Brawlers Dani Davis: pyrus brawler: pyrus poison serpaniod. Alex Davis: Haos brawler: haos hydrniod Hex subterra bralwer subterra helix dragoniod Ches: ventus brawlers ventus helix dragoniod. Micheal:darkess brawler darkess dragoniod. Dan: elamental brawler, elamental draginiod. Simon davis: aquas brawler: aquas griffon Hex: subterra brawler subterra helix dragonion Silver: darkus brawler: darkus night anubis Story The day is about 1 week since Dan Kuso jr joined Simon, Dani, Micheal, Ches, Alex, Hex aka one week since silver's birthday the brawlers were hanging out near the woods by the bakuninja acadamy when Rose comes up Dani's communicator. Rose: brawlers i have a mission for you. Dani: what's the mission. Rose: we want you to go to vestal to see if there are any kids worthy of a scholership. Dan: no way we get to go to another demention. Simon: who said your coming. Dani: let the kid come. Simon: what ever. As they arrive on vestal they see Silver. Sliver looks at them and starts to walk up to them. Dani to Silver: ho who are you. Silver to Dani: My name is Silver so now who are you. Dani: i'm dani thats ches micheal simon alex hex and dan.Sliver:It's nice to meet you and are you lost? Dani: no we're here to find brawlers to go to a super cool training acadamy. Silver:I see. Dan: if you have a bakugan i would be more than willing to take you on. Dani: dan last time i checked you can't beat Lync the weekest at the school so syop being overly cocky and besides it's hex's turn to battle. Dan: no fair.Silver: I would be happy to take anyone on in a brawler. Hex: good. Both: feild open gatecard set bakugan brawl. Hex: go felix. Silver:Let's do this anubis.You may go first Hex. Hex: thanks abilty activate galactic dragon Silver:dont worry about it abilty activate nights fall. Hex: abilty avtivate dragon impulse. Silver:anubis dont give up abilty activate death row. Felix: nooo (ballform) Silver:Ready Hex: yeah bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate subterra tornado.Silver:Bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate dusks dawn. Hex: gate card open low bridge.Silver:anubis Anunbis:Sorry Silver (gose back in ballform) Hex: yes bakugan brawl bakugan stand Silver:Bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate half moon. Hex pukes all over battle field. Dani: hex no. Simon: looks like Hex is sick again.Silver:you ok Hex you need some help. Dani: don't worry he's been having problems with puking lately but he's fine.Silver:If you think so Anubis:human's are weird Silver looks at Anubis Silver:I think their more funny. Dani (offened): were not all like that just Hex and beside gundalians are just as wierd. Silver :What's a gundalian. Dani (confused): the're alians like nethians except the oppisite thats what you are you can tell by the way you look gundailians look different from humans and gundailians can look like humans but their human forms still looks a little different Anubis:Silver please go for a walk away from here now Silver:Ok i will be back Anubis:Ok let's make it easy i know that you know that but he dosent know that how he got left on vestal as a child and he dosent know he's a gundalian Ok. Silver:So whats going on Anubis:Nothing kid. Dani to Silver: sorry must if been a mix up. Meanwhile at the denta army/ takers head quarters Lyra and Lorenzo are watching the brawlers. Lorenzo: lets go meet the brawlers new friend. Lyra: good idea. They tellaport themselves to vestal and arruve near the brawlers and Silver. Dani: Lyra Lorenzo not you two again. Lorenzo: ha ha were here to take your bakugan!! Silver to brawlers:Are these your friends well it's nice to meet you Dani:No Silver. Silver:Why not? Dani:Because their the bad guys.Silver:I see well we cant let them take anyone's bakugan now can we Dani you would'nt mind if we team up to beat these two. Dani:let's go then i wont lose. Silver:Ready Dani:Yep Silver Dani Lyra and Lorenzo:Field open. Lyra:I'm going first Bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate aquas blazer. Dani: bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate poison fangs. Lorenzo:bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate fireblazer