name: wolfgirl

attribute: pryrus/darkus combo

gradian bakugan: ginger

name: blade

attribute: pyrus/ drakus combo

gardian bakugan: general

name: fabianna

attrbute: haos

garkian bakugan: knight

name: keith

attribute: subterra

gardian bakugan: heller

name: wing

attribte: ventus

gardian bakugan: dragoon

name: jason

attribute: aquas

gardian bakugan: blaster

name: riki

attribute: subterra (tranie)

gardian bakugan: gorem

Chapter 1 the beginingEdit

(The story starts with a girl named megan morrison more commenly called Wolfgirl by her friends and a boy named blade walk into a school with there bakugan both gingergon's one darkus and one pyrus.)

Wolfgirl: wow the bakuninja acadamy

blade: Can you believe it general.

general: no

Rose (over loud speaker): wecome new students to the bakuninja academy and to all non-new students let's have a great year.

Wolfgirl: wow

(Wolfgirl and blade soon notice they are being watched by a group of eight students.)

Blade: i wander who they are.

(Seven of the students give eachother looks as if communicateing with eachother through them).

eigh student: come on not that again.

(Finally the leader sends the second and third youngest to go over to blade and Wolfgirl.)

second youngest: hi im dan.

third youngest: and im alex. You guys must be new.

blade: yeah im blade

Wolfgirl: i megan but you can call me Wolfgirl and this pyrus gingergon.

ginger: hello

Dan: this is drago.

blade: this is general.

alex: interesting both of you have a gingergon.

(Bell rings)

alex: we should get going amber will kill me is im late again.

Wolfgirl: what do we have first.

blade: first period gym

Wolfgirl: ok

(Later as they arrive in gym. There teacher is a women named amber davis)

amber: good morning class

class: good morning

amber: now to start we gonna run.

Blade: that doesn't sound too bad.

amber: for 1 hour.

(1 Hour later)

Wolfgirl: that was terrible.

blade: so tired.

Amber: class dismissed.

(Everyone leaves)

Wolfgirl: ok next class is gate and ability cards

(As they arrive in class)

teacher: everyone my name is mr.marakuta and today we will be talking about the doom card

Blade: what's a doom card.

mr. Marakuta: the doom card is feild card that can send your aponant's bakugan to the doom demension. There a few doom cards still in existance most owned by headmaster davis although they were stolen from the most noted user of the doom card masquerade aka alice cavendish.

(Later that day after dinner blade and Wolfgirl are walking through the woods when a girl aproaches them)

Girl: my name is mia second in charge of the takers.)

Blade: who.

girl: new students huh well i'll tell you that the takers are group of brawlers who are gonna take your bakugan.

(Suddenly the eighth student from the group jumps down from a tree dressed in all black)

Eighth student: mia the bakuninja is here to stop you.

Wolfgirl: who

mia: a group of students who try to stop the takers. (To eighth student) you are the youngest ha you'll be easy to beat.

Wolfgirl: hold on i wanna battle you

Blade: me too.

all: field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

Wolfgirl: ability activate pyrus howl.

blade: ability activate darkus howl.

Mia: go ventus hawkthor ability actiavte bolting thundershot.

Eighth student: go subterra gorem.

Wolfgirl: only one way to win this.

blade: are you crazy or just trying to get us blown up.

Wolfgirl: little of both. I summon gingergon destroyer

destroyer: we are one and one is we.

Wolfgirl: attack

(Destroyer attacks causing an explosion winning the brawl.) (Everyone gets sent flying) (the eighth student gets knocked into a tree and passes out) (mia leaves and the leader and second in charge who were watching jump down from therr trees)

Second in charge: see dani i told you not to let the two year old on a sollo mission.

dani: it was your idea simon. (To Wolfgirl) i'll be taking riki. (Grabs eighth student and leaves along with simon)

(The next day in roses office with Rose and Riki)

rose: riki im sorry but we will not be continuing your ninja training.

riki: but but but

rose: (my cousins son) riki your just not ready.

riki: but alex started ninja training at half a year old.

Rose: riki you know that you don't have full ninja blood.

riki: ok.

Rose: now run along.

(Riki leaves)

(Later with Wolfgirl and blade during free period they are walking around the campus and they see riki and two seniors who were held back once named john and josh.)

John: ha ha little baby.

josh: ready to brawl.

Riki: (wets his pants) no.

Wolfgirl: hey let that kid go.

john: whatcha gonna do about it.

blade: let's brawl.

josh: ok

All (except riki): feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

Wolfgirl: ability activate pyrus howl

Blade: ability activate darkus howl.

