Bakugan: Fight for All
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Bakugan: Mutant Chaos is the name of a brand new Bakugan Series and is the sequel to Bakugan: Fight for All. It will premiere in 2011 or 2012.


Confirmed CharactersEdit

Battle BrawlersEdit

  • Michael - A Pyrus Brawler from Earth and the leader of the new Battle Brawlers. He defeated the Cyrophians along with the rest of the Brawlers. He has been assigned an important mission by Fabia Sheen. The Princess of Neathia, Haos Brawler for the Battle Brawlers and Michael's new girlfriend.
  • Roy - The new Aquos Brawler for the Battle Brawlers after Taylor retired.
    • Bakugan: FrozenDrive Splight Aquos
    • BakuNano: Waterfallion Silvera
    • Mobile Assault: Hurrix Aquos
  • Fabia Sheen - The Haos Brawler for the Battle Brawlers. She is the Princess of Neathia and Michael's girlfriend. She defeated the Cyrophians with the other Brawlers. She has assigned Michael with an important mission.
    • Bakugan: Mystic Aranaut Haos
    • BakuNano: Halonicrone Goldyp
    • Mobile Assault: Rapilator Haos

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