Battle of the Vexos By Emercrump
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Chapter OneEdit

One day, Dan Kuso was searching the world of New Vestroia for a new Bakugan. The one in particular is Lumagrowl, the awesome wolf bakugan. He was typing stuff in his gauntlet when he heard voices.

"Humans are destroying New Vestroia. We must stop them."

"JetWing, we can't stop all the humans. They are too powerful."

Helix Dragonoid snorted in disgust. "Humans are little bony weaklings-" He stopped when Dan shot a nasty look at him. A Bakugan with a moth-like body flew out of the bushes. "Hello. I am JetWing, the mighty moth Bakugan." He said. Then a red dragon Bakugan raised out of the bushes too. "I am Flamogon, the fieriest Bakugan in the world!" He bragged. "This is a great time for a Bakugan Battle!' Dan said enthusiasticly. "Field open!"

Time stopped around Dan and the other Bakugan. Birds stopped flying, plants stopped swishing, and the clouds stopped moving. The battle begun. "Gate Card set!" Dan yelled. "Bakugan, Brawl!" He threw Helix Dragonoid onto the Gate Card. "Drago, stand!" Drago's Bakugan Ball was no longer a ball. A huge red dragon appeared where Drago was. This was Helix Dragonoid.

"Ability activate! Galactic Dragon!" Dan pulled a card from his pocket. Drago turned all fierey. His G power turned to 3000. He attacked JetWing. Dan was suprised because it didn't do to much. JetWing used wind storm. Drago was in trouble, so Dan said, "Ability Actavate! Dragon Tornado!" Dan yelled. Drago was in a fire tornado and he shot it at JetWing. It defeated him. Dan pressed buttons on his watch and it said, "Ready, JetKor." "Battle Gear Boost!" Dan yelled. Then Drago was different. His wings had big green spots and a metal substance.

"Ability activate! Fire burst! Dan said. Drago burst into flames. It all most defeated Flamogon. Flamogon used fire bomb. Dan was going to lose! "Gate card open! Fire dragon!" It defeated Flamogon! Everything started moving again, then Dan noticed something. The Bakugan dropped a new Bakugan. It was Lumagrowl! Then Dan said, "We got Lumagrowl!"

Chapter Two- Link to linkEdit

This time Dan was looking for Lumanoid. Then Link popped out of nowhere. Link said, "If you beat me, I'll give you Lumanoid."

"Gate Card set!" they both yelled. Link threw his Bakugan first. "Bakugan brawl! Windstorm stand!" It had giant wings his head had a spike. "Bakugan brawl!" Dan yelled. This time Lumagrowl appeared. Dan said, "Ability Activate! Growling claw!" It clawed and scrached Windstorm. Link said, "Ability activate! Wind Tornado!" Windstorm threw a giant tornado at Lumagrowl." Dan said, "Time for Battle gear!" "Jetwing ready." His Bakupod said. "Battle gear boost!"

Lumagrowl had wings and giant claws on them. "Battle gear ability actavate! Wind claw!" Dan yelled. It defeated Windstorm. Link said, "Aw, man! This battle was stupid! You're a little wimp, Dan Kuso! deal's a deal. Here's Lumanoid." Dan said "We got lumanoid!"

Meanwhile at the Vexos Ship, Link said Dan defeated Windstorm. Prince Hydron said, "Who should we try next?" Link thought Mylen would be best. "Mylen would kick Dan's butt." Link snickered. "Very well." Prince Hydron said. "Mylen will be next."

Meanwhile, Dan was battling a Bakugan called Jetstorm. "Ability actavate! Blue Venom!" Lumanoid shot a Blue light at Jetstorm. Dan won! It dropped Lumaroar. "We got Lumaroar!" Dan yelled.

Chapter Three- Mylen's RiseEdit

Dan was already battleing Mylen. Lumaroar was battleing Mylen"s Bakugan called Waterstorm. Dans bakupod said "Firelion ready. Battle gear boost!" Lumaroar had fire wings giant red spots Battle gear

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