Silver:Bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty activate doom of darkness Lyra:Gate card open aquas river Silver:Dani where going to be crush we can use a combine move ready Dani:lets do it gate abilty activate infinity core delta.Silver:Abilty activate maxus darkness nightmare. Lorenzo and Lyra: nooo. we lost. Dani: booyah! Silver:indeed a great win thank you Dani for your help. Dani:thanks hey if it's alright with your mom i'd love to have you at the bakuninja acadamy. Silver:Sounds like fun so i just need my mother to agree to this. Dani: awesome lets ask your mom then. Silver:My house is just across the road let's go then Dani:That's it Silver:yes mother i'm home Leone:Hey Silver back Luna:Really Silver mother:Oh Silver your back Silver:Hello mother these are my new friends Dani Hex Ches Micheal Alex Simon Dan And mother i was wondering if i could join Bakuninja acadamy Silver mother:Oh i see ok my son Silver:mother dont cry please Silver mother:Oh my dear son you've grown up so fast i'm going to miss you you better pack. Luna and Leone: bye bye big brother. Silver gose and packs Silver:Goodbye mother luna and leone. Later thats day. Dani: silver now that your all pakced we can head. Dani opens up portal to earth and eveyone goes through it it. Dani: here we are. As they arrive theys see John and Josh trowing Kyle into a dumpster. Kyle: please dont throw be into the dumpster i just took a shower.Silver:HEY!!! you two leave the kid alone you hear. Josh: stay out of it kid. Simon: ok but unless you want us to tell rose i'd leave. John and Josh leave. Silver:You ok kid? oh right Simon who is Rose. Simon: Rose is my addopeted mom and Dani and Alex's real mom she's also the headmaster of the school she and husband paul started it they were the original bakuninja's.Silver:I see thanks for telling me that Simon. Simon: welcome. Silver:Umm.. so what do you do here? Dani: we train hang out and go on bakuninja duty. Come on i'll show you the new gym. When they arrrive the gym had evertything from gymnastics aquitment to a maze to work out machines.Silver:Oh i see thanks. Dani so you going to show me to the gym. Brawlers and Silver go to the gym. Dani jumps onto the gymnastics equpimant and does a quadruple backflip in mid air and strikes a perfect landing. Amber walks into the gym. Amber: not bad but check this out. Amber does quintuble handspring followed by a quintuple backflip followed by a quintuple fronflip with a perfect handspring landing.Silver:Ummm... cool Gear comes out to the gym. Gear to Silver: who are you.Silver:My name is Silver nice to meet you now please tell your name. Gear: i'm gear. Amber: and i'm Amber. Amber and Gear: and were the booyah bakuninjas BOOYAH! Amber: from the b to the o to the o. Gear: to the the y to the a to the h Amber: can i get a boo. Gear: can i get a yah. Both: put it all together and what do you get. BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dani: mom and keith were right that is weird. Silver:Cool Anubis:Says you Silver:What wrong with it Anubis:Nothing i guess. Simon: you should see Rose and Paul do it. Simon laughs.Silver:I dont get it. Dani: it's an inside joke my mom Rose and my dad Paul practically invented booyah.Silver:I see ok. Rose over loud speaker: good news students tommarrow we will we taking our anual field trip to new vestria Silver:Cool i have been meaning to go there Anubis:after what happen last time Silver:It wasnt that bad. Alex: what happened last time Anubis:We almost got aten got throwen into the air a dont even know how high falling to the ground and being capture Silver:You forgot how the dragnoid vomet all over us. Anubis:Dont remind me and to think it happen because you zap a dragnoid.Silver:I did'nt mean to. Dani; well forget abou all of that because tommarrow in new vestria we are gonna have capture the flag meaning... Simon: WAR and we never lose.Silver:Why are guys going to start a war? Anubis:It's a game Silver Silver:Oh ok sounds like fun Then next day as Dani wakes up and heads downstairs to the dining hall it's about 2:00 A.M. Dani spots anmber. Amber: your up late. Dani: yeah sorry about that i didn't fall asleep till late