Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit

Tide at the Finish LineEdit

Caspian makes his debut appearance in the second episode of Bakugan: Battle Dimensions, facing Shun and his newly discovered Guardian Bakugan, Zeus, on the recently christened Master Ninja's venture to rescue Dan Kuso and Drago. Caspian teaches the stubborn Ventus brawler a new system of battle, losing once Shun learns to trust Zeus. Caspian flees after leaving Shun with some confusing words, allowing him to proceed to Dan's location.


The Brawlers decide the only way they can undo the Dismals is by taking one of their operatives hostage for interrogation. This chance comes sooner than expected, as Caspian arrives on Earth and infiltrates Marucho's house on a mission to destroy Dan and Drago. Shun and Dan team up to take down Caspian, later taking him to a high-security prison area for interrogation.

A Rough RescueEdit

In their headquarters, Nero speaks to the other Dismal Ancients about Caspian's delayed return. When Rosso states that he believes Caspian to be a turncoat, information is received via the Aquos Dismal that he is being held hostage on Earth. Nero proceeds to dispatch Terra Vale to rescue Caspian, the Subterra Dismal doing so and returning Caspian to the Dismal headquarters, but not before he and his colleague challenge Dan and Shun to a brawl.




Over the course of Bakugan Battle Dimensions, Caspian Torrent has utilized these Bakugan :

  • Aquos Typhon (Guardian Bakugan)


Opponent Outcome
Shun Kazami Lose
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami Lose
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami (tagged with Terra Vale) Lose


  • Caspian's name is based of his preferred Aquos attribute. The term "Caspian" comes from the Caspian Sea, and "Torrent" relates to a violent rush of water.

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