Bakugan Adventures is a role playing story made by Sir Rock and Aniju Aura.


Battle BrawlersEdit

Dan played by Aniju Aura


Hydron played by Sir Rock

Role Play CenterEdit

Dan: Alright Hydron, I am going to stop you from destroying the Bakugan.

Hydron: Okay, but only cuz my father told me too. I have to please daddy. Or he will yell at me again.

Dan: Does you do everything your father says?

Hydron: Yup, he is so proud of me! “In my mind…” (Starts culling hair)

Dan: All my father wants is pudding. Spot eating your pudding and look at me dad!

Hydron: Are we going to brawl or talk all day about our lazy fathers?

Dan: Umm the moment is gone Hydron. That’s a weird name by the way.

Hydron: My name is not weird. (Starts culling hair faster) Hydron is a very comment name on Vestal.

Dan: Why do you do that with you hair?

Hydron: It calms me down Dan. I got problems. Zenoheld is a weird name thoug I'll admit.

Dan: Well at least your dad pays attraction to you unlike Mira and Spectra’s dad.

Hydron: He is a workaholic and my father in a dictator. (Still curling hair, finger stars bleeding)

Dan: Your finger is bleeding!

Hydron: I’m okay. (Faith from loss of blood)

Dan: Ah! Hydron wake up. Oh no what do I do. I only know who to brawl not save a life. (Dan takes Hydron to a hospital)

Hydron: (Wakes up at Hospital) fainted from bleep from the finger again. Tell my father I fought bravely….

Dan: Even though we never battled? Okay the need time I seen him I will. (Dan thinks: the next time will be destroying the BT System.)

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