the corpses that pile up as the immediate result of the fierce war, he went AWOL. Along the way, he met the Nethian soldier named Jules Liger and the two had fostered a strong brotherhood since then.

Slumbook EntryEdit

Full name: Chryslar Zeit

Gender: Male

Race: Gundalian

Birthdate: October 31

Birthplace: Capital City of Gundalia

Hobbies: Illustrating maps of imaginary places (to fool pirates)

Likes: The army of Gundalia and Neathia, Peace and quiet

Dislikes: Barodius and the Twelve Orders

Favorite Food: Tuna flakes

Favorite Flower: Red Roses

Favorite Music Instrument: Saxophones

Brawling RecordEdit

Mission Grammaton Season One

Opponent Outcome
vs Gus Grav (Gaeus Vulcan) Win

The Order of Grammaton

Yuri D Izayavitch (Darkus)

Leader's Guardian Bakugan
Aethereal Kain 

Brawling Operatives
Chryslar Zeit (Pyrus) | Jules Liger (Aquos) | Rengoku Houran (Ventus) 
Protheus Michaels (Subterra) | Volt Luster (Haos) | Marduk Kreig (Darkus)

Brawling Operatives' Guardian Bakugan
Hellfire Thanatos | Aphrodite Milos | Gale Fuujin
Magna Brontes | Crusader Abel | n/a

Other Members
Mizuhiro Mikado (Subterra)

Other Members' Guardian Bakugan

Temporary / Former Members
Shun Kazami (Ventus) | Masquerade (Darkus) | Genesis Wright (Haos)

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