6. friends and traitors alice brawls lync

7. Shards Of Light summary: volt battles shun and crystalcus appears 8. Betrayal betryal lies within the brawlers

9. Warrior Genesis dharak and drago battle again

10. Celestius a new light appears evolving drago

11.The Final Legends barodius is tired of losing so he brawls drago to see his new evolution and power with dharak

12. Dragon Finale the battle heats on with dharak and drago

13. Gunnar Ends barodius and dan face of with bakuswords? and the true finale comes

  • season 1 end*

season 2: celestius and the holy orb

14. gundalian reborn barodius is back

15. Zythurvia Pt 1

16. zythurvia pt 2

17. ztaaragus,s illusion

18. Shadow Of An Island

19. Beast Maker

20. Ultima pt 1

21. ultima pt 2

22. The Chain Of Chaos

season 3: The Chain Of Twists

23. Twister In The Dunes

24. Abyss

25. Coding

26. nightmares pt 1

27. nightmares pt 2

28. barodius returns

29. Zayghen And The Sunami

30. Druman the Eyes Of Chaos

31. zenterrior the knight

32. Zricloids Tantrum

33. Zabeeders Angry

34. Zeridees Windy Situation

35. Reincurination

36. Wayvern Lands

37. Nagas The Greedy

38. Gladiators

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