Bakugan dimenson of illusions is the next chapter of zythurvia zero it is ment to have 8 or 10 chapters

Characters good tino: exodus zexodor tina: sun zextria jakeS. smash brakinoid alex: cosmic altezoon cloud: quadraldor *quad* nate: bubble aquanoid

good guys zexton tino: exoblade tina: sunstar jake: crushtor alex: stormzoon cloud: maxfire nate: liquiwave

evil zaros: shadow zytragicus shadow guard: splight shadow soldier: glotronoid shadow clone: nightmarior phantom: razenoid

story: the brawlers find about a secret of ceros the shadowreavers want it for control of a mysterious dimenson. they plan on taking zexodor and taking his power out and giving it to phantom *the next antagonist *villian# rumors say phantom makes shadow clones of humans dna. he also can make illusions for tricks and traps.

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