Bakugan Chronicles Episode 1 is written by Zierant, Feel free to comment and check the poll!

Zierant: (Walking) the battle begins. Im Here Drags.

Drags: Let the battle begin. Bakugan Brawl! Rise Darkus Draconix!

Zierant: Lets go Pyrus Zephyros, Ability activate! Blaze Storm! (A Fiery Blast of fire hits draconix).

Drags: Do you think fire will beat draconix! Draconix, Core Block.

Zierant: Quick Jet! (Zephyros flies quickly to hit draconix)!

Drags: Ability activate! Dragon Storm! (Draconix glows Purple/black and attacks).

Elliot: Looks like they're battling again. Lets see who wins Caleb.

Caleb: Ok. Come here Zipy!

Zipy (Ziperator): Coming.

-Back with Drags and Zierant

Zephyros: Seems draconix is a tough bakugan.

Draconix: You bet i am. Dragonic Burst!

Zephyros: (Dodges the attack but gets a little damaged).

Zierant: Ability activate! Blazing Cannon!

Drags: Ability activate! Dett Lock Razer!

???: ... Ability..

Drags: Fire!

Zierant: Attack!

???: Denshi Shadus Portalicus! (many Portals appear blasting and darkening the light so barely anyone can see).

Zephyros: Augh! What was that?

Draconix: Oof! What are those things?

???: Savus Eternal Thunder!

Drags: Ability activate! Dragonic Outrage!

Zephyros: Inferno Advance!!

Bakugan: (Summons a shield)

???: I... Admire.. the fighting power.. you have... but not anymore.. As i.. defeat you.

Zierant: Grr..


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