too excited. Later that day around 10:00 A.M. Hex get's up and goes down to the dining hall where he sees Dan, Silver, Dani, Simon, Amber, Ches, Alex and Micheal .Silver:Hi Hex. Hex: hey.Silver:Come on i want to go aready Anubis:Dont rush Silver:come on let's go go hurry up Hex:What wrong with him Anubis:He isn't like himself he must of ate somthing that was human made and now he seems a little sense less and when i say a little i mean a lot let's hope it will where off soon. Dani: come on the portal to new vestria is oppening. They all hop threw the portal and land in new vestria.Silver:So where here i think.So how dose this work Anubis:You get the flag Silver:That not hard all at least i think. Dani: don't worry, now go east and when you find enamy terratory activate an abilty card to beat your aponent and gete the flag and bring it back here. Amber: Silver You'll be with Hex ches and micheal on offence. Dani:Simon, and dan your with me on defence. Amber: silver go with hex and i south east Ches, Micheal go northeast. Silver:Ok. They slit up and soon Amber's group come onto enamy terratory where they see the battle brawlers net generation.where Silver and hex are Silver:Hey look Hex:What is it Silver:It's a pink thing Hex:It looks like a cat thing. Silver:Cool. Anubis:It not a bakugan Silver:Cool wake up cat thing. Cat: Mew meoooow. Hex: so cute. (gives treat) heres a treat. Silver: can we keep him. Hex:I guess so Silver:Cool come here cat thing Anubis:I dont like it. As it starts to curl up and purls near Silver legs. Hex: don't worry anubus and come on who can say no to this little kitty.Silver:So what do we call her Anubis:How do you know it's a girl Silver:Uuuhhh... well do have a better Anubis:fine so what do we call it. Hex: what about Lumina. Silver:Lumina cool i like the name dont you Anubis Anubis:.... Silver:Your cute (picks up Lumina) Lumina:Mew meow meooww. (a darkus dragoniod flies over Hex) Hex: lets get out of here. Silver:Right bhind you come on Anubis and Lumina (Lumina jumps on silver head.) (The boys and their bakugan and lumina escape the battle) Hex: oh no wheres amber.Silver:I cant find amber to. (meanwhile Amber is in the heart of enamy terretorry she grabs the flag and hops on her blade tigrara. she heads toward her terratory.)Silver:Hey Hex Hex:Yeah Silver:What if Amber got the flag Hex:Maybe. Rose (on loudspeaker): and we have a winner Amber Davis has got the flag.Silver:What dose that mean. (Amber walks up behind them) Amber: it means we win and the people on our team get a free desert coupon for the school's snak cafe.Silver:Cool right Anubis Aunbis:If you think so Lumina:Mew mew mmmeww (Lumina starts to chase her tail) Amber: aw cute kitty. (the rest of the team along with the battle brawlers next generation come up to them) Silver:Hello eveyone. Kyle: so everyone you kniw whats tonight. Silver: whats tonight. amber: the school dance. Dani: Booyah. Silver:Whats a school dance. Dani: it's when a bunch of kids from a school get dressed up in sparkly dresses and tuxes and then they dance. Silver:Weird Anubis:Is their a point to this besides being weird. Amber: it's supposed to be fun isn't it gear. Gear: yeah lots a fun. Silver:Really ok so it's fun. later that night at the dance evryone is dancing and Hex walks over to dani. Hex: you wanna dance. Dani: sure. They start dancing.Silver:I still think this is weird Anubis:Your telling me that Silver:Yes Anubis:Dum boy Silver:Hey I'm not dum Aunbis:If you think so. Amber to anubis and silver: whats with you twi you guys are fighting more than mason brown and his partner avior (laughs). Silver: who's that? Gear: an old gunalian battle brawler. Amber: it's a long story. Meanwhile at Rose's office Rose is with Paul pacing the room. Rose: paul we might have a war on our hands. Paul: a war. Rose: with the denta army from wat i can tell the those dementias want a war. Paul: so what do we do. Rose: simple they want a war we give them a war. (back at the dance) Silver to Amber:Where not really fighting Aunbis:Whatever Silver:Ok maybe we do fight alot more then nomal brawlers and bakugan but it kinda the way we talk and get along but i guess we should not fight