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Balrog is Bree's Guardian Bakugan. He is a meerkat like Bakugan that uses Subterra attacks.


Balrog is a meerkat like Bakugan. He is orange in color with blue vertical stripes on his back. He has two big fangs that pock out of his mouth and has large claws he uses in attacks. His Bakugan Trap is Shongolongo and his Battle Gear is Mojadji. Balrog evolved into Phantom Balrog after Bree became apart of the Reversers. Somehow Banshee helped him to evolve somehow.

Dimensional DefendersEdit

In Dimensional Defenders, he eveloved into Phantom Balrog.

Kingdom of EchoesEdit

In Kingdom of Echoes, Balrog reversed back to to his previous form.


Earth Shaker: Subtrast 500 Gs from opponent

Stoneclaw: Subtracts 450 HP from opponent.

Sand Storm: Subtracts 500 HP from opponent while adding 500 Gs to Balrog

Darkstripe: Brings all Bakugan down to their base levels

Rock Shatter: Subtracts 500 Gs from opponent Dustpelt: Shields Balrog from attacks for two turns, adds 500 Gs to Balrog


  • Balrog is named after the first dominant male of the semi-habituated meerkat group. The group was called the Balrog Mob after him.
  • Mojadji is the name of a son of the meerkat Balrog. Shongolongo is not Balrog's son but only of the oldest males in the group at the time.
  • Balrog was supposed to have evolved into Phantom Balrog by force during his stay in the hosptile.


Pictures of Balrog


Kingdom of Echoes

Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

Bree Lazuli

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