Kira of the SkyEdit

(the setting is a steriotypical school)

Teacher:O.K class, I'll see you next year.

Class:Alright (They all screamed)

(The class all left the room, except for one kid who volunteered to clean the classroom.

' 'His name is Kira and he's 15. He has tan skin,brown hair, & brown eyes. He wears a black blazer with

' 'red outlines with black pants.)

' 'Kira: All done.

( He checks the time) Whoa It's 6:00 p.m)

' '( He rushes through the school & stops at the Chem. Lab after hearing a scream)

Student: Stop it!!!

Shuji: Shut up. I'll do whatever I want !!!'

Kira: Shuji, isn't picking on 8th graders low evev for you.

. Shuji: Mind your own Business!!!!! '

Feldt: Please, just leave.

'Shuji: As if, why don't we make a deal. Let's brawl. You win, you I leave. But if I win. I get a date with the pink haired girl over there.'

Feldt: What!!!!!!!!!!!

Kira: Don't worry I'll win.

(The walls of the lab expands as time stops)

Kira: Let's go, Gatecard set!

Shuji: I'll crush you. Bakugan Brawl, Subterra Gargonoid stand.

(the bakugan shot out of the ground.Gargonoid takes the shape of a large, moving gargoyle displaying large horns, bat-like wings that are separate from its arms, a demonic face and large sharp shark-like teeth.) (350Gs)

Kira: Gargonoid, huh? Bakugan brawl, Pyrus Anchorsaur stand!

( The bakugan rose from the ground.Anchorsaur is a dinosaur like bakugan with gemson it's arms and legs. 400Gs)

Shuji: I'll destroy you! Abilith activate, Backfire!( Gargonoid + 150 Gs, 500 Gs total)

Kira: Not gonna work. Ability activate,Moonlight Howl! (Ability nulified, Gargonoid back at 350 Gs)

Shuji: Nooooooo!!!!!!!

Kira: Now to end this! Ability activate, Savage Slash! (+ 200 Gs. Anchorsaur 600Gs) Attack!

(Anchorsaur attacks Gargonoid. Gargonoid reverts to ball form, Shuji life points 50%)

Shuji: I'll get you back! Bakugan brawl, Haos Freezer Stand! (400Gs)

(Freezer is a bakugan who looks like a cross between a Squid & a Cryo genecs vault)

Kira: You're using Haos now?! Bakugan Brawl, Anchorsaur Stand! Ability activat! Savage Slash!

Anchorsaur:(+200Gs, Total 600Gs)

Shuji: (hahahah) I have you now. Ability activate, Freeze Jam!

Freezer freezes Anchorsaur

Shuji: Hahahahahahahahahaha

Kira: Ability activate Counter!!

Anchorsaur is able to move again

Shuji: What!!!!

Kira: Ability Activate Saurus Howl!!

Anchorsuar(+600Gs Total 1200Gs)

Shuji: What kind of a ability is that?!

Kira: Saurus Howl is an ability that only can be used by Anchorsaur or Hammersaur it doubles the Gs

Anchorsaur bashes Freezer

Freezer reverts back into ball form( Shuji Life Points 25%)

Shuji: Your asking for it! Bakugan Brawl Darkus Centipoid Stand!!!( Centipoid is a centipede like Bakugan)(400Gs)

Kira: So its Darkus this time! Bakugan Brawl Pyrus Anchorsaur Stand!

Shuji:You aint making me lose! Ability Activate Giant Slam!!

Centipoid(+100Gs Total 500Gs)

Centipoid tries to bash into Anchorsaur

Kira: Oh no you wont! Ability Activate Super Agility!!

Anchorsaur(+150Gs Total 550Gs)

Shuji: You are annoying me! Fusion Ability Activate Darkus Storm

Centipoid(+500Gs Total 1000Gs)

Anchorsaur reverts back into ball form ( Kira Life Points 50%)

An Unknown Bakugan Appeares next to Kira

Unknown Bakugan: Is it my turn yet?

Kira: No Im saving the Best for Last

Kira: Okay Bakugan Brawl! Pyrus Hammersaur Stand!!(Hammersaur looks the same as Anchorsaur except it got hammer like arms)(400Gs)

Shuji: Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Centipoid Stand!!

Kira: Ability Activate Healing Howl!!

Kira: Healing Howl is an ability that brings back 1 bakugan that has been defeated

Kira: Lets go!! Bakugan Brawl!! Pyrus Anchorsaur Stand!!!

Shuji: You aint Beating me!! Ability Activate Darkus Storm!!

Centipoid(+500Gs Total 900Gs)

Kira: Double Ability Activate!! Hammer Throw plus Suarus Howl!!!!

Hammersaur(+300Gs Total 700Gs)

Anchorsuar(+400Gs Total 800Gs)

Shuji: Gate Card Open!! Centipoid character card!!

Centipoid(+900Gs Total 1800Gs)

Kira: Oh no!

Anchorsaur and Hammersaur reverts back into ball form

Kira Life points 10%

Kira: Looks like your next

Kira: Bakugan Brawl! Pyrus Fangoid Stand!!!

(Fangoid is a humanoid dinasaur like bakugan with a huge horn on his head 450Gs)

Shuji: What is that bakugan??

Fangoid: I am Fangoid

Shuji: Fangoid! Bakugan Brawl!! Darkus Centipoid!!

Kira: Ability Activate!! Fire Fang!!

Fangoid(+100Gs Total 550Gs)

Fangoid: Lets go!!!!

Shuji: Ability activate!! Level Zero

Fangoid(-550Gs Total 0Gs)

Shuji: Get ready to lose!

Kira: Never!! Battle Gear Boost!! Flamantor!!

(Flamanator has missle pods on the chest bit of the armor and two giant flamethrowers)

Shuji: A Battle Gear!!!

Kira: Battle Gear ability Activate!! Flamanator!!!

Fangoid(+450Gs Total 450Gs)

Kira: Battle Gear Ability Activate!! Flamanator Level 2!!

Fangoid: Lets burn away the trash!

Shuji: Who are you?

Kira: I am Kira of the Sky

(Battle stops back in the lab)

Feldt: Kira did you win?

Shuji: I cant believe you beat me Im telling my mommy!!

(Shuji Cries and runs of)

Feldt: I'll Take that as a yes

Student: Thank you Kira!!

Kira: No problem

Kira runs of and it ends

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