Plot Edit

Shun told Dan that Marucho created his new team the 'Bakugan Billionaires'. They humilliated to listen the name of team but most humilliating part was that Marucho leave them. Shun calm Dan and told him that anger can not solve this problem . After they return to their Headquarter they saw three Brawlers - Marine, Aria, Drake. They told them that they are the students of Vestal Acedemy Of Bakugan and won a scholarship to learn from them. Dan and Shun were shocked and contact to Vestal. They get to know that Spectra send them to help Battle Brawlers win the Tournament. But the problem increase when the get know that only 3 players are allowed in one team.

Characters Edit

Battle BrawlersEdit



Aria (new Member)

Drake (new Member)

Marine (new Member)

Former Battle BrawlersEdit

Marucho (with his new team)


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