Bakugan Metal BrawlEdit

The story focus on how Dan and Shun make new set of rules and abilities when public get to know about this want to organise an tournament for gaining money.


Battle BrawlersEdit

Dan: Captain of Battle Brawler Team A. His Bakugann is Pyrus Titan Dragonoid. He is founder APA System

Shun: Captain of Battle Brawler Team B. His bakugan is Ventus Jet Skyrus. He is founder of Nano Bakugan.

Mask: Member of Battle Brawler Team B. He is from Doom Dimension And made Alice counterpart Masquerade. He is Darkus brawler and his bakugan is Gliding Reaper. His nano bakugan is Shadow Gargoyle.

Marine: Member of Battle Brawler Team A. She is an Aquos Brawler and she is very shy and her bakugan is sub mine. She is from Vestal. While Battling she use ice form technique for defense. Her nano bakugan is Aquos Turtle

Aria: Member of Battle Brawler Team A . He is Haos Brawler and her bakugan is Arrow Ray. She is from Neathia and she always have a fight with Drake . She has a crush on Dan. Her nano bakugan is Haos Horse

Drake: Member of Battle Brawler Team B. He is Subterra Brawler and his bakugan is Heavy Golem. He is very short tempered and behaves like a prankster but when comes to brawl he is a genius. As subterra brawler he use defense as main fighting style. He is from Gundalia. His nano bakugan is Subterra Rhino.


Duke: Captain of Team X corp. He is a rare Brawler who use Darkus Bakugan Helios Scorpio and nano Bakugan and Pyrus, Aquos, Haos. His mission is to win tournament to introduce hybrid.

New RuleEdit

In Battle of Three Players should follow the particular rules

  • Defenders and Attackers Should be set .
  • Team lose when 2 bakugan will not capable to fight.
  • Players can change nano Bakugan only two times.
  • Only defender can use git Cards.
  • Battles is of two three half

New FeaturesEdit

Nano Bakugan: These Human size Bakugan use to support APA System. They are Protected with force field attached to Bakugan Ambour by Generator.

APA System: This System used to protect bakugans from adult violence by making them Aura And spiritually enter the ambour. They attach nano bakugans energy org in that part where generator give them power.

Episodes Edit

List Of Bakugan Metal Brawl Episodes

Chapter 2 New Members

Chapter 3 First Class

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