Dan, Drago, Marucho, Preyas, Elfin, Shun, Ingram, and Gorem go to an all girl Bakugan Universe while Drago is on a secret quest. They meet 3 girl brawlers with their girl Bakugan. This whole world has new Bakugan that are ALL girls. They all love Ingram, Drago, Gorem and Preyas. Elfin is very mad by this. But they all leave to go save worlds of Bakugan where all of them have been captured and used to power evil devices and used in evil brawls by evil brawlers.




Dan uses Pyrus Blitz Drago. He and Drago are very puzzled as to how they end up in the Girl Bakugan World.


Micheala is a Haos Brawler. She uses Haos Panderson. She loves Dan, and everytime she is partnered with him she is hypnotized.


Marucho uses Aquos Tide Preyas and Aquos Muntant Elfin, and later Sandra too. He likes this world as he is surounded my Girls and Preyas likes it too, but Elfin gets very jealous. ESPECIALLY when Preyas flirts with every girl he sees. Then Elfin pretends to faint and as usual, Preyas catches her and holds her tight.


Madison is a Subterra Brawler. She uses Subterra Wensley and holds Gorem for Julie. She loves the fact that boys are around to help, but she takes the job very seriously. She is the leader.


Shun uses Ventus Flash Ingram and picks up a Ventus girl Bakugan called Daniela, who he nicknames Fluffly. He loves the new cute Bakugan, But wants to leave quick.


Angie is a Darkus Brawler. She uses Darkus Gouda. She has a small crush on Shun, but hides it as she is the quiet one.



Drake is a Pyrus Brawler. He uses Pyrus Glowtronoid. He wants to end Dan and Madison's goals, even if it means killing them.


Chase is a Haos Brawler. He uses Haos Alto Brontes.


Marie is an Aquos Brawler from the Girl Realm Of Bakugan. She uses Aquos Gillmore.


Brad is a Subterra Brawler. He uses Subterra Echo Mantris.


Abby is a Ventus Brawler from the Girl Realm Of Bakugan. She uses Ventus Panzi.


Drew is a Darkus Brawler. He uses Darkus Battle Ax Vladitor. He knows what Drake is doing is wrong but he can't quit.

Book OneEdit

Chapter 1: The Big SecretEdit

All seven original Battle Brawlers are in Bayview City visiting Dan, Marucho, Julie, and Shun. Runo runs to Dan happy and smiling. He greets her as they hug. Alice says, "I just thought we would stop by" and Joe finishes, "To hang out a while!" Meanwhile with the bakugan, Drago is flirting with Wavern, she calls him "Dragy-Kins".

Tigrerra greets Drago. Drago says, "Nice to see you too Tigrerra, but I thought I told you what I have to do! Why would you bring everyone!" meaning he is going on a mission, leaving the team. Gorem must know, as he tells Tigrerra what she did was wrong.

She ignores them, and says, "ATTENTION!, Drago has something to share with us all, Drago?" Drago quickly covers himself and says that he missed them all. Alice, Julie, and Runo get all soft, and say they missed him also. Tigrerra however, is angered that Drago wont just tell the truth and yells out that Drago is leaving all of them on a mission, even Dan.

Dan freaks out, hoping what Tigrerra is saying is all a lie, a bad dream. But it wasnt. Drago says he has to go, and opens the portal to the dangered planet. Dan grabs Drago, and they fall in the portal. Shun and Marucho look at each other, Marucho nods, and Shun picks him up and does a ninja move into the portal.

Julie tells them to come back, Gorem tells her he has it, and jumps in. Julie cries out Gorem's name, he says he will be back. Julie, Alice, Runo, and Joe try to squeeze into the portal but, are once again left behind.

The Bakugan land before the humans, and are wondering where they are. A bakugan named Wensley comes behind them and tells them they are in Zoobles' Land, or the land of female Bakugan. Wensley gasp after seeing Boys, and Elfin points out that she is a girl, and Preyas is most definetly her boyfriend.