as much as we Aunbis:Fine Anubis:Silver somthing wrong Silver:I dont know that name i think i heard it before Anubis:Ok where Silver:I dont know Anubis:You should Silver:What do you mean i should Anubis:I'm just trying to help Silver:How are you helping your just being annoying! Anubis:(He loseing it again this well be real bad if he dosent clam down) Silver:What got nothin to say! Dani: silver just calm down. Silver: No!!! Anubis: (not good). Dani:What's your problem Silver:Your my problem You hear Aunbis:Snap out of it Silver Silver:Make me! Anubis:(Very bad if he dosent snap out of it bad things will happen) Dani: stop or i'll hurt you and i will. Silver: how. (Dani puches silver and pushes him down to the ground the throws him into a wall). (Silver gets up now in gundalian form. he looks at himself) Silver: what the. Anubis:(Is he back) Silver:Whats going on but aaahhh. Hex: you ok. Silver:Not really just shut up Aunbis(This is new) Silver:Huh (Silver faints) Dani:Did he just faint. Hex: dani how hard did you throw him. Dani: this wasn't my fault. (The next day silver wakes up in the hospital wing still in gundalian form. As he wakes up he sees Rose taking a cast off of lync's arm). Rose: silver your up. Silver: yeah who are you. Rose: i'm Rose, Rose Lanski AKA Rose Davis. Silver: hi i'm... Rose: silver i know. Silver: where am i. Rose: the hospital wing of the bakuninja acadamy. Rose: you can go now lync. (lync leaves) Silver: who was that. Rose: his name was lync volan former vexos who got sucked int black whole and sent to another demention but thats a differant and WAY long story.Silver:Why am i here. Rose:You dont rember Silver:No Dani:Hey his awake Silver:..... Dani:Huh? Hex:So his ok now? Rose: i dont think so. (Rose hands silver a mirror) Silver (drops mirror): what am i. Rose: a gundalian. Dani: told ya so.Anubis:Not helping.Silver:But how i awalys thought i was a vestal. Rose:How dose a gundalian end up on vestal Silver:(Who am i really) Anubis:Silver you ok Silver:r....yeah Anubis:You seem a little out of it.Rose:You should rest Silver.(Eveyone leaves the room)Hex:Do you think his going to be ok. Dani: i don't know but i hope so.(Next day Silver is out of the hospital wing walking with th brawlers.) Dani: so silver i think i've figgired something out. Silver: what? Dani: mabye you were adopted at birth or somehting from gundalia.Silver:You really think so. Hex: mabye. Ches: could be possible.Anubis:What makes you so special. Silver:I dont know. (meanwhile in Rose's office Rose is pacing nextto Paul.) Paul: you reconize the kid dont you. Rose: is it me or does he look like barodius. Paul: a little. (back to the brawlers) Anubis:So what are you going to do about it.Silver:I dont know even where to start looking for my past. Dani: lets go to gundalia. Silver: i dont know. Hex: dont worry. (dani opns up a portal and everyone steps into it.) Silver:So this is it Anubis:I guess so. Dani: WOW. (Simon shoots Dani a look that says your starstruck) Dani; haven't been here in a while. (Simon gives Dani a look that says nice save).Silver:So what do we do here Anubis:You been here before. Simon: i ahve a device that scans you and can show you your birth parents. Silver: cool. Anubis:So can we try it out all ready Silver:Sounds like fun Anubis:Silver evething sounds fun to you. (Simon scans Silver and the machine processes it.) Machine: your parents are baroidias former emperer of gundalia and... (Simon shuts off machine.) Simon:(not good). Silver:Who's that Anubis:Did you say former emperer Yeah! right! i think that machine is borke. Dani: hey the achine is deffinetly not broken right Simon. Simon: i'm afriad not. Hex: what do you mean afraid not. Silver:Yeah what's with the word afriad. Simon: barodius was well evil he tried to take the sacred orb and he started a war with nethia.Silver:Hang on sec your telling me that my farther was evil Anubis:Yeah! I 'm still trying to get over the pirnce thing. Dani: ......... Silver:...... (Rose apears on Dani's bakupod.) Rose: so you found out i sort of figured it out myself but i didn't want to tell you silver. Silver:(I cant belive this). Rose: i think you should go to nethia and