Brook Lazuli
Portrayed by:
Main Attribute:
Guardian Bakugan:
Rank in the Tin Warriors
Brook is the Ventus brawler and her Guardian Bakugan is Ventus Kakoo.
Olaf and Brook Xmas

Olaf and Brook under the mistletoe


Brook is 16 years old girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. She is tall and slender and look just like her twin sister Bree. Unlike most Ventes brawlers, she doesn't wear the usually shades of green. Brook wears a pink shirt and wears a blueish skirt. On her belt is a cat charm Bree made for her, she gave Bree a dog. Brook wears the the same colors as Bree just uside down. Brook also likes to keep her long hair in a poney tail unlike her sister. Brook has a scar on her on the palm of her hand from carving a pumpkin for Holloween years ago.

Background StoryEdit

She like animals and has many pets. She lives in a big house in a forest. She often brought home injured animals from the forest and took care of them. When she was 12 she and her sister Bree discovered the game Bakugan. The two made the best sister bralwer team. Brook found Kakoo who had gotten eaten by Topcat, Brook's pet cat. Topcat spit Kakoo out in a hair ball. Since then Kakoo lived with Brook. Her sister left to live with her aunt and uncle in the city when she got sick. Brook hasn't seen her since untill now.

Tin WarriorsEdit

Brook joined Tony, Mike Ty, and Xander to form Tin Warriors. She was the only female memebr till Lily joined the group. She acted as "peace keeper" between Tony and Mike but nothing she did seem to work. When she went to Vetsal to visit a frined she ran into one of the the Reverser named Banshee whom knew where her sister was. Sh e wasn't able but her friend J. Alfred Prufrock joined the Reversers who was the person she was visiting on New Vestoria. She acts as a peace-keeper whenever Tony and Mike fight, but has never succeeded. However this story as dropped by the author. Brook waited a full year to be used once more.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Brook now appears in Dimensional Defenders along with her twin sister Bree and their freind J. Alfred. They team up with a new friend named Maria who is a Plasma Brawler. The three run attempte dat finding finding Brook's twin sister after Arena 44 and later Arena 42. While at Arena 42, Brook, Maria and J. Alfred encounter Banshee and her Bakugan Ectorius. A Pyrus bralwer Olaf joins the team thanks to the actions of Aniju, however even with the new addition, Banshee still wins. Later on the groups runs into Dante who gives them some advice. Brook see Banshee in the crowd at the music Stadium and she promises to give Brook back her sister if she travels to the destroyed arena. Brook takes Olaf along and as promised Banshee gives back Bree. The following day, Brook, Bree, Maria, Olaf and J. Alfred decided to form a team called Umbra Team. After Ectorius freaks out and starts destroying thr local area, Brook saved Olaf from getting burned and smashed to death by a collapsing building.


Ventus Kakoo (Guardian Bakugan)

Griffbat (Bakugan Trap)


Windflight: subtracts 450 HP from opponent

Cloud Feather: subtracts 450 Gs from opponent


  • She is the twin sister of Bree. It is possible set may be related to Dante.
  • She has a scar on the palm of her right hand.
  • Brook and Bree have hidden powers that haven't awaken.
  • She is currently ranked 118th in Bakugan Interspace.

Battle RecordEdit

Opponent(s) Outcome
Banshee Phantom (Tag with J.Alfred, Maria and Olaf) Lose


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

Tin Warriors

Bree Lazuli

J. Alfred Prufrock

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