episode 2: guard attack tino: here we are dan: wow so amazing tino: to the master palace! jake: cool! cerosian guards pop up * for now on cerozon is character so i shall call the cero people cerosians* tino: oh no! guard1: looks like its time to play! guard2: pathetic zenthians we shall rule the universe! tino: no way. dan: lets go all: gate card set! dan: bakugan brawl! go titanium dragonoid! tino: bakugan brawl! rise zexodor* lets go!* g1: ha! bakugan brawl! defeat them subterra magmalode g2: rise darkus fangstar! g1: ability activate volcano boost! g2: ability activate crush fang! tino: really? ability activate! light burst! fangstar: soooooo bright! dan: ability activate: fire bolt dragon! fangstar: ahhhhh! g2: im not done yet! ability activateeee! shadow fang! g2: plus! dream boost! fangstar: hahahahaa i feel so much powerrr! fangstar shoots zexodor tino life force 70 percent tino: oh no! g1: time to lose drago! ability activate rock crusher! drago: oof! dan: hold on! ability activate! titanium burst! g1: your going down now! lava power cannon! g1: whaaaat? guard 1 life force 50 percent. drago: now you! guard 2 life force 50 percent all: bakugan brawl! g1: lava omega cannon! g2: shadow claw! tino: moon blast! dan: dragon melt! g1: gate card open! hyper earth ground! g1: this card boosts magmalodes power by x4! g1: say goodbye zexodor! zexodor: oh nooo! g1: ability activate! maximum flare striker! tino: life force 0 dan: no! abilityyyyy activate! Titanium maximum! magmaplode and fangstar: ahhhhh! guard 1 and 2 life force 0. tino: nice job dan! dan: you too. g1 and 2: the cerosians will never lose!! we'll be back! marucho,jake,shun: did you win? tino and dan: yes! tino: now to the master palace! i'll explain when we get there what will we do.

  • end*

marucho here, we meet up with tina, tinos sister everything gos fine intill a subterra cerosian commander battles us! can we do it? find out in the next episode, we'll show the cerosians we will win!

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