see queen fabia to have it all explanied.Hex:Let's go (The portal opens)Anubis:Silver come on Silver:....Anubis:SILVER! Silver:Huh? Anubis:You coming Silver:yeah (Eveyone gose thorw the portal.) Simon: here we are nethea. (they walk to the palace.) Anubis:So this is the palace. (they are approached by a girl.) girl: you must be the bralwers come right this way. (they walk to the inner palace where fabia is.) Fabia: bralwers i see your here. Anubis:Hang how doyou know we were coming. Simon: Rose probally told her. Fabia: exactly Simon. Simon: Rose and Fabia stauyed in touch after fabia wasn't a battle brawler an more. Anubis:So i guess you know why where here. Fabia: yes. (fabia explains the entire season 3 of bakugan.)Anubis:Ok that makes sense but their one more thing how dose a gundalian end up on vestal. Fabia: mabye barodius sent you away becuase the battle brawlers were coming.Anubis:And how long ago was this. Fabia: a few years. Silver: but why dont i remeber.Anubis:Now their somthing that should be answer Silver:I guess so. Dani: we'll figure this out back at home. (Dani opens up a portal) Dani: good bye queen fabia.Silver:Nice meeting you (Eveyone gose throw the portal.) Ches and Micheal: guys we have something to tell you. Dani: what. Ches: we're qutting the brawlers Silver: why. Micheal: we need a brake silver you can replace me as darkus.Silver:Me? Dani: (smiles) well you are an awesome brawler.Anubis:Someone knows greatest Silver:I would be more then happy to join. Dan: awesome now i'm not the last one to join. Anubis:Well where still cooler. Dan: well y dadwas the leader of the real battle brawlers so ha.Anubis:Well you didnt get his skills then Silver:Let it go Anubis. Dani: you know Dan is pretty good for a 3 year old. Anubis: ugh little kid. Dani: whats wrong with little kids. Anubis: the're so annoying. (Dani laughs nervously.) (Simon gives Dani a loook that calm down.) Silver:Anubis your acting like a child.Aunbis:What ever. (a bell rings.) Dani: time for lunch. (meanwhile back at the denta army base lyra, lorenzo, and a few teammates including david and cassidandra are watching the brawlers.) Lyra: lets go i wont loose again. Lorenzo: no wait their friend is a prince i bet we can get him to join since his dad was evil. Lyra: what ever. Lorenzo: what do you mean what ever that's a great plan. Lyra: is not. (David and Cassidandra crack up laughing and lyra and lorenzo look at them.) David: you two argue so much, Cassidandra: it's so HALARIOUS. (back to the brawlers Rose is standing in the front of the cafeteria.) Rose: good news everyone we have some specail guests this week i'd like to introduce you to Spectra phantom, Runo kuso, and Shun Kazami. Hex: wow 3 bakugan battle brawlers. Silver:Who are they Anubis:Didn't you hear her Silver:Yes Anubis:Why do i bother. Dani: the battle brawlers are the most famous bakugan brawlers of all times. Silver: wow. Anubis:Who cares. Dani: i'll have you know that those are some of my mom's friends from when she was an honerary brawler. Silver: why honerary. Dani: shun her couson and second in charge wouldn't let her be a full time brawler. Anubis:Ok next time i will keep my mouth shut. Silver:Best idea i've heard all day Anubis:...... Silver:You wont last a day with out saying somting rude,annoying,trying to prove somthing thats wrong Anubis Anubis:.... Dani: Anubis keeping his mouth shut i bet 10 bucks it'll never happen Silver:Anubis i think Dani just insult you got something to say about it Anubis:.... Dani: well i guess if you dont have anything nice to say dont day anything nice at all.Silver:Indeed. (later that day the brawlers are at the gym along with Rose and Paul training when Lyra and Lorenzo tellaport themselves into the gym) Lyra: ha ha times to brawl kitties. Lorenzo: no we're going with my plan. Lyra: no we're not. Rose: paul you lnow who these guys remind me of. Paul: mylene and shadow prove. Rose: i was actually thinking anubias and a sellon. Both: or kazerina and gill. Lyra: who. Lorenzo: huh. Rose: long story.Silver:(Kazerina and Gill i'm sure i've heard it before oh well)So what are you doing here. Lorenzo: we want you to join us silver we know about you dad and we think you could make a very good addition to the team. Dani: dont do it silver please.Silver:What! Anubis:Ok this is a good time to say something GET LOST!! Lyra: fine time to battle.Silver:ready Anubis. Rose: let us do it. Paul: yeah. Lyra: ok. Lorenzo: fine. (they brawl and Paul and Win.) Rose: ha easy.Anubis:They just thash like nothing. Rose: i am the seocnd best behind Dan kuso who is dead so that makes me the best.Silver:Cool. Dani: ah... not bad. Hex: so much power it's scary. Silver:Indeed. (Lyra and lorenzo tellaport themselves back to their base.) Lyra: that was terrafying. Lorenzo: for once i agree.