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Bakugan war

Plot Edit

"After 3 years of peace and mediocre life. Dan Kuso and his partner Drago decide its time to return to the spotlight with their old allies amongst the battle brawlers. Though such prosperity is short lived when a group know as 'Necron,' take siege throughout the galaxy. Who are these people? Why do they posses abilities of Bakugan? Join Dan and co as they travel the worlds, thwarting evil and forging new allies...Rather cliche, but i suppose it comes natural to them. Maybe ill find the answers I seek beside them, but would they even accept me...? I guess if you read on you'll find out."

"Who am I you ask?"

"My name is Zane, and this is where my story begins."

Characters Edit

The Battle Brawlers

  • Dan Kuso: Returning to lead the Brawlers after his transition into adulthood alongside Drago. Making less irrational decisions, he's viewed throughout the worlds as the face of brawling. Age (21)
  • Pyrus Nova Dragonoid
  • BakuSoul: Infernax
  • Shun Kuzami: Due to the passing of his late Grandfather, Shun is now master over his family Dojo. Though he still shows dominance in the battlefield, particularly since his old partner Skyress returned. Age(23)
  • Ventus Mistral Skyress
  • BakuSoul: Skyark
  • Marucho Marukura: Still the smartest and most cheery of the group, Marucho is at the top of the world. With Interspace new and improved, and even Preyas is back in the game. Age(20)
  • AquosAtlantic Preyas
  • BakuSoul: Hydrostrike
  • Skye Polaris: Raised by a father figure in a Neathian Brothel, Skye joins the brawlers not only to escape her imprisoning job, but to uncover the secret behind her birth..... She's best friends with Reiko. Age(17)
  • Haos Fallen Eremial
  • BakuSoul: Holyward
  • Reiko Arkale: After the death of her older brother Sid, Reiko has kept to solitude in order to surpass his brawling image. Her seclusion made it hard to relate to people. But that all changed when she befriended Skye. Age(18)
  • Subterra Quake Gaian
  • BakuSoul: Terramore
  • Spectra/ Keith Clay: Viewed as an esteemed scientist in Vestal Technology, his return to Earth made a significant input in Interspace's improvement. Though his friendly rivalry with Dan has triggered Helios's next evolution. Age(24)
  • Darkus Onyx Helios
  • BakuSoul: Exanimus
  • Zane Mercer: Zane is a young man whose got a darker history than one would think. Orphaned at 10 with amnesic issues, he was taken apprentice at an organisation called 'Void.' A secret society in which he trained as a Bakugan Hunter. Over his 11 years of loyalty, the blood of innocent Bakugan almost veered him to insanity....Though there was hope. On an assignment which he was meant to kill them, these six very different bakugan came together in order to help Zane. They convinced him of a goodness in which he'd long thought impossible. So he made his choice, leave Void behind in order walk his own path...Well, minus the fact he's deemed a traitor and Void is out to kill him. At first he turns to the Brawlers for help, or maybe its the brawlers who need help themselves... Age(21)
  • Pyrus Flare Dragaon
  • Ventus Van Falco
  • Darkus Destroy Munikins
  • Haos Kilan Leoness
  • AquosSaint Aquas
  • Subterra Gran Panzer

Supporting Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Runo Misaki: With the return of her old partner Tigrerra, She decides to share her brawling knowledge as a teacher in the local school. Whist still playing Tsundere with Dan, their relationship may evolve sooner than one thinks.
  • Haos Blade Tigrerra
  • Julie Makimoto: Business is booming for Julie's journalism career, though its a whole lot more fun with Gorem by her side.
  • Subterra Hammer Gorem
  • Alice Gehabich: Though she's far away, Alice still keeps in contact with her old friends. Occasionally she helps with maintenance on Interspace.
  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid
  • and more...

Vestal Edit

  • Mira Clay: Now the representative of Alpha City amongst Vestal's Sovereign Council. Her say in the Government has really helped its citizens move on from the tyrannical monarchy.
  • Subterra Magma Wilda
  • Ace Grit: The latest Commander of Vestal's Army and following a 'friends with benefits' vibe with Mira. He's also become quite the role model for younger cadets.
  • Darkus Knight Percival
  • Baron Leltoy: Baron's made himself useful by continuing his family Delivery business. But he still likes a brawl from time to time.
  • Haos Saint Nemus
  • Gus Grav: Still views himself as Spectra's right hand man, Gus is usually at his best when doing mechanical work.
  • Subterra Rex Vulcan
  • and more...

Neathian Edit

  • Queen Fabia: Still serves as Queen of Neathia. Rumors have it She and Ren have feelings for each other.
  • Haos Aranaut
  • Captain Elright: Serves as Captain of the Castle Knights.
  • Haos Raptorix/Second Bakugan???
  • Serena: Serves as ambassador for Neathia and Gundalia.
  • Linus Claude: Serves as Elright's Second in Command.
  • Pyrus Rubanoid
  • Rafe: A proud member of the Castle Knights.
  • Haos Wolfurio
  • and maybe more...

