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The Phantom

"Banshee is to Bree as Black Ace is to Spoiler"

~ Davey

Banshee is a Phantom like creature who has some kind of a relationship with Bree. She is a Darkus Brawler and her Guardian Bakugan is Ectorius.


She has shape-shifting powers. Most often she appears to have long purple hair with yellow eyes. She wears a torn clothe wrapped around her body like a scarf. She's also dressed in a long flowing dress that covers her whole body down to the floor and passed her feet. Banshee usually has a grin on her face revealing her fanged teeth. Banshee also posseses long magenta colored nails.


Banshee is a rather calm, relaxed person with a very care-free attitude towards everything that does not concern her directly. She is very persuasive and can get others to do what she wants. However get her on the battle field, she became very cruel and malice in nature. She enjoys brawling to the point that she may even forgot about what is happening around her when she has someone in her claws. She likes to back her opponent in a “mental corner,” and takes pleasure in watching them struggle. She finds ways to use something precious against her opponent, like a missing sister, and uses this information to her advantage. Another thing Banshee like is music. She loves to sing during battle and has a good memory, which she uses in possible further encounters with her opponents. Banshee love sweets for some reason but she hate coffee and dark chocolate, so she sometimes will do things for candy. If Banshee can't get what she wants she can became violent.


Banshee was born in an old house that was empty, besides from her mother and father. She lived with many creepy crawllies such as spiders, mice, crows, rats, bats and all kinds of insect. She also had a few cats. When she was a little older she left to find her own home. She was found by some people in white and was taken to a "white place that smelled too clean." There she met Bree.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

Since Tin Warriors was dropped, Banshee was moved to Dimensional Defenders. She joined a group along with Bree but the other bralwers are unaware of her presents for now. She was the one who suggested the name Umbra Team but had Bree tell everyone about the idea. Only glimpses of Banshee have been seen in the first few chapaters. She was watching Team Lilium and then turned her attention towards Brook and J. Alfred. She was the one who tripped Maria causing her to crash into J. Alfred. She was also watching Brook, Maria and J. Alfred while Hydron was watching them as well in chapter 6. In Chapter 8, she was the one who pushed Dallas into the Stadium when he was peering inside where the tencho music was playing. Banshee finally made a real appearancein Chapter 9: Found but Lost, when she challanged Brook, Maria and J. Alfred to a brawl, because she wanted some fun. The three brawlers excepted her offer in oder to get Bree back whom Banshee claimed she had. Even with the help of Olaf, they group were no match for Banshee. She disappeared taking Bree if her but later returned Brook's sister and joined Umbra Team. She appeared later devouring an unknown brawler and got in a fight with Lync and Mizuhiro along with Jasper and Dante. She retreated and attempted to eat Maria but failed. Sometimes later when she recovered she went in search of "The Pink One" whom Aniju said could help her and Bree. Instead of finding anyone with pink hair she ran into a green headed goggle guy named Vladimir, and he led her on a merry chase.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

Prior to the actually start of Kingdom of Echoes, Banshee already brawled a choosen agent from Xurtron and won. She as well as Bree were chosen to take part in the Tournament and given an invitation through paper airplan which stabbed Banshee in the hea dupon its arrival. Banshee made the dicision to enter the Tournament and asked, more so comanded, Bree to come with her.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Banshee Phantom

Nickname: Currently None

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ghostly pale, long purple hair, yellow eyes and glowing white sharp teeth

Clothes: Long violet dress wrapped in a purple scarf.

Personality: Mysterious, mocking, controling, sly, clever and violent

Motto: currently none

Likes: Bree, J. Alfred, freaking people out, music, the dark spaces, storms, everything about rain, thunder, lighten, rats, crows, cats, bats and various creepy things, also likes zombies. She also likes sweets.

Dislikes: bright lights(not lighten), girly things, being controled

Fears: scientist and exorcist

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Ectorius

Other infoEdit

Favorite Color: Purple (Of course)

Favorite Food: People and anything sweet without dark chocolate

Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk (Addiced to it)

Favorite Animal(s): Bats loves them. Other animals include: Cats, especially black or grey ones, rats of all kinds, crows and ravens and various creepy crawlies. She also likes Zombies.

Favorite Music: various but she likes the song usually ones with good or interesting lyris and music.

Favorite Song: A Spectrum Wind (It's a tencho song)

Favorite Book: Felidae (An odd Cat book)

Banshee likes weird things mostly. She loves storms, much to Bree dislike, the more thunder and lighten the better. Banshee loves everything about rain, the sound, the smell and the darkness. Banshee hates riding in cars, she doesn't get car sick, but vehicles seem to freak her out. Banshee also hates peppers and onions. She doesn't like the idea of putting something in her mouth after she already had it in there once before. This is quite common among most Ivory members, Banshee doesn't like to eat the same person twice if her victim managed to get out of her mouth in beast form. She won't attempt to eat the a second time, but this is only if she got the person half way into her month, licking or biting doesn't count. Banshee can walk through walls, however moving through doors is easier and uses less energy one her part. However when she and Bree were fused together and force to share the same body, she lost this ability because she can't pull people through walls with her.


Guardian Bakugan: Ectorius


Nightwing: Adds 200 Gs to Ectorius while taking away 250 HP from opponent

Midnight Seige: Subtracts 300 HP from all opponents on the field adds them to Ectorius

Dusk Sylph: Subtracts 250 Gs and adds it to Ectorius or a comrade.

Death Scythe: Cuts opponent's HP in half and give it to Ectorius, or if a comrade is on the field, add to comrade, or half of the HP goes to both Bakugan.

Crimson Fangs: Subtracts 250 HP and adds it to Ectorius.


  • Banshee isn't human obviously.
  • Banshee came before Jasper so he is based off of her a little
  • "Banshee is to Bree as Black Ace is to Spoiler" ~ Davey
  • Banshee plays the piano and keyboard, started with the organ.
  • Like Jasper, Banshee posseses magical powers.
  • Banshee hates coffee and dark chocolate as well as cool whip because it is too sweet, however she likes all other sweets.
  • Addicted to chocolate milk.
  • Banshee's weapon is a scythe that she can summon to her aid whenever she wants. She rarely uses it, mostly uses it to open doors for Bree or to defend herself and Bree.
  • On Full Moons her powers are at their strongest. New Moons power level does not change much from normal.
  • She and Bree were supposed to be in a group called the Reverser for Tin Warriors.
  • Banshee now has a young sister named Monkulus.


Pictures of Banshee.

Battle RecordEdit

Opponent(s) Outcome
Brook Lazuli


Brook, J. Alfred, Maria and Olaf Won


Dimensional Defenders


Bree Lazuli

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