Bakugan: Between Dimensions is based on one character named Kyle who was accidently teleported in another dimension...

This fanfiction will have 3 seasons, possibly more...

Season 1 will remind you "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" much.


In Bakugan Interspace Dan was training Beginner Brawler Named Kyle, battle was interrupted cause arena started to shake. Dan teleported safely, but Kyle was teleported to another dimension. Later Kyle meets Dan, Shun and Marucho, but they say that they never meet him before, which makes Kyle shocked. He and Battle Brawlers will protect the earth and vestroia from Masquerade and he's minions.


Battle BrawlersEdit

  • Kyle - Darkus Brawler.
    • Darkus Exedra - 450 G
  • Dan Kuso - Pyrus Brawler.
    • Pyrus Dragonoid - 350 G
  • Shun Kazami - Ventus Brawler.
    • Ventus Skyress - 400 G
  • Marucho Marakura - Aquos Brawler.
    • Aquos Preyas - 350 G
  • Runo Misaki - Haos Brawler.
    • Haos Tigrerra - 350 G
  • Julie Makimoto - Subterra Brawler.
    • Subterra Gorem - 350 G
  • Alice Gehabich - Darkus Brawler.
    • Darkus Reaper - 300 G
  • ???

Nagas MinionsEdit

  • Silent Naga - 1000 G
  • Masquerade - Darkus Brawler.
    • Darkus Hydranoid - 450 G
  • Klaus Von Hertzon - Aquos Brawler.
    • Aquos Sirenoid - 400 G
  • Chan Lee - Pyrus Brawler.
    • Pyrus Fortress - 400 G
  • Julio Santana - Haos Brawler.
    • Haos Tentaclear - 400 G
  • Komba O'Charlie - Ventus Brawler.
    • Ventus Harpus - 400 G
  • Billy Gilbert - Subterra Brawler.
    • Subterra Cycloid - 400 G
  • ???

Another CharactersEdit

  • Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia
    • Pyrus Apollonir - ??? G
      93px-Legendary Soldiers Gauntlet

      Legendary Soldiers

    • Subterra Clayf - ??? G
    • Haos Lars Lion - ??? G
    • Aquos Frosch - ??? G
    • Ventus Oberus - ??? G
    • Darkus Exedra - 450 G


1. Masquerade

2. Shun Kazami

3. ???

4. Klaus Von Hertzon

5. Chan Lee

6. Julio Santana

7. Komba O'Charlie

8. ???

9. ???

10. Billy Gilbert

28. Dan Kuso

78. Runo Misaki

86. Marucho Marakura

108. Julie Makimoto

746. Alice Gehabich

989. Kyle


Brawler Bakugan G-Power Rounds Won Energy Gauge Battle Result
Dan Dragonoid 350 G 3/4 80% Win
Shun Skyress 400 G 3/4 80% Win
Marucho Preyas 350 G 3/4 70% Win
Kyle Exedra 450 G 1/4 0% Lose


Episode 1Edit

"Training Begins"

One day Kyle and Dan prepares for some training, they enter the Bakugan Interspace.

Dan: (Hmm......who should I choose............?) Yeah that will be cool!

Kyle: (Hmm...I quess that he will choose some kind of Pyrus Dragonoid evolution....)

Kyle: Okay...that will do it...

Kyle Vs Dan

Round 1

Dan: Gate Card Set!

Dan sets a Gate Card.

Dan and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand!

Dan and Kyle Brawl a Bakugan.

Dan: Pyro Dragonoid Go!

System: Pyrus Pyro Dragonoid.....500 G

Kyle: Wha? (500 G?) Hmph.... Aquos Preyas Angelo Go!

System: Aquos Preyas Angelo......400 G

Dan: Aquos Bakugan? Vice move.

Kyle Smiles and activates ability card.

Kyle: Ability activate....."Falling Stars"

Pyro Dragonoid is hit by a falling stars.

System: Pyro Dragonoid.....200 G. (-300)

Kyle: "Falling Stars" subtracts 300 Gs. from opponents Bakugan.

Dan: Nice!

Dan turns happy and activates double ability.

