Battle brawler's new versionEdit

Denord: A nice guy who can't keep his cool he loves to brawl he's just so good.

Minus: He thinks his friends are like family he's always charged he's a haos brawler his bakugan are Sparked Beestriker, Blade Tigrerra, Centipoid.

Shell: He likes hunting for new battles, he always spreads sprinkles he's a aquos brawler his bakugan are Colored Centipoid (Colored Centipoid has the same ability as Preyas), Fear Ripper, Frosch.

Krow: A darkus brawler he likes to switch battlefield his bakugan are Darkness Gargonoid, Hydranoid, Juggernoid.

Spin: She's more of aa violent type she's a ventus brawler her bakugan are Spot Juggernoid (they call him that because he can turn invisable), Monarus, Oberus.

Potus: He's a pushover he's a subterra brawler Colonie Preyas (he triple himself), Rabeeder, Rattleoid.

Resistance new versionEdit

Bal: He makes people confused he's a darkus brawler Toy Reaper, Robotallian, Siege.

Snot: He throughs really hard he put his head in the game really hard he's a an aquos brawler Snow Terrorclaw, Sirenoid, Abis Omega.

Snap: He's just a pyrus brawler Ek Atmos, Cyborg Helios, Fencer.

Sneeze: All evil ventus brawler fear him he's a darkus brawler Claw Foxbat, Goblinball, Hades.

Vee: She's just like other girls who like clothes she's a ventus brawler Evolution Wired, Moonlit Monarus, Spin Ravenoid.

Mary: She likes for ittention she's a haos brawler Shocking Spin Ravenoid, Lumagrowl, Aranaut.

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