This is going to be an idea for season 5.

This story begins with all the Brawlers out in neaphia and gundalia and these 6 have too defend earth as Naga is revived.

New Characters:Edit

Ravis: The First to discover Vestroia and partner with the god of Bakugan, Bahamet

Bahamet: The Bakugan God, he is the pinnacle of who stands on top of all existince and beyond and is known to have saved the multiverse 700 quintillion years ago

Nyx Rhoadfield : A small town delinquent determined to be the best at battle brawling along with his bakugan Brynhildurr

Brynhildurr: A Pyrus/Ventus element hybrid bakugan her power is rivaled with Potara Dragonoid

Heroes: Edit

Silver E Diamond: a young brawler skilled and has strategy. A Pyrus brawler

Apollonir: Silver's Bakugan and one of the six legendary soldeirs of vestroia.

Seige Apollonir: Apollonir's evolution. Can Fuse with Sentinal and Galaxy Drago to Become Delta Sentinel for Sentinel Drago and Delta Galaxy for Galaxy Seige

Deus Apollonir: Applonir's second evolution Can Fuse with Vortex Drago to become Deus Vortex

Draconis: another young brawler but thinks power is every thing. A Darkus brawler

Leonidas: Draconis(s) Bakugan.

Omega/Alpha Leonidas another 2 in one bakugan like preyes. Omega is Pyrus and Darkus and Alpha is Haos and Aquas. Leonidas's evolution

Runo Misaki one of the original 6 brawlers quit do to tigrerra not evolving but is back with an evolved Tigerra. A Haos brawler

Glaive Tigerra: Tigerra's evolution

Julie Makimoto: anotheir of the original 6 Gorem also evolved. A subterra brawler

Tremor Gorem: Gorem's evolution

Klaus von Hertzon: At one point the number 2 Brawler and his sirenoid has evolved. An Aquos brawler

Grand Sirenoid: Sirenoid's evolution

Komba O'Charlie: At one point the number 5 brawler and his harpus has evolved. A Ventus brawler

Joe Brown: Wavern's partner

Twilight Wavern: Joe's Bakugan and the Evolved form of Wavern

Dan Kuso: Number 1 brawler. A Pyrus Brawler

Sentinel Dragonoid: Drago's newest evolution Can fuse with Seige Appolonir to create Sentinel Seige

Galaxy Dragonoid: Drago's Second evolution of the series Can fuse with Seige Appolonir to create Seige Galaxy.

Neutron Dragonoid: Drago's third evolution of the series Can fuse with Deus Appolonir to Create Deus Dwarf Star

Potara Dragonoid: Drago's fourth evolution of the series

Dragonoid Andromeda: Drago's fifth and final evolution of the series

Shun Kazami: number 2 brawler. A ventus brawler

Gale Skyress. Shun's Bakugan and the evolution of storm skyress. A BakuFusion who can fuse with Geo Preyes to form Geosurge

Marucho Marukura: Number 4 Brawler who is really smart. An Aquos brawler

Geo Preyes: Marucho's Bakugan and the evolution of Preyes. A BakuFusion who can fuse with Gale Skyress to form Geosurge.

Spectra Phantom: Number 3 Brawler. Uses Darkus Bakugan

Sigma Helios: Helios first evolution of the series

Helios Black: Helios second evolution of the series

Helios MK3: Helios third and final form of the series

Villains Edit

Entropy Naga: the evolved form of Naga.

Regis: Unknown Origin




Shadow Prove


Marduk: Unknown Origin

Masqurade: Alice opposite personality

Xeno Hydranoid: Hydranoid's new evolution

Allies Edit

Humans Edit

Billy and Fault Cycloid

Chan Lee and Hectare Fortress

Julio and Horo Tentaclear

Vestals Edit

Mira Clay and Phalanx Wilda along with Roxtor

Ace and Umbra Percival

Baron and Solar Nemus

Gus and Promethea Vulcan

Vestals Edit

Fabia and Terrigen Aranaut

Linus and Ophicia Rubanoid

Gundalians Edit

Ren and Taka linehalt

Nurzack and Sabator

Jesse and Merged Pithion

Lena and Final Phosphos

Zenet and Counter Contestier

Mason and Mercury Avior


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