dan: hmm...

drago: what?

dan: its about naga..

drago: and?

dan: how was he alive?

drago: i dont know.

Cell: hello.

dan/drago: what!

cell: i am cell but my real name is celestius.

celestius: you thought you have defeated the one barodius. but hes still on to you

celestius: the thing is.

celestius: you will meet a gentlemen named N. and so with Z and G, they are 3 people who keep the world in balance.

celestius: they can defeat naga.

celestius: now. i shall evolve your bakugan and your friends too.

celestius: *light comes into drago and others*

drago: we evolved!

wilda: me too!

elfin: yay!

dan: i guess.

celestius: jump in the portal.

all: ok!

  • End Of Book 1

dan: alright! we go to a strange place called Zythurvia. and search for N,Z, and G but then the story about naga and those dragons is revealed. get ready for a new battle evolved style!

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