(Ginger and General attack and win)

josh: i havent been beaten that bad since i battled dani davis single handed.

john: mean either.

(Dani who been watching the brawl came over)

Dani: john josh get outa here.

(They leave.)

Dani: you two interest me what's your name.

Blade: im blade

Wlolfgirl: im Wolfgirl.

dani: wait i know you i gave you gingergon.

Wolfgirl: wow

dani: now i saw you had a run in with mia last night.

blade: yeah.

Dani: and you won you two are definitely strong tell me Wolfgirl do you have any experience leading a team.

Wolfgirl: well i did lead a team when i was transported to new vestroia. Its a pretty long story.

Dani: good come to the principals office at exactly 11:00.

blade: ok

Riki: thanks for helping me.

Dani: come on riki let's gte you a diaper change.

riki: ok

(Riki and dani leave)

(Later at 11:00 as blade and Wolfgirl arrive at the office they see several people in ski masks who appear to be gaurding the door.)

One of them: you have to go through to get in.

Wolfgirl: ok.

Another one: hex

Hex: right

All: feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

Hex: ability activate dragon impulse.

Blade: double ability activate darkus howl plus howling blazer.

( blades takes out two masked men and wins) (the men take off the ski masks revealing them to be the rest of group besides dani, simon, and riki). (The rest inroduce themselves as ches and micheal.)

Ches: go on inside.

(They go inside and see Rose Riki and 4 other unknown brawlers. )

Rose: blade Wolfgirl this is keith grit, fabiana krawler, wing clay, and jason vallory. Everyone this is blade and Wolfgirl. You will all be the next group of bakuninjas. There is 6 main brawlers 1 for each attribute and a trainie. Wolfgirl: pyrus. Kieth subterra. Fabiana haos. Wing ventus. Jason aquas. Blade darkus. Riki tranie subterra.

Wolfgirl: who's the leader.

Rose: you. You said you had experience.

Wolfgirl: well sorta but i mean it only lasted the summer and.

Blade: oh come Wolfgirl you were great leader.

Rose: now first mission tonight.

(That night the new group is dressed in black with there attribite symbol on them they meet rose buy the forsest)

Rose: ok basically you watch out and find kids who get there bakugan taken battle the mean kid take back the bakugan and give them back to the kids.

Keith: Easy

Rose: bye (leaves)

Wolfgirl: ginger you ready.

Ginger: yeah.

Wing: (yawns) yipes its like midnight.

Blade: yeah.

Fabianna: im not tired.

Jason: me neither (yawns)

(suddenly a girl age 14 aproaches)

girl: hey bakuninja's i am the mighty shazam and i will be taking your bakugan.

Wolfgirl: might huh remind you of someone Blade.

Blade: whatever i'll battle you shazam.

Shazam: i'll beat you. go iron dragoniod.

Both: feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

Blade: ability activate darkus howl.

shazam: ability activate ollan terror.

Blade: go battle suit. Now attack general

(General attacks and wins)

chapter 2 new vestrioaEdit

(The next day at lunch blade sits down at a table with Wolfgirl and the rest of there team minus riki who is in day care)

Keith: hey blade wanna peanutbutter sandwhich.

Blade: (jumps up) woah are you trying to kill me.

Keith: uh

Wolfgirl: he's allergic to nuts.

Keith: ok how about you Wolfgirl

Wolfgirl: i'm allergic to wheat. Which is why i am having corn pasta with chicken meat balls for lunch

Rose (over loud speaker): students tomorrow we will be taking our semesterly trip to new vestrioa

Wolfgirl: (smiles) cool.

Wing: except for the fact that means capture the flag.

Blade: so

Wing. Which is basically the davis kids who never lose capturing the flag dominating the field.

Blade: still sounds like fun.

(The next day as they arrive in new vestrioa)

Rose: now the way this works is that everyone is divided into two teams the line that seperates the teams is in the middle of new vestroia now let the games begin.

Wolfgirl: let's go north.

(After a few minutes of walking they come across a team of brawlers called the battles brawlers next generation. Led by a boy named viper and his friends mac, kyle, paige, star, and brianna. )

Viper: members from the opposite team let's brawl.

Blade: i'll take you on.

Both: feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

Blade: ability activate darkus howl

Viper: ability activate dragon fire.

Blade: go battle suit.

Viper: no (loses)

Blade: yes I won.

(Dani appears with hex and alex.)

Dani: wow viper new all time low losing like that.

Viper: what ever go ahead.

Dani: bakugan brawl go pyrus snakey.

Blade: ability actiavte darkus howl. (Attacks hits) yes direct hit.

Dani: yawn boring.