She still tries to flirt with him, and he flirts back, Elfin gives Wensley a dirty look, and scolds Preyas. She ask the guys, and Elfin if they need a place to stay. Then Dan, Shun, and Marucho fall from the sky.

Wensley is confused about the boy brawlers, and Drago says that with boy Bakugan, there are boy brawlers. A female Bakugan named Daniela comes by, and hits shun in the head on accident, this is all done in ball form. Shun says "Ow!" and she appoligizes. Shun greets her, and she says her name is Daniela, but she likes the name Fluffly.

Shun simply greets her by saying his name. She ask if she can join the team, which Shun is hesitant to. Marucho tells Shun to not hurt the little Bakugan's heart. 'Fluffly' begs Shun. Dan says, "Just follow the other Bakugan, but stay close"

Fluffly is happy and goes to them. Drago ask who she is, to which she says she is Fluffly. Elfin says, "A friend of yours?" and looks at Wensley annoyed. She says no, and states she has never seen Fluffly, or them, and she is very confused. Dan ask Wensley how close they are. She says that they will be there soon.

Shun ask if there are a lot of bakugan here. Wensley says yes. Fluffly adds they are everywhere, but not boys. Ingram ask if there are Ventus bakugan. Fluffly states that she is Ventus, and that there are many Ventus bakugan past the clouds. Wensley says, "I am Subterra, that must be why I dont know you Fluffly, I prefer ground". Gorem says he is also Subterra.

Preyas is daydreaming asking about Aquos. Fluffly says that she is friends with many Aquos Bakugan. Elfin snaps him out of it and says that she is Aquos. He just goes strait back to Daydreaming though. Drago ask if there are Pyrus ones, and she says that there are Pyrus, Darkus, and Haos bakugan also.

Elfin rolls her eyes. Dan tells her to calm down, and Elfin goes right in his face and says, "Dont you even go there!" Wensley stops in front of a castle, and says that they are here. Preyas calls it a nice place. Gorem agrees, along with Drago, Ingram, Fluffly. Elfin makes a scoffing noise.

A girl named Madison greets Wensley back, she sees the new faces, boy faces. She laughs and ask who they are. Dan says that they are the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Shun adds, "Or at least three of them" Madison tells them to come inside and bring their Bakugan. They all go, and Fluffly is confused. She says, "Guys? What about me!?" and runs ahead.

Madison: There you are Cuddles! *notices the Brawlers and their Bakugan, and Fluffly* Oh, *laughs* Who are you?

Dan: We are the Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

Shun: Or at least some of them.

Madison: Well, please come inside. And bring your Bakugan.

Angie: Hey Maddie! *sees the Brawlers* Who are you guys? I have never seen you, or even boys here.

Dan: We just went through this, We will all explain.

Micheala: *sees Dan, Screams* Wow! What a major HOTTIE!!

Dan: *Micheala is hugging and kissing him* Um....look, I have a girlfriend back home, uh, Runo Misaki. blushes

The rest of the Brawlers and Bakugan Boys and Girls are laughing besides Dan and Micheala. Once she stops Dan explains his story and them Madison explains her story.

Dan: So we are in a land of Girl everything, everywhere?

Madison: Pretty Much. Except for you guys.

Elfin and Fluffly: We are girls too!

Angie: We know!

Madison: Are you two from here?

Elfin: No, I am from New Vestroia.

Fluffly: I am.

Madison: Who do you all belong to?

Drago: I belong to Daniel.

Dan: Me.

Preyas: I belong to Marucho.

Elfin: Yeah, Me too.

Marucho: That is me.

Gorem: I belong to Julie. She isn't here.

Madison: Are you Subterra?

Gorem: Yes.

Madison: Want to stay with me for a while, until we get Julie.

Gorem: Sure.

Ingram: I belong to Shun.

Shun: That is me.

Radar Puff: I am Radar Puff. I belong to Angie.

Angie: And I love her with all of my heart.

