bakugan comic soul [new power] season 5

after the battle with mag mel 70 years have passed and a new generation began kai kuso grandson dan kuso kai's grandpa became the number 1 brawler in bakugan interspace again but kai has no bakugan that is strong to take drago down let his grandpa retire and realax now to the story ps pc-bi means bakugan interspace computer peace is both pirus and darkus

kai was sleeping but he had a dream that would give him his partner angelo knight peace but im goona say peace for short gp 2500

when he woke up he saw his new partner

he told him he is the soul of kai and he can make new abilty from his mind noon he chalanged his grandpa to a battle dan: drago let rock

kai: peace go lets do this shun: dan to old so my money on kai kai: wing star tackle Dan: your gonna have to do better dragon heart striker kai: backlash punch cyclone peace: its over drago drago: good pc-bi: dan life force 5% dan: drago lets go tatitanum hummer Kai: angelo hummer dan: dragon heart striker Kai: wing shield gate card go shift cross cage wing fury laser

pc-bi: dan life force zero %

dan :good one grandson peace: its not over yet Kai: what do you mean peace: lizalios a lizard human hybird that use bakugan battles to dwestory planets like earth and new vestoria drago: no way Kai: grandpa can i have drago if your going to retire from brawling dan: sure the next night

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