Snakey: should i attack or summon zenthon.

Blade: now time for my full power go battle suit now double ability activate howlling blazer plus darkus howl. (Attacks)

Dani: wow is that lame. (To snakey) zenthon titan.

(Dani and Snakey summon zenthin and zenthon titan)

Dani: if i were you i'd be scared because the trip to new vestroia is one day were i get to use my full power and hurt people.

Blade (scared): you cant scrare me.

Dani: i cant huh ok go dragoniod destroyer.

(she summons dragoniod desteyer

Blade (voice shaking with fright): is that a mectogan titan.

Wolfgirl: i thought i was the only with one of those.

Dani: nope i got one. now attack dragoniod destroyer, zenthon, zenthon titan, and snakey.

(they attack winning the brawl and send blade flying about 200 feet knocking him out.)

Wolfgirl: blade no. GRR your gonna pay for that. bakugan brawl bakugan stand go gingergon. I summon gingergon destroyer.

Dani: interesting. ok then go dragoniod destroyer.

Wolfgirl: go deatroyer.

(they attack and take each other out).

Dani: now attack zenthon, zenthon titan.

Hex: dani stop she's defensless.

Dani: (starts laughing like a maniac.)

Alex: dani's gone nuts (sighs) again.

Hex (to wolfgirl): so just let her blast you and then we'll handle it.

Wolfgirl: ability actiavte wolvesvain.

dani: gate card open pyrus reactor.

Wolfgirl: ok time to finish this. consecutive ability actiavte pyrus howl, wolvesvain, wolf's howl, howling blazer.

Ginger: but wolfgirl last time you tried that.

(Ginger attacks taking out zenthon titan and zenthon but leaving snakey unaffacted.) (wolfgirl passesd out) (dani wins)

Dani: what happened.

Alex: you went bersek again.

Dani: oh.

Dani (to wolfgirl's team): you guys should go press 3 on your gauntlets and youll be transported away.

(they do and all of the team are transported to the hospital wing at the bakuninja acadamy where they see Rose.)

Rose: two members of the team out cold let me guess Dani went crazy again.

(wings nods)

Rose: dont worry they will be fine.

(wolfgirl wakes up)

Wolfgirl: guess i shouldn't have activated that consecutive ability it always makes me pass out.

(Ginger laughs)

Wolfgirl: how's blade.

Rose: (walks over to blade) he looks ok but it appears he took quite the bonk to the head.

Keith: when will he wake up.

Rose: 1 hour 5 minutes and 27 seconds

(they all look at Rose)

Rose: just wait.

(1 hour 5 minutes and 25 seconds later)

Rose: 2, 1

(blade wakes up)

blade: where am i.

Wolfgirl: blade your awake.

Blade: who are you.

Rose: interesting

Blade: who are you wait where's danielle and vince and drake.

Rose: who

Wolfgirl: his old teammates,

Blade: what do you mean old teammates.

Rose: blade can you tell me today's date.

Blade: april 10'th. wait i see this all some sort of belated april fools prank.

Wolfgirl: what no it's september 6'th

Blade: your kidding right,

Rose: he must have amneasia

Blade: what do you mean.

Wolfgirl: so blade doesn't remember me or new vestroia

Blade: what are you talking about i've never seen you before.

Wolfgirl: no way. it cant be true.

blade: listen although you are cute you gotta be crazy becuase you obviously upducted and brought me wherever we are.

Rose: wolfgirl,keith, riki, wing, fabianna, jason why dont you go outside and give blade sometime to process this.

(they leave)

Wolfgirl: oh my god.

(half an hour later Wolfgirl is called back to the medical wing where blade is.)

Rose: wolfigrl why dont you and blade go back to where you met and try and see if he can remember anything.

wolfgirl: ok (presses some buttons on her gauntlet and her and blade are telaported to new vestrioa where they first met.)

wolfgirl: remember this place.

Blade: not really.

Wolfgirl: ok. follow me.

(runs to blade's old base followed by blade)

Wolfgirl: remember here.

Blade: yeah this is my base (walks inside).

Blade: it's empty. so what everyone keeps telling about it being september it's true. (starts to cry)

Wolfgirl: blade i'm really sorry.

Blade: battle me

Wolfgirl: what

Blade: the nurse said that i lost my memory in a battle maybe if we battle i'll regain my memory.

wolfgirl: ok

Both: bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

wolfgirl: ability activate pyrus howl.

Blade: double ability activate darkus how plus howling blazer. you cant beat me.

(meanwhile some mysterious brawlers are watching Blade and Wolfgirl)

???: so thats wolfgirl

??: she doesn't look so tough

?: just watch

(with blade and wolfgirl)

wolfgirl: i summon gingergon destroyer.

