Ace and Mira Grit

Angela "Angie" Grit is Ace and Mira's daughter. She knows all about her uncle Keith clay and for that she think people will judge her. She is a darkus brawler her guadian is Darkus Elfin. She does have some subterra bakugan. And Angie then obains her second parnter subterra Lumino dragonoid. She is a tomboy like her mother.Angie has orange-blond hair bob and wears a black armored dress with blue jeans and a blue shirt underneath. She has a crush on Shun and Alice son Jack. She is 11 years old. She is best friends with June.

Anna Grit she dosent play bakugan but she cheers for them. She hopes to get a bakugan she used to have one but it got captured. Thats when she stopped playing bakugan. It says she used to be a Haos brawler. She is 14 years old

Shun and Alice Kazami

Jack Kazami is Shun and Alice oldest son. He is a darkus brawler and his bakugan is Darkus Hydronoid. He has a crush on Angie. He wears a green armored suit with a green shirt and blue jeans. He is training as a ninja. He has black hair to his shoulders. He is 11 years old.

Joanne Kazami she is Shun and Alice only daughter. She has long orange hair with pretty green eyes. She is a ventus brawler and her guadian is ventus monruse. She is 9 years old.

Jacob Kazami he is only 5 years old,but he does have a aquos preyas. He dosent like to battle and see preyas hurt,but Preyas proctects Jacob from anything. He has short brown hair.

Dan and Runo Kuso

David "Dave" Kuso is 11 years old and street smart and stubborn like his mother and father. He is a pryus brawler and his parnter is pryus dragonoid. He has a twin sister. He has brown hair.

June Kuso is Dave's twin sister. She has blue hair like her mother. She is poliete and a good sport player better then her brother even! She is a haos brawler. Her parnter is Haos Griffon. She is best friends with Angie.

Keith clay

Sarah Clay she is Keith's only child. Her mother died when she was four. She is a pryus brawler. She dosent have a parnter yet but hopes to get one soon. She has blond hair. She is 9 years old.

Baron Leltoy

Calvin Leltoy he is 7 years old. His mother died when he was 3 years old. His parnter is Haos Lumagrowl and he is sidekick to Dave. He thinks Dave is the best brawler ever. Like his father thought about Dan Dave's father. He has pink purple hair.

Julie and Billy Gilbert

Jessica Gilbert she is Julie and Billy's only child. She has blond hair and has a HUGE crush on Dave Kuso. Her parnter is a subterra Gorem. Jessica is 11 years old.

Marucho Marukura

Manny Marukura He has blond curly hair and large glasses. He dosent have a bakugan. He only reserchs bakugan. His mother died when he was 6. Manny is 10 years old

Chapter 1Edit

Everyone is living in the human world at the time. Kinda like a vacation.

Angie woke up at her alarm clocks ring. Its 7:30 better get out of bed thought Angie as she awoke. Her sister Anna was waking up too. "Elfin wake up." said Angie to her bakugan at her bedside table. They where all staying at Mr. Marukura house. A.K.A Marucho

house. "Im up." said Elfin and she popped open "Good morning." Angie smiled "Good morning Elfin." Angie turned to look at her older sister who was streching her arms. "Good morning Annie." "Morning." Anna said and yawned again "Why are we waking up so early again?" "I dont know." Angie said "But I think I will just lay down for a little bit longer." And Angie put her back on her soft pillow. "Wait you wake me up and then you go back to sleep?" Elfin asked "Will yeah I guess." Angie said with a smile but she couldnt get back to sleep. Yes she was tired but she was to excited. Today where going on Mr.Marukura yatch today and beside once I wake up its hard to go back asleep. "Im going to splash some cold water in my face." Angie said and stood up. Elfin jumped on her shoulder.

When Angie got in the Hallway she saw her mother Mira Grit outside her bedroom. Her and Angie's father Ace Grit bedroom was across the hallway from Angie's and Anna's bedroom. "Good morning honey." said Angie's mother "Good morning mom." Angie saw her mother's bakugan subterra Wilda was on mira's shoulder. "Good morning Wilda." "Good morning." the old bakugan replied. Mira smiled "And good morning to you Elfin." "Good morning."

"Dad's not up yet?" asked Angie Mira shooke her head "You know your father. How bout your sister?" "I think so." Angie said

"Go cheack honey and lets be sure she feels alright being around all these bakugan." Mira said Angie nodded Annie lost her parnter haos Blade tigrerra when tigrerra got captured. Angie was 9 at the time. Annie never played bakugan again.

Chapter 2Edit

"You up?" asked Angie as looked at Anna "Yup and Angie I have to ask you something." "What is it?" Anna hestiated for a moment then said "Will you... well help me search for a parnter Bakugan this morning?" "YEAH!" was Angie's reply.

coming soon

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