Chapter 1:evil risesEdit

Dan:Drago You have to go NOW!

Mercury Drago:But Daniel who's gonna be my partner

Dan:Matthew will now g-go Hurry!

Drago:Be safe Dan

Dan:I will now go


The next dayEdit

Matthew:Drago what are you doing here

Drago:Dan and the other's they've...dissapered


Sierra:who did this

Drago:That's what i'd like to know it's a new enemy

Giovanni(Gio):But we don't have bakugan anymore

Drago:Well actually you do


Aranaut:Long time no see Sierra


Other brawlers:What about our guardian's

Drago:you'll get them tomarrow for now let's get some rest.

Chapter 2:Return of the evil twin'sEdit

Dharak:Hello Corry how have you been since the last time we saw each other

Corry:I've been great I miss talking to you


Ninja Taylean:it's great to see you again Mariano

Gio:Hey Coredem what's up!



Linehalt:how's it been


Computer:Incoming transmission

Matthew:Play it

Evil twin Matthew:Long time no see my Twin


Evil Twin Matthew:Meet me tomarrow night at the stadium

Matthew:Great I have to battle without a Bakugan

Drago:Before I left Dan said that I am your guardian till he return's

Matthew:Great just like old times right.


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