Pecks: I belong to Micheala.

Micheala: And we are partners forever!

Cuddles: I belong to Madison.

Gorem: Aparently, so do I now.

Madison: And I am greatful. What about you little one?

Fluffly: I wanted to belong to Shun, But he wont accept me. *cries in ball form*

Drago: C'mon Shun.

Ingram: Yeah, what damage can she do? She could even be super strong!

Shun: Oh Alright, fine! Welcome to the team Fluffly.

Fluffly: Yay! I belong to Shun!

Shun: Sure.

Marucho: So Drago, What was Tigrerra talking about before?

Drago: Well, there are eight Planets that are in serious danger. I am recuited to help.

Pecks: *cuddles up to him* How Brave!

Drago: Pecks, get off of me! I have beat a girl Bakugan, dont make me do it again!

Pecks: Name 3 girl Bakugan Drago!

Drago: I have beat: Haos Blade Tigrerra, Wavern, and Sirenoid.

Pecks: Okay then.

Dan: Okay well We better get going to those Planets...

They head out the door.

Madison: Uh, Dan, Drago?

Micheala: Can we?

Angie: Come too?

Dan: Um...

Drago: Uhm..

Marucho: Dan, Drago, extra help is always good.

Drago: What G Powers are your bakugan at?

Pecks: I am at 800Gs.

Cuddles: 900Gs.

Radar Puff: I am at 880Gs.

Drago: Really? Good. I am at 900Gs too.

Fluffly: I am only at 700Gs.

Drago: You can still fight, that is good too.

Fluffly: Yay!

Preyas: Since I have evolved, I am at 870Gs.

Elfin: Me too.

Ingram: I am at 890Gs.

Drago: We are all ready for anything! Lets go!

Dan: Yeah!

All: Bakugan, Planet Savers!


Dan: Okay, well we all train and rest for a while. Until we are attacked! Then they end up breaking the teleporter! So We call Klaus, but he says we cant go for another week! Okay, okay! This may seem bad, but we will fix it! Please, I hope so.

Chapter 2: Rest and TestEdit

Dan: So we better leave now.....

Madison: Wait, Dan!

Drago: What is it this time!?

Cuddles: Can we train for a while first?

Drago: I guess.

Gorem: Hasn't it been awhile since we have brawled Drago?

Drago: Yes.

Elfin: I want to fight Cuddles!

Cuddles: I want to fight Drago!

Madison: Okay. We will all get a turn against each other.

Dan: How do we know who goes first against who?

Angie: Just take turns. Dan brawl one person at a time, Maddie brawl one person at a time...And so on.

Dan: Okay! Who is first!?

Marucho: I am!

Madison: I am!

Dan: Just do this like a Tournament. 3 brawls at a time. Then one brawl and another person waits. Then the last brawl.

Madison: Okay!

Marucho: Hmph.

System: Battle Feild, Open.

Dan: Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Brawl! Go Pyrus Blitz Drago!

Drago: Ready to fight!

Madison: Bakugan, Brawl! Go Subterra Cuddles and Subterra Quakix Gorem!

Gorem: It has been a while Drago!

Drago: Yes it has.

Cuddles: This is my first brawl, I am kinda nervous.

Drago: Let me guide you!

System: Drago takes 200Gs off Cuddles. Cuddles is now at 700Gs.

Madison: Oh yeah? Ability Activate! Earth Mix! Now Gorem and Cuddles have a merged Power Level!

Gorem: Yes! We are now at 1600Gs!

Dan: Okay! Fusion Ability, Activate! Blitzy Dusk!

System: Drago Power Level now at 1200Gs

Madison: Ability, Activate! Cutie Takedown!

Cuddles: Here we go!

System: Cuddles takes 800Gs off Drago. Now Drago is at 400Gs.

Dan: Woah! Where did you learn that!?

Madison: Cuddles hasn't brawled yet, but dont doubt her!

Dan: Enough said and done. Battle gear, Boost! JetKor!