Blade: woah.

Wolfgirl: now attack.

(destroyer attacks taking out blade)

Blade: ow

wolfgirl: you ok.

Blade: yeah. and you know what it's a bit hazy but i sorta remember battleing and, vito and how much i'm so in love with. nevermind.

Blade: wait a minute you like me back.

Wolfgirl: no.

Blade: you didn't want be to leave.

Wolfgirl: i said i'd miss you not that i like you.

Blade: do you like me.

Wolfgirl: uh. we should get going back the acadamy.

(they tellaport back to the acadamy)

Rose: i see you're back. blade?

blade: i got most of my memory back.

Rose: good now run along.

(Blade and wolfgirl leave along with the rest of their team)

(later that day at the after new vestroia assembly. rose is talking infront of the entire school.)

Rose: now i shall anounce the winning team from the capture the flag game. the winner is the team made up of 8 poeple. the team is team davis.

wing: figures.

dani: booyah!!!!

wolfgirl: wow only 7 people.

Simon: can i get a booyah.

Alex: boooyah

All 8 on team davis: BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose: ok students settle down. there is one more anouncement. i will be going on maternity leave for the next year so my daughters dani and amber davis will be the new head masters for the next year. they will be incharge of acadamy.

Blade: that's interesting head master davis looks a little young to have a daughter amber's age.

Dani: (walks over to wolfgirl's team) that's becuase amber and simon are adopted. alex and i are mom's birthchildren.

chapter 3 ninja trainingEdit

the next day in battle class wolfgirl is battleing girl named sharolyn and her pyrus skyress)

sharolyn: ability actiavate fire storm

wolfgirl: ability activate pyrus howl.

(ginger attacks wolfgirl wins )

wolfigirl: awesome.

amber (over loud speaker): would megan morrisson and blade peters please come to the head masters office

(later as wolfgirl and blade arrive at the head masters office)

amber: i'm glad i have you two her there is new test bakugan morphing chamber.

wolfgirl: whats that.

Amber: basically it makes two or more bakugan more than one attribute.

blade: cool.

amber: it only works with two or more of the same bakugan of differant atrributes.

wolfgirl: ok.

ginger: i'll try it

general: me too.

amber: good

(five minutes later where pyrus ginger and darkus general stood. there is now pyrus darkus combo ginger and general. )

amber: it a appeared it worked. but there is one more thing.

wolfgirl: ok.

amber: we want to put you through ninja training.

blade: ninja training?

`amber: basically it's the seven years of training that ninja's go through. only we want to do it in 7 months. oh and it will be a less harsh method.

wolfgirl: sounds me.

blade: me too

amber: we will get the rest of your tean up here.

(ten minutes later after the whole team has agreed to the training they go outside with dani and simon and start the training)

dani: ok your first week of ninja training is finding strengths and weaknesses so you will fight eachother.

simon: the first round will be wolfgirl vs blade. fabianna vs jason. and wing vs keith

riki: what about me.

dani: you will be fighting the winner to wing vs keith.

dani: now fight!

(blade punches wolfgirl but she dodges. blade trips and knocks himself out)

simon: wolfgirl wins

( fabianna starts pummleing jason who starts dodging the best he can but is still knocked out)

dani: winner fabianna

(wing starts to run up to keith who run up to wing. they bump into eachother and fall down but wing passes out.)

simon: next fight fabianna vs wolfgirl and jason vs riki

(fabianna tries to punch wolfgirl but wolfgirl jumps and does a flip. fabianna then kicks wolfgirl but wolfgirl catches her foot and flips fabianna kncoking her out.)

dani: winner wolfgirl.

(jason trys to punch riki but he dodges jason runs into a tree knocking himself out)

simon: winner riki

dani: nice one little cuz

riki: i did it.

simon: final fight riki vs wolfgirl.

(wolfgirl runs at riki who dodges and trys to punch wolfgirl but she dodges and starts moving so fast that riki cant see her)

riki: wher'd she go

(wolfgirl punches riki sending him flying)

Dani: ....

simon: ....

wolfgirl: i win

everyone else: ...

wolfgirl: what.

blade: you were like invisable.

dani: you were moving so fast i could barely see you. and i'm a ninja with highly trained eyes.

wolfgirl: really i just thought everyone else was moving so slow.

dani: interesting.

simon: dani you dont think

dani: maybe

simom: but then

dani: so

simon: no way

dani: it's gotta be true

simon: but if it is.

wolfgirl: uh what are you talkign about.

