Episode 2: Takedown In Interspace

????: heheheh... tino: huh? ????: lets brawl gahahaha... tino: ok?

announcer: its time for a battle!

tino: gate card set! bakugan brawl. time to win exodus zexodor

????: bakugan brawl bwa! darkus knightzoid!

knightzoid: who is this?

zexodor: woah he talks..

knightzoid: spear cantasism!

????: huh?

zexodor: force relfector!

knightzoid: blackout!

zexodor: huh? my ability!

???: this is annoying gate card open! phantasm!

????: ability! gunnar alpha slash!

zexodor: ow!

tino life force 40 percent

both: braawl!

knightzoid: captule bring!

knightzoid: darkon blast!!

zexodor: maximum waver!

knightzoid: hunters field!

????: this card takes all his power..

knightzoid: end gunnar.... OMEGA!!

zexodor: infinity clear!

knightzoid: gate open! evil clear ability....

????: fusion ability.. destroy impact plus! silent gazor!

tino life force 10 percent

????: hehehe...

tino: go!

????: im tired of you..

zexodor: blow storm!

knightzoid: destruction pallidan!

knightzoid: deadly hydra!

zexodor: infinity maxus!

knightzoid: phantom copy!

????: this is the end! gate card open! perishs end!!

knightzoid: doom trident plus shadow staff!

knightzoid: clash zero!!

tino life force 0.

announcer: battle over!

tino: who are you?

???: call me darky...

darky: *flashs away*

nate: tino got really sad about his loss. but i tried to tag with cloud but soon these crazy kids battled with incredible bakugan we havent seen, we even found a strange person along!

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