Blade is a bad guy in Bakugan: dimentional trouble and his Guardian Bakugan is Darkus Gingergon.


Name: Blade

Nickname: mr.Cookie, blade of fail.

Gender: Male

Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles and tall

Clothes: white t shirt with a black Darkus symbol on it and blue jeans.

Clothes in bakugan the trouble is over: blue jeans and a black t shirt


it was revealed that as a kid he was weak and timid, but when dimentional trounle first started he was mean cruel and bossy. then after he turned good he was weaker and a little for timid and not mean. finally in the trouble is over he was kind but powerfull and would do anything for wolfgirl no matter how stupid.

Age: 13

Birthday: June 1

Motto: if you don't like what I’m doing defeat me,

likes as bad guy: winning, brawling, being the boss, bossing people around

likes at good guy: Wolfgirl, having friends

Dislikes as bad guy: losing, taking orders, being told what to do

dislikes as good guy: being bullied,

Race: vestal

Other: obvious major crush on Wolfgirl but won’t admit it to save his life (eventually admits it to her), severe allergic to peanuts.

.Attribute: Darkus

Guardian: Darkus Gingergon


Bakugan Name: Gingergon

Nickname: General

Gender: Male

Personality: the same as Blade

Description: fast, strong, powerful.

Other: disapproves of Blade's crush on Wolfgirl because it often gets in the way of his brawling.

Abilites (more coming up)Edit

darkus howl +200

pyrus howl +200

mixed howl +400

wolvesvain +600

wolf's howl +200

howling blazer +500

support off: cancels support pieces for both

gate nulfiy: nilifies gate card.


Bakugan: dimentional trouble


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