Simon: rose told us that she sensed the presence of someone with very powerful ninja blood but with no training.

wolgirl: so

dani: so we think it's you.

wolfgirl: me but my family aren't ninjas they have like no imagination they think ninjas are just fake.

simon: but your adopted.

wolfgirl: no i'm not.

dani: it said in your admission filies that you were adopted at birth.

wolfgirl: i was.

simon: dani i dont think she knew

dani: oh.

wolfgirl: b-b-but why was i never told.

dani: wolfgirl im really sorry.

wolfgirl: whatever it's fine.

chapter 4 more trainingEdit

(the next day wolfgirl's team is training with team davis minus amber. dan has an old gauntlet with the blade out)

dani: now yesturday i went easy on you but today we will ve going harsh.

wolfgirl: how so?

(dan runs towards wolfgirl with the gauntlet but wolfgirl jumps over him.)

dani: like that.

simion: but dont worry we've had like seval years of practice so you'll be fine.

dani: most likely.

simon: now to start we will test your ability to dodge by dodging us. but dont worry even if we have large blades you wont get hurt.

dani: maybe.

blade: whats that supposed to mean.

simon: now start.

(dani runs towards wolfgirl with her gauntlet in her hand but wolfgirl jumps kicks the gauntlet out dani's hand.)

wolfgirl: yes

(dani runs toward wolfgirl with her fist but wolfgirl suddenly starts moving so fast that she goes invisable punches dani the face knocking her back several feet. dani coughs up some blood)

dani: not bad.

wolfgirl: oh my god how did i do that.

(meanwhile with the mystery brawlers from chatper 2 they are watching wolfgirl during her training)

???: that wolfgrl chick's not bad.

??: what ever i could still beat her.

?: fine then both of you, go, battle.

??: ok

???: fine

(they tellaport themselves to the two teams training)

??: ha ready to die little kitties.

wolfgirl: who are you.

???: your worst nightmare.

simon: hey dani do they look familiiar

dani: yeah they almost look like.

alex: but it cant be.

simom: why not

dani: becuase

simon: thats right.

alex: well maybe.

simon: still.

dani: yeah but.

alex: but then.

ches: i think

micheal: are not.

??: JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wolfgirl: so who are you.

???: i'm lyra former second in charge of the denta army a group of brawlers who keep bakugan.

??: and i'm lorenzo former second in charge of the takers.

dani: lyra lorenzo i thought you were sucked into the jail dimension after the taker/denta army was defeated.

lyra: well we were, but we escaped.

simon: ready to lose.

lyra: we wont lose

simon,lyra,lorenzo,and dani: field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand.

simon: dani so it.

dani: right. consectutive ability activate plus consecutive ability activate plus double ability activate.

simon: remember this attack

dani: that mom and dad pullled on you 4 years ago.

(snakey attacks taking out lyra and lorenzo's bakugan.)

(lyra and lorenzo leave)

blade: wolfgirl i wanna know do you like me.

wolfgirl: uh.

blade: wolfgirl you said you'd miss me if i left and i know with all my heart ans soul that i'm in love with you.

blade: so do you like me.

wolfgirl: (kisses blade but strangely he doesn't feint) yes i like you but we're not quite there yet.

chapter 5Edit

(about a week later wolfgirl's team is training with team davis and they have come along way)

(wolfgirl punches dani but dani dodges and puches wolfgirl. wolfgirl dodges and kicks dani in the stomach knocking her back several feet. dani coughs up some blood.)

dani: not bad. (coughs up more blood)

wolfgirl: just admit i'm better than you.

dani: it seems your team is getting way better.

(meanwhile blade punches simon but simon dodges. simon attemps to kick blade but grabs simon's foot and throws him into a tree.)

simon: hey you getting better.

blade: thanks

(meanwhile fabianna punches alex who trys to dodge but cant and is knocked into a tree.)

alex: good.

(meanwhile keith puches kex into a tree)

hex: ok. doing better.

(meanwhile wing, jason, and riki finish beating ches michael and dan.)

ches: your definetly inproving.

micheal: but you got a long way to go.

dan: before you are beat the master.

(dani's watch rings)

dani: training time is up.

simon: team davis come on we need to report.

(later that day as dani reports to Rose)

Rose: by your reports wolfgirl and her team are coming along faster than we thought..

dani: yeah wolfgirl nearly knocked me unconious and i was at 95 percent power.

Rose: you didn't tell her that did you.

dani: of course of i did than she might get cocky.

Rose: becuase you know ninja rule number 18.

dani: dont get cocky.

(meanwhile with wolfgirl and her team)

wolfgirl: hey you know what. i just realized tommarow's my birthday.

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