Bakugan: The Conquest, is the next book of "Bakugan: Spirit Of Brawling" it tells now the brawlers found out about zaros and their going to travel to many planets and do many challenges to find the light orb x before zaros controls both of them. They Also must Find The Code symbols too.



FILE: Subject Dan Kuso

Dan Kuso: Leader Of The Brawlers, He Loves Brawling

Bakugan: Pyrus Searing Dragonoid

FILE: Subject Shun Kazami

Shun Kazami: A Ninja Of The Brawlers And Dans Childhood Friend.

Bakugan: Ventus Arrow Skyress

File: Marucho Marakura "Choji Marajura"

Marucho Marakura: A Stratigest Of The Brawlers Hes Very Smart And Is The Creator Of Interspace.

Bakugan: Aquos Preyas, Aquos Alter Elfin

File: Runo Misaki

Runo Misaki: A Haos Member Of The Brawlers And Seems To Be Dans Girlfriend

Bakugan: Haos Exceed Tigrerra

File: Julie Mikamoto

Julie Mikamoto: Subterra Member Of The Brawlers She Seems To Like Billy Her Childhood Friend.

Bakugan: Subterra Terra Gorem

FILE: Alice Gehabich

Alice Gehabich: Alice Was once masquerade secretly but she tends not to brawl alot. her grandfather is a amazing scientist.

Bakugan: Darkus Trial Hydranoid

FILE: Subject Elias Sen.

Elias Sen: A New Neathian Student Of Fabia

Bakugan: Nightzoid

File: Zaros

Zaros: A Evil Alien Who Wants To Have Dark Energy And Chaos He Despices Good.

Bakugan: Zythurvius

New CharactersEdit

New FeaturesEdit

  • BakuAssault: Another Version Of Mobile Assault
  • BakuData: A Weird tech that studys the bakugan, also used in battle

  • Zero GEAR: Weapons used by the zero brawlers

  • Code Symbols: strange pieces that lead to the LSX.


Known ChaptersEdit


Known BakuAssaultEdit

Known BakuData PartsEdit

Known Zero GearEdit

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