this is only season 1 sorry

season 1: bakugan use to be a game where you brawl with cards and monsters called "bakugan" intill a bakugan called dragonoid and fear ripper appeared in a battle as dan kuso was vs a person named shuji. dragonoid got a nickname called "drago" drago could talk which dan was surprised as drago told his story one day a strange darkus brawler named masquerade appeared using doom cards to send bakugan to the doom dimenson, a place where bakugan cannot return. dan and masquerade battled but dan lost still keeping drago. shun kazami was the number 1 brawler as dan fought him. the 2nd time he was with masquerade which he showed his guardian bakugan called "hydranoid" or hydra. dan almost lost intill shun brought his guardian bakugan skyress, and they won the brawl but one of masquerades main bakugan "reaper" got trapped in the doom dimenson. runo seemed to have a main bakugan named tigrerra. as so marucho who he found stumbling across the city he was named preyas but he seemed interesting as he can change attributes to darkus or subterra. julie never had a partner while her friend billy has a bakugan called cycloid. she managed to find one as it appeared mysteriously his name was gorem. soon masquerade was teamed up with hal-g who was dr michael controled by negative energy he also worked for a unknown bakugan called naga who wanted the infinity core from another unknown bakugan called wayvern, she was nagas sister. masquerade found a few top 10 brawlers including billy, they were komba,billy,chan lee,julio,and klaus, billy made gorem in the doom dimenson as julie was holding on to gorem intill he saved her. klaus took preyas and managed to make him obey his orders but runo managed to get him back in his normal self as well drago evolved into a delta dragonoid. soon masquerade took down his team and hydranoid evolved into duel hydranoid. dan battled masquerade the second time and failed. drago was sent to the doom dimenson as well as dan. the other brawlers went also. they got tested and evolved. they were hammer gorem, angelo/diablo,blade tigrerra, storm skyress, and drago stayed his evolution as the pyrus soldier apolinour told him to beat the brawlers bakugans new evolutions to evolve. dan managed to evolve drago into ultimate dragonoid. as masquerade faced exceedra who had a alice clone and hydranoid was now alpha hydranoid. dan and masquerade fought the final time and dan won, revealing masquerade was really alice, she told the negative energy got to her also. the brawlers went into vestroia having to face nagas gatekeepers in 3 twisted worlds. drago met nova lion a wise bakugan but he died from a darkus gatekeeper, as masquerade *alice* saved dan. the gatekeepers went to earth and still got beaten as dan and runo fought the ones drago and hydranoid faced. hal-g went to his normal form tricking her to lead him to the infinity core. silent naga was reveal-d as wayvern fought naga. the brawlers fell for a trap but managed to escape, wayvern sacrificed herself and gave drago the infinity core so drago evolved into infinity dragonoid. hal-g sent in palidin armys which the brawlers destroyed. so drago unleashed the infinity cores power and naga was destroyed, so drago absorbed the silent core and he was the perfect dragonoid, sadly drago had to stay in vestroia as the brawlers bakugan did too. so dr michael returned to his normal self and the world was saved thanks to the battle brawlers.

  • end*

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