• Brawlers

Dan Kuso

Bakugan: Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid

Mechtogan: Pyrus Zenthon

  • he seems to be a guardian to dan
  • Marucho Marakura

Bakugan: Aquos Tristar

info: a bakugan from gundalia

  • Shun Kazami: A Ninja, and currently the leader of the brawlers

Bakugan: Ventus Taylean

info: a samurai like bakugan

  • Paige
  • Much Thought To be runo as the haos brawler. she appears to be a kid from interspace

bakugan: wolfurio

Runo *Unknown*: she seems to return from some reason. she doesnt use tigrerra anymore.

bakugan: razen

Rafe: the new subterra brawler, a kid from interspace

bakugan: Boulderon

Spectra Phantom/Keith Ferman: he now appears wearing a purple/black suit. like his original one. he seems to appear when dan asks him for help in vestal. Which Is Rumored to be in ep 9-13

  • how?: as he said in season 2 ep fiftytwo

quote: "if you need anything, dont hesitate to ask me, i wont always be there for you."

bakugan: Darkus Infinity Helios

Team Anubias

  • Anubias: Currently The Interpace Chamion, Anubias Works For Mag Mel And Currently Is Takeing Down Team Brawlers With Sellon. his bakugan is Darkus Horridian. and his bakunano is "Arrowblaze" rival to dan kuso

Ben: The pyrus brawler, and second rival to dan, his bakugan is bolcanon

Jack Hun: The Aquos Brawler, he seems to borrow krakenoid from robin.

Robin: the Real Aquos Brawler, his bakugan is krakenoid

  • Team Sellon

Sellon: The Ventus Brawler, she is working for Mag Mel and trying to take team brawlers down with anubias, her bakugan is spyron.

Kris: A Noobie Of The Team, Her Bakugan Is Subterra Vertexx

Soon: the haos brawler. team sellons 2nd strongist, her bakugan is haos krowl

  • Other

Mag Mel: dans Alter

Razenoid: dragos dark alter

tri twisters:

bash brothers

Noah: used to be dans fan. but now he isnt. he seems to be a minor character.

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