finale: The Grandmaster

tino: now were here, lets go zexodor! brawl!

zaros: ha!! go zytragicus!

light appears

zaros: where are we?

tino: huh?

???: hello gentlemen, i am ceros the guardian of exodus! now, if you really want power, whoever wins in a battle may take control of it. using it in any ways, this is the final battle, a ultimate battle which will show your destiny and fate, so good luck to all!

both: bakugan brawl!

zytragicus: evil breaker!

zexodor: silent shaker!

zytragicus: chaos waver!

zexodor: oof! tino!

tino: great dark axe!

zyragicus: Doom rage!

zytragicus: hyper perish!

zexodor: oh noesss!

tino life force 20 percent.

both: go!

zexodor: great shadow!

zytragicus: gazor claw!

tino: ughhhh....

zaros: hmp!

zyragicus: chaos phantom blast!

zexodor: max xia!

zytragicus: nooooo0!

zaros life force 20 percent.

tino: you wont win!!

zaros: you dont have the power weakling! i will be victorious! and rule all dimensons!

both: bakugan braawl!

zytragicus: time for a end! demon perish end!

zexodor: nooo! i will not be defeated or the world will be in stake! zytragicus! this is the true end for you i will make the true revolution! and you will never rule the universe! time to go!

tino: a new card?

zytragicus: huh?

zaros: it cant be! zexodor has his true evolution he could evolve! no icant let this happen!


tino/zexodor: Maximum Xia Infitality!!!!

zytragicus: whaaaaaaaaaat??? no0o0(0(0o!.!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooo! i cannot loooooose!! ahhhhhhhh!! too much energy! i must stoooop! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! noooo!..!!

zaros life force 0!

tino: we won!

tino: what.. where are we??

ceros: you are in the grandmaster dimenson. here you have the ultimate power now. and also congratulations on your final battle gentlemen.

ceros: you are now exodus zexodor.

zexodor: i feel incredible!

ceros: farewell brawler, hope your destiny and fate will be a good one.

others: did you do it?

zexodor in ball: what do you think?

others: zexodor you evolved again!

tino: we did it..

all: we all did it!

all: we are the brawlers!

  • the end.

narriator: alas, cerosia is saved once again the brawlers fate was incredible. and so the cerosias destiny will be now that zythurvia is defeated. so the present is saved from evil.

  • the true end!

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