Dan: Double ability activate! "Flame Field" and "Fire Ball"

System: Pyro Dragonoid 350 G (+150) Preyas Angelo 300G (-100)

Preyas Angelo is getting hurt by "Flame Field and hit by a "Fire Ball"...............Preyas Angelo turns into a ball form.

System: Kyle's Energy Gauge 90%

Kyle: Ugh...........

Dan: Impressive for a first try!

Round 2

Kyle: Gate Card set!

Kyle sets a Gate Card!

Dan and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand!

Dan and Kyle Brawl a Bakugan.

Dan: Pyro Dragonoid Go! (500 G)

Kyle: Preyas Diablo Go!

System: Aquos Preyas Diablo.....400 G

Dan: Diablo huh? Well...okay....Ability Acti-

Kyle opens a Gate Card.

Kyle: Gate Card Open..........Aquos Reactor!

System: Preyas Diablo......700 G (+300)

Dan: What!? Pyro Dragonoid is drowning? Drago wouldn't fall for that....

Pyro Dragonoid turns into a ball form.

System: Dan's Energy Gauge....60%

Dan: Inpossible.....

Round 3

Dan sets a Gate Card.

Dan and Kyle Brawls a Bakugan.

Dan and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand.

Dan: Pyro Dragonoid Go!

Kyle: Preyas Angelo Go!

Dan and Kyle smiles and activate fusion ability.

Dan: Fusion Ability activate....."Playing With Fire"

Kyle: Fusion Ability activate....."Angelo/Diablo Mix"

System: Pyro Dragonoid....900 G (+500).....Angelo/Diablo Preyas.....800G (X2 = +400G)

Dan: Huh? I can see Angelo AND Diablo?

Kyle: Only this Fusion Ability Card can do this!

Ground starts shaking...

Kyle: Huh?

Dan: What's happening?

Marucho: (From his house) Quickly, you should evacuate now!

Dan: OK, Kyle lets go!

Dan and Kyle runs to exit.....Dan teleports to Marucho's house safely. Kyle goes to the exit.



Kyle: Hey, there's Kyle! I don't know where am I....It's not looking like Marucho's house...I hope I will find that a....Bakugan!? He sure looks strange. Hey...there's Dan, Shun and Marucho.....Wait what's with them? "Bakugan Brawl" You will find it out in next episode!

Episode 2

"Mysterious Bakugan"

Last time on Bakugan Between Dimensions...

Kyle was battling Dan, when Dan was close to winning...arena started shaking....Dan and Kyle were running to exit. Dan teleported safely, but Kyle.........

Kyle: Were am I? It's not looking like Marucho's house...

Kyle starts walking but trips because of strange Bakugan...

Kyle: Huh? What was that?

Exedra: My names is Darkus Exedra. Im the one of six Legendary Soldiers.

Kyle: (Legendary Soldiers?) And why are you here?

Exedra: Im here because of you...

Kyle: Me!? But why?

Exedra: Cause your destiny is to save this world...I teleported you from your world to this...

Kyle: What!? That's inpossible! I can't save this world alone.

Exedra: I know...I will help you!

Kyle: That's means....were partners?

Exedra: Yes...


Dan, Marucho and Shun sees Kyle.

Shun: Who are you?

Kyle: Hey Shun, it's me...Kyle!

Shun: Huh?

Dan: Hey? Are you one of the Naga's Minions?

Kyle: No!

Dan: I don't believe you!

Kyle: What I need to do to prove that to you?

Dan: Battle us!

Kyle: (Hmm...I have no choice....) Okay......

Dan, Shun and Marucho Vs Kyle

Round 1

Kyle sets a Gate Card.

Dan, Shun and Marucho Brawls a Bakugan.

Kyle, Dan, Shun and Marucho: Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Set.

Shun: (Huh? No Doom Cards?)

Dan: Dragonoid Go!

System: Pyrus Dragonoid........350 G

Marucho: Preyas Go!

System: Aquos Preyas....350 G

Shun: Skyress Go!

System: Ventus Skyress....400 G

Kyle: (Huh? Is that past?) Hmph. Exedra Go!

System: Darkus Exedra....450 G

Marucho: Inpossible! He's Bakugan have 450 G

Dan: I don't care! Ability Activate....."Fire Wall"

Drago: Take this!

Exedra: Ugh....

