Bakugan World is a Bakugan fanfic that focuses on a fictional online game. It might be the name of the global online game which will link with the third season, Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.



  • Aquos Dragonoid - The main character.
    • Aquos Delta Dragonoid - Dragonoid's power-up.
  • Ventus Leonidas - Member of the Bakugan Heroes.
    • Ventus Omega Leonidas - Leonidas' next evolution. He's now a MOD, just like Hynoid.
  • Haos Hynoid - Member of the Bakugan Heroes. He's a MOD, which gives him special abilities like reflex.
  • Aquos Preyas - Member of the Bakugan Heroes & Dragonoid's younger brother. He was deleted by Clayf & later returned.
  • Pyrus Tigrerra - Member of the Bakugan Heroes. He thinks he's the weakest Bakugan because he always gets rescued.
    • Pyrus Blade Tigrerra - Tigrerra's power-up.
  • Pyrus Warius - Member of the Bakugan Heroes.
  • Aquos Elfin - Member of the Bakugan Heroes.


Elemental WarriorsEdit

  • Naga - Leader of the Elemental Warriors.
  • Vladitor - The Elemental Warrior of Metal & second-in-command of the Elemental Warriors. He decides who can play in Bakugan World & who can't. He was destroyed by Omega Leonidas.
  • Gargonoid - The Elemental Warrior of Fire. He was destroyed by Leonidas & Hynoid.
  • Elico - The Elemental Warrior of Ice. He runs away from battles because he's such a coward. He was destroyed by Shadow Preyas.
  • Clayf - The Elemental Warrior of Earth. He was destroyed by Warius & Elfin.
  • Dryoid - The Elemental Warrior of Thunder.
  • Monarus - The Elemental Warrior of Air.
  • Sirenoid - The Elemental Warrior of Water. She was destroyed by Leonidas.
  • Harpus - The Elemental Warrior of Wood. She was destroyed by Hynoid.
  • Aquos Shadow Preyas - The Elemental Warrior of Darkness & Preyas' next evolution after Naga gave him dark powers. He was destroyed by Delta Dragonoid.

Other VillainsEdit

  • Haos Fear Ripper - The first villain in the show. He appeared in Episode 1 when he was trying to steal Dragonoid's cards. He was defeated by Dragonoid & later returned in Episode 14. He was finally defeated by Delta Dragonoid.
  • Ventus Grinch - A villain that appeared in Episode 14. He tried to steal all the presents but was defeated by Omega Leonidas.
  • Pyrus Stinglash - A villain that appeared in Episode 14. He escaped a battle against Warius.

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