Chapter 1: Reincurination

tino: its been 1 year after cerosia was saved we went back to brawling. but one day i had a dream but not just a dream. it was an illusion.

tino:*brawling. yes we won!* .... dharok: the power. razenoid: gwaaaaaaaaaa! dharok: more!!! razenoid: BWAAAA!!! dharok: bwahahaha! tino: huh.. phantom: hand me exodus.... tino: no??? phantom: hand it NOW!! tino: nobody takes zexodor! phantom: then. i shall destroy you!! mwahaha!! phantom: waaa..grr.raaaaaaa!!! phantom: i am rebornnnnnnn phantom: i shall take exodus! bwaaaaaaa!!! razenoid: gwaaaaaaaaa!!

tino: in part 2 some weird kid brawls me his bakugan, it feels weird but we seem to meet his powerful bakugan. we even see a explosion! get ready! go bakugan!

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