• its been 6 months after the brawlers saved neathia,

a week ago, this happened

episode 1: another war begins tino: hello are you the battle brawlers? dan: yep. tino: i am a alien from another planet called zenthia *good* and the cerozon or cerosians *bad* have taken over and we need help to stop them! jake: dan the man! cmon this will be awesome! tino: allow me to introduce myself, im tino sens shun: im shun kazami dan: im dan kuso marucho: im choji marakuda or just call me marucho jake: im jake vallory tino: do you guys have bakugan? jake,shun,marucho: no, but dan does drago: hello im pyrus titanium dragonoid zexodor: hi am zexodor i am a haos bakugan from zenthia tino: here, this is subterra brakinoid, aquos liquidor and ventus arrowia brakinoid: hello liquidor: hi arrowia: greetings tino: grab hands

  • end*

tino: as we made it to zenthia we found cerozon guards planning to take our bakugan as we made it to the master palace, we couldnt believe their powerful bakugan so me and dan came up with a plan, cmon zexodor we can do this bakugan brawl!

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