dan: wha?

fern: evil terrior.

drago: what?

flametor: fire deatnation!!.!!

ingram: hand deeeemon! moonlight slash!

zenoheld: ability.

  • in the dark dimenson*

naga: raaaaaaaaw!!!!

zenoheld: life split!

drago/ingram: what the!

dan/shun life force 50.

zenoheld: haha! life split splits your life gauge to 50!

stormbreaker: oh yeah...

shun: bakugan brawl!

come shadowwing,ingram,slash!

dan: go fire scorpion and drago!

dan: ability activate dragon scorch! plus hyper sattilite boost!

shun: ability! armored storm striker! moonlight glow! high slash storm! and master breaker!

fern: oooooo!!!!

flametor: nooo!

gill life force 0

zenoheld life force 20 percent

all: brawl!!!

drago: dragon superior!

fern: phantom overheat strike!!

drago: you will not win!

fern: quadurple ability..

drago: stand down!

fern: ah!4(4h!!!!

zenoheld life force 0!

shun/dan: we wooon!

  • end

runo: runo here! me and marucho were going to the movies to meet with dan but mylene and kazarina show up!

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