Gundalian Edit

  • Prime Minister Nurzak: Still serves as Prime Minister of Gundalia.
  • Subterra Sabator
  • Ren Krawler: Serves as the Commander of Gundalia's Army. Rumors have it he and Fabia have feeling for each other.
  • Darkus Linehalt
  • Jesse Glenn: He's a member of the Gundalian Army.
  • Ventus Plitheon
  • Lena Aisis: She's the strategist of the Gundalian Army. Also Mason's Girlfriend.
  • AquosPhosphos
  • Zenet Furrow: She's a member of the Gundalian Army.
  • Haos Contestir
  • Mason Brown: He's a member of the Gundalian Army. Also Lena's Boyfriend.
  • Subterra Avior
  • Paige: She's a member of the Gundalian Army.
  • Subterra Boulderon
  • And maybe more...

Other Characters Edit

  • Silver Dusk: One of the newer brawling teams whom possess a fierce rivalry with the Battle Brawlers. They appear arrogant and only care about being the Number One Team. But deep down they have a strong sense of trust for each other.
  • Ryota Hail: He is the Leader of Silver Dusk and the Haos Brawler. He has a passion for brawling and believes Dan Kuso has hogged the spotlight for long enough. Age(20)
  • HaosBlan Shoult
  • Gerard Storm: He is the Aquos Brawler of Silver Dusk and Vestal member. As well as being the tech expert of the team, he's the current family head of the Aura Gaming Company. His ideas often spark from the brawls he partakes in. Age (18)
  • AquosButta Gill
  • Angel Vermont : She is the Pyrus Brawler of Silver Dusk. She's the most timid out of the group and quite frankly the most level headed with the Battle Brawlers...Yet the girl's past is dabbled in secrecy from even her own comrades. Age(13)
  • PyrusG Ganorada
  • Blake Crow : He is the Darkus Brawler of Silver Dusk. He's an Australian teen who wishes to improve every skill he has to honor his sister's memory. Age(16)
  • DarkusBone Skuls
  •     Zelena Cross: She is the Ventus Brawler of Silver Dusk and the Neathian member. She is a skilled Brawler & warrior in different Neathian combat techniques, which causes a rivalry between her and Shun. Age(18)
  •     Ventus Kal Lukan
  •     Lance Inami: He is the Subterra Brawler of Silver Dusk and is Gundalian. He is not afraid to take on opponents that are stronger than himself. But it's this recklessness that can sometimes make him not think clearly. Age(14)
  •     Subterra Acro Gezard

Villains Edit

Necron: A dark cult of sorts whose members appear to be human, yet they posses abilities of Bakugan. They believe Bakugan deserve to be superior over all races, something their leader has found possible.

Higher Members Edit

  • Dio: He's the leader of Necron and main antagonist of the series. He desires to grant Bakugan the superiority they deserve, attempting to release an ancient evil to do so.
  • Hammer: The adopted son of Dio. Considered the Pride incarnate, he enjoys watching opponents burn at his feet.
  • Volca: The adopted daughter of Dio. A true witch in the art of water, she prefers torturing her victims before their swift demise.
  • Koa: A rather flamboyant man who serves under Volca. Personality aside, he is quite deadly in the battlefield.
  • Taures: A master strategist amognst the ranks. He's one of the few members whom understand the use of technological warfare.
  • Miru: She's a middle aged woman with a longing for battle. Throughout the years she's earned herself the title 'Mistress of Weather.'
  • Ana: Probably one of the less motivated members. She only fights if necessary and gets bored with weak opponents.

Lesser Members Edit

Necron Soldiers: Men and Women whom make up the army for their superiors.

Other Villains Edit

Void: A secret organisation of lethal Bakugan Hunters which predates centuries. They've made their mark in every Bakugan inhabited planet, accepting any assignment which has financial gain. Throughout that time, leadership has been passed down the Jelavitch Bloodline. All in accordance to the Compendium( basically the rulebook of the Organisation.) Regrettably, its where Zane spent most of his life.

  • Cyran Jelavitch: He's the leader of Void and Zane's former Master. Cyran has remained undefeated for many years due to he and his Bakugan's teamwork. He regarded Zane as his thrice pupil, heck even spent more time with him than his own son Seth. However when Zane walked out on the Void, the bond they shared was broken. Now deemed a traitor, Cyran has no choice but to deliver his execution...
  • Haos Sechs Tavanel
  • Darkus Sies Tavanel
  • Seth Jelavitch: The spiteful son of Cyran. From the moment Zane joined Void, Seth became warped by envy that his father choose some orphan to be his apprentice instead of him. Now that Zane is on the run, Seth is more than happy to hunt him down. Age(16)
  •  ??? Bakugan
  • Subterra Hagger Doguma
  • Kaori Volkov: A Eurasian woman who was Zane's only friend during his time in Void. As the years passed, it was clear some form of relationship blossomed between the two. Yet such feelings were cast aside amongst the bloodshed. She's got quite the sarcastic personality, and with her skills on par with Zane....she'll do anything to bring him back. Age (20)
  • DarkusDagger Odos
  • HaosWell Gallow
  • Subterra Zak Jaguard
  • Ventus Nino Daishow
  • Aquos Gif Ginryu
  • Pyrus Bakugan???
  • and more..

Episodes Edit

List of Bakugan War of Legends episodes.

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