barodius: time to go dharak..

chapter 4: Gladiator Showdown

dan: its tuesday.. which means its time for...

dan: tacoooooo niiight!!. woohoo!

runo: be quiet!

fabia: i dont have tacos in neathia.

ren: same with me.

mira: ok...

baron: wow master dan..

ace: who knew a guy loves tacos so much? i thought he like brawling. haha.

fabia: ima go. find something to drink

fan: shunxfabia your going to find shun?

xml: i thought i told you to!!!

xml: get ouuut!!

fabia: what the..

barodius: hello kuso, meet me at the stadium tonight. we shall see who will win.

fabia: barodius!

fabia: dan..

dan: yeah?

fabia: barodius wants to challenge you, he just sent a message and i found it.

dan: grr.. he wont give up

drago: guess dharak too.

  • later*

naga: raaaaaargh! minions i need the dark energy. so i can releash into my true form!

?????: yes master naga.

?????2: Yes sire.

naga: i shall destroy!!

  • back with dan*

barodius: hello.

dan: are you ready?

both: bakugan brawl!

dan: rise flare drago

barodius: get them gladiator dharak!

dharak: phantom blade!

drago: flare hummer!

dharak: spartan smash!

dharak: and.. evil smasher!

drago: oof...

dharak: chaos storm!

drago: huh?

dharak: hi skewed gladiator!!.

drago: flaming dragon!

dha=ak: ahhhh!

dharak: combat gunnar! *blasts*

drago: grrr..

dan life force 40 percent.

barodius: wow...

both: lets go! braawl!

dharak: sonic liha!

dharak: dobbleliha!

drago: 8 dharaks?

dharak: quaddobbles!

drago: now 16?

dharak: photon shaker!

drago: flare hummer!

drago: spinning shield!

dharak: not so fast! strikeback!

drago: ah! what how did he break the shield

dharak: strikeback breaks any shield, and also doubles my power.

drago: superior dragon!

dharak: o0?00

barodius life force 20 percent

both: go!!

dharak: chaos hyper gunnar gladiator!

drago: maximum overheat dragoonia!

dharak: rrrrrrgggg$gggg

drago: grooooo.

dan: fusion ability. core boost!

dharak nooo00(!

barodius life force 0.

dan: we won!

  • end

ace: ace here, me and baron were going to maruchos place but ;ome kids wanted to brawl us they had some cra/y bakugan. you dont wanna miss it bakugan brawl!

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