System: Pyrus Dragonoid....400 G (+50) Darkus Exedra....400 G (-50)

Marucho: Ability Activate "Blue Squall"..."Blue Squall" Subtracts 200 Gs from each opponent.

System: Darkus Exedra....200 G (-200)

Shun: Hmph....Ability Activate "Winds of Fury"

System: Darkus Exedra 150 G (-50)

Kyle: Ugh.....Gate Card Open....."Darkus Reactor"

System: Darkus Exedra 500 G (+350)

Kyle: Okay Exedra, attack!

Dragonoid, Preyas and Skyress turns into a ball form.

System: Marucho's Energy Gauge....70%........Dan's Shun's.....Energy Gauge......80%

Kyle: Yes, we did it!

Round 2

Marucho sets a Gate Card

Marucho and Kyle Brawls a Bakugan.

Marucho and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand.

Kyle: Ability Activate "Missle Digger"

Exedra subtracts energy from Preyas.

System: Aquos Preyas...150 G (-200)

Preyas: Ahhhh...It hurts!

Marucho: Don't worry Preyas! Gate Card open!

Preyas: Yeah I feel the power!

System: Aquos Preyas....450 G (+300)

Preyas: Attribute Change.........Subterra!

Marucho: Ability Activate "Slumping Rocket"

System: Subterra Preyas....750 G (+300)

Kyle: Oh no! Ability Activate "Demon Smash"

System: Darkus Exedra.... 650 G (+200)

Exedra: .....

Exedra turns into a ball form.

System: Kyle's Energy Gauge.......80%

Round 3

Shun sets a Gate Card.

Shun and Kyle: Brawls a Bakugan.

Shun and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl....Bakugan Stand!

Shun: Ability Activate "Green Mobility Fire Storm"

System: Ventus Skyress...500 G (+100)

Kyle: Nothing special.....Ability Activate..."Missle Digger"

System: Ventus Skyress 350 G (-150)

Skyress: Shun!

Shun: Gate Card Open! "Ventus Reactor" and ability activate...."Green Mobility Violent Winds

System: Ventus Skyress 1300 G (+300 + X2)

Dan: Shun, finish him!

Kyle: Not so fast...Ability Activate "Evil Beam"

System: Ventus Skyress....550 G (-650 + -100)

System: Darkus Exedra....550 G (+100)

Shun: What?

Kyle: "Evil Beam" Nulifies ability and then transfers 100 Gs from the opponent to Exedra.

Shun: Hmph. Double Ability Activate...."Double Team" and "Winds of Fury"

System: Ventus Skyress.....750 G (+200)

System: Darkus Exedra.....450 G (-100)

Exedra gets hit by Skyress and turns into a ball form.

System: Kyle's Energy Gauge.......20%

Kyle: Ugh...they are too strong...

Exedra: Don't worry...

Round 4

Dan sets a Gate Card.

Dan and Kyle Brawls a Bakugan.

Dan and Kyle: Bakugan Brawl....Bakugan Stand!

Dan: Triple Ability Activate!

Kyle: WHAT!?

Dan: "Boosted Dragon," " Fire Wall" and "Fire Tornado"

System: Darkus Exedra....250 G (-100 + -50)

System: Pyrus Dragonoid.....600 G (+100 +100 +50)

Dan: Finish it Drago!

Exedra: Getting Hurt by all Abilitys.

Dan: Gate Card open! "Pyrus Reactor" and Fusion Ability Activate..."Melt Flare"

System: Pyrus Dragonoid 1000 G (+300 +100)

Exedra is about to turn into a all form.

Kyle: No, your not taking Exedra! Ability Activate "Finale Firework"

System: Pyrus Dragonoid...600 G (-300 + -100) Darkus Exedra....500 G (+ 250)

Exedra turns into a ball form.....

System: Kyle's Energy Gauge........0%

Kyle: I can't believe I lost....

Dan: Now go away!

Shun: Wait....Dan...Marucho...did you noticed that Kyle wasn't using a Doom Card....


Kyle: Hey, it's me..Kyle.. They finally realises that im not bad...They even asked me to join Battle Brawlers! Things are going better and better....What will happen next? "Bakugan Brawl" See it next time!

Episode 3Edit

"New Battle Brawler"

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