Madison: Battle Gear!?

Dan: Gorem has one too!

Madison: Really!? Okay! Battle Gear Boost! Rocket Launcher!

System: Drago is now at 500Gs. Cuddles and Gorem are now at 1700Gs.

Dan: Battle Gear, Ability Activate! JetKor Delta!

Madison: Oh No! Look out!

System: Cuddles and Gorem now at 800Gs.

Madison: You asked for it!

Cuddles: Bring it!

Gorem: Lets finish this!

Madison: Battle Gear Ability Activate! Rocket Push, Crush 12!

Dan: What!

System: Round one goes to Madison.

Madison: Gate Card Set! Bakugan, Brawl! Subterra Quakix Goresm Stand!

Dan: Bakugan, Brawl! Drago Stand! And Pyrus Bakugan Trap, Fire Scorpion!

Madison: You make me laugh! Bakugan Brawl! Cuddles Stand! And Come! Subterra Bakugan Trap, Darta! This is the top half of Dartaak!

Dan: Where is the "Ak" part?

Madison: I dont know!

Darta: Since he isn't here tough, I can speak!

Madison: Aweome!

Dan: Ability, Activate! Dragon Boost! And, Battle Gear Boost! JetKor!

System: Drago now at 1400Gs!

Madison: 3 round undo!

System: Rounds undone, Darta, Fire Scorpion, and JetKor are now taken out of battle.

Madison: Ability, Activate! Gorem Smash!

Gorem: Quake time!

System: Drago eliminated. Madison wins with Quakix Gorem and Cuddles.

Madison: Hmph!

Dan: I never lose!

Madison: You were close to winning.

Dan: But now I dont move on!

Shun: I beat Micheala.

Marucho: I beat Angie.

Angie: That means now Madison brawls Marucho.

System: Battle Field Open.

Marucho: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! C'mon Preyas and Elfin!

Madison: Bakugan, Brawl! Cuddles and Gorem, come out to play!

Marucho: Ability, Activate! Aquos Gaurdian Level 4.

Preyas: Comming right up!

Elfin: I want to hurt you, Cuddles! Kung Foo Elfin!

System: Elfin and Preyas damage to Cuddles. Cuddles is now at 500Gs.

Madison: Ability, Activate! Fox Burrow!

System: Cuddles does 300 damge to Elfin and gains 300Gs for her. Cuddles now at 800Gs. Elfin at 570Gs.

Elfin: You have some nerve!

Marucho: Attribute Change! Both to Darkus!

Elfin: Ability!.....

Preyas: .....Activate!

Marucho: Darkus whipe!

Madison: Counter Ability Activate! Subterra Mega Boost!

System: Preyas out of Brawl. Cuddles and Gorem versus Elfin.

Marucho: Tripple Ability Activate! Elinf's Turf, Water Surfer, and Frog Glide!

Elfin: And we will add... Kung Foo Elfin!

Cuddles: *screams*

Gorem: Cuddles! *goes in front of her and blocks Elfin's attacks*

Elfin: Gorem! That wasn't for you!

Cuddles: Gorem!

Gorem: It was no problem Cuddles. *ball form*

Cuddles: Gorem! Elfin!....

System: Battle Gear Ready, Rocket Launcher.

Madison: Hmph! Battle gear Boost! Rock Launcher!

Marucho: Okay? Big deal. I took this one from our so called "friends" that Ren informed us about a while back.

System: Battle Gear Ready, Terrorcrest.

Elfin: I can connect with Battle Gear?

Marucho: Yes. I had Keith and Ren help scan yours and Preyas's DNA codes.

Elfin: I am ready!

Marucho: Battle Gear, Boost! Terrorcrest!

Madison: Battle Gear Ability, Activate! Rock Launcher Hammer Snake!

System: Winner is Madison and Cuddles. Elfin and Marucho lose. Preyas and Gorem were eliminated from the brawl.

Elfin: *in ball form* Cuddles!

Shun: My turn yet?

