herilan: lets get to our misson lync..

lync: brawling... ali...

alice: ooh good soup. right hydranoid?

lync: *looking at window* yeppers.

alice: hmm i feel like a forgoten something

  • at maruchos place*

dan: hmm.. i wonder.. why it took a 6 attribute atk to defeat zytorgus?

drago: yes. strange

dan: where is alice? she said shes coming.

  • back at alices*

lync: shes coming.

alice: oh! i need to meet up with dan and the others!

lync: hello alice.

alice: lync!

lync: lets brawl

alice: uh.. i..

alice: ok...

lync: gate card set!

both: bakugan brawl!

herilan: i love wind. lets suck you in to ventus you 4 headed beast!

hydra:noid: ha. big talk.

herilan: aeiral missle!

hydra: quading destroyer!

herilan: windy block!

herilan: high echo!

hydra: woah. thats loud

herilan: hurricane blow!

hydra: darkus gazer exceed charge!

herilan: oof!

hydra: hes done.

lync life force 60.

lync: haha.

lync: go herilan!

herilan: revenge!

herilan: aeiral cyclone!

hydra: dark trident!

lync: ability activate! sky pin!

hydra: sky... what?

herilan: got you now!

lync: double ability! high flyer and down smash!

hydra: this is gonna hurt.

alice life force 30.

lync: one more.

alice: one last chance..

hydra: gr...

herilan: divivde gaia!

herilan: shadow... storm!

hydra: : darkus?

naga: use it..

herilan: gaia storm hurricane! X!

hydra: ooooo00offf..

alice: hydranoid!

fabia: combat pawn!

xml: hold up! fabia wasnt supposed to.

alice: *sob*

hydranoid: it is ok...

hydranoid: i feel your trust..

alice: what the?

hydra: huh?

alice: a new ability.

hydra: use it.

alice: ability.

alice/hydranoid: activate!

hydranoid: exceed hydrana!

alice: maximum dark boost!

herilan: oh... snap..

  • explosion*

lync life force 0.

alice: lets go.

  • once she got there.*

alice: sorry. im here

dan: what took so long?

alice: lync brawled me.

dan: what?

  • end

shun: it was time to go train but my house was with crystals everywhere! then volt showed up. wanting to brawl me. then i strange beast called crystalgus came and tryed to defeat me to. this is it. go stormbreaker!

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