Madison: Bring it! I am on a roll!

Drago: Cuddles and Gorem are quite strong.

Ingram: Not too strong for us!

Fluffly: I will cheer!

Shun: Nope you sat the last on out, and if your in my bakugan team, your gonna brawl!

Fluflly: No!

Ingram: I will always be with you, Fluffly. No need to worry.

Fluffly: Okay.

System: Battle Feild Open.

Madison: Bakugan, Brawl! Gorem and Cuddles stand!

Shun: Bakugan, Brawl! Ventus Flash Ingram and Ventus Fluffly stand!

Ingram: I am ready! *looks around* But where is Fluffly?

Fluffly: *hiding in a corner* Over here!

Gorem: Well, come so we can train!

Fluffly: No!

Ingram: I got her. *grabs her and brings her to the feild*

Fluffly: I said no! Kicking Thunder!

System: Fluffly takes 100Gs off of Ingram and 100Gs on to her. Ingram now at 790Gs and Fluffly now at 800Gs.

Fluffly: I am so sorry Ingram! It just came out!

Ingram: That was your first move in a brawl! It is fine. Just try to hit Gorem and Cuddles.

Fluffly: Okay.

Madison: Ability, Activate! Fox Burrow!

Fluffly: Ahh!

Ingram: Lets show Fluffly what we do when we dont want to get hit Shun.

Shun: Counter Ability Activate! Wind Blowing Shocker!

System: Ingram and Fluffly plus 300Gs. Cuddles sent into ball form.

Gorem: I will get you! Madison will not lose this!

Madison: Ability, Activate! Quake Shake Battle Field!

Fluffly: *screams* Ahh!

Ingram: Fly up there Fluffly! I will be fine!


Ingram: Just go!

Fluffly flies up and Ingram stays to block Gorem's attack. Ingram is then sent to Ball form and it is up to Fluffly to beat Gorem.

Fluffly: No! Ingram! I can't do this on my own! Please, no!

Madison: This should be esay Shun.

Shun: Fluffly, just stay calm. I can't help you though. In order for you to train and be strong, you have to do this alone.

Fluffly: But Shun!

Ingram: Just dot his for me Fluffly.

Fluffly: *nods* Kicking Thunder!

Gorem: You think that will stop me?

Fluffly: I was hoping.

Madison: Ability, Activate! Shake Down Break Down!

Fluffly: I dont think so! I will do what my best friends taught me! I will counter act and fly away! Windy Break Away!

Gorem: Hey!

System: Gorem is losing with 150Gs left. Fluffly has 860Gs.

Madison: Hey! Shun, your new bakugan isn't that bad!

Shun: I know. I believe in her.

Madison: Ability, Activate! Quake Shake Battlefield!

A tablo is frozen here, Fluffly starts to freak out.

Fluffly: I can't do this! I just can't!

Shun: Stay calm. Do a new ability.

Fluffly: How?

Shun: Just do a custom ability.

Fluffly: Umm! Wind-washed Sky Soar Swirl Kicker!

System: Gorem in ball form. Fluffly and Shun win.

Madison: A very worthy opponent.

Dan: So are you!

Madison: And you.

Radar Puff: Ingram was strong!

Ingram: Thanks!

Drew: *walks up* If your so strong, why not fight me?

Dan: Who are you? I will take you on!

Micheala: Count me in on a brawl with Dan!

Drake: Then I will assist him. Just to make it fair!

Dan: I said who are you!

Drake: I am Drake Walker. I am the leader of a team who use Bakugan to power many devices and brawls and worlds! Join us. You can all help.

Drew: Yeah.....

Micheala: We aren't afraid of you Drake!

Dan: We dont care who you are! We will take you down!


Dan: Okay so me and Micheala brawl some freaks. We know what they want and what their goal is, but who exactly are they!? And why wont they just listen to us!? If we can get them to stop being so power crazy, maybe we can do this! Ready Drago? Bakugan, Brawl!

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