(Back at the Gym) Simon: booyah. silver: you seem unphased. Simon: Rose is my mother i've seen drgapegacorn's power many times before.Silver:Cool i think. Alex: it is extremely cool. Silver:Yes extremely cool. (later that day) Silver:Anubis you still not talking Anubis:..... Dani: you ok anubis.Anubis:.....Silver:He really is starting to scary me he never has stay this quiet before. Dani: yeah bet's off this is pretty scary.Silver:So where the i told you so Anubis:..... Dani: uh you dont think there's something wrong with him do yoi silver.Silver:I hope not hey Anubis you ok buddy Anubis:.... Dani: come on please talk to us. Anubis:....Silver:Knock it off aready Anubis. Simon: mabye we should take him to the mdical wing Rose will know what to do with him.Silver:Ok (They walk to the medical wing) Rose: whats seems to be the problem.Silver:I think something with Anubis. Dani: he wont talk.Silver:This is not like him at all. Rose: very strange indeed,in allmy years olf bakugan medical attention i have seen anything like this, i would suggest letting him rest and see what happens.Silver:Ok i will then. Rose; oh and Dani you and the others have ninja duty tonight and i think Dan's fine to come this time.Silver:Ninja duty ?. Simon: it's where we go into the woods at night and stop big kids from stealing little kid's bakugan.Silver:Thanks For the info. (That night the brawlers are in trees wartching over a 17 year old walking towards a 9 year old. (17 year old and ( year old brawl 17 year old wins and takes the 9 year old's bakugan.)Silver:Should we do something. (Dani jumps down from the tree.) Dani: dude not nice.Silver:So what's going to happen. Dani: time to brawl. (Dani brawls the 17 year old and wins takes the 9 year old's bakugan bakugan and gives it to him.) 9 year old: thanks bakuninja. Dani: dont mention it, now you should get home. (the 9 year old leaves.)Silver:I dont know why people would take other peoples bakugan it's even wrost that their bigger. Dani: it's all about feeling powerful. (A girl comes out of the woods.) Girl to bakuninjas: are you the bauninja's. Simon: yeah. Girl: i am mia member of the takers and i am here to take your bakugan. Dani: i thought the the takers disbanded when they teamed up with those dementians.Silver:Takers why dose that name not sound good. Dani: becuase they take bakugan. Silver: Sounds about right. Simon: mind if i get this one.Silver:Well i cant do nothing about this. Mia and Simon: feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Simon: abilty activate water tornado. Mia: gate card open bakugan brawl bakugan stand abilty gate card open.. Simom: i dont think so abilty activate gate card lock now attack griffon. (simon wins) Silver:Wow! That was pretty quick. Dani: now mia what usally happens now is that you run away your tail between your legs and lorenzo yells at you but tell lorenzo remind lorenzo he was doing the same thing earlier today oh and it's from Dani Davis.Silver:Humans have tail's. Dani: it's an expression.Silver:oh ok. (mia leaves) (later that night Mia is arriving back at the the takers base where lorenzo is waiting for her along with lyra.) Mia i've failed. Lorenzo: we know. Lyra: and we're very angry about it. (Cassandra walk is followed by David.) David: even though you two had the same issue earlier today. Lyra: well Lorenzo: that was different. Cassandra: becuase you were way more scared. Lorenzo: i was not scared. Davis; you nearly wet your pants. Cassandra: he has a point.(The next day at the brawlers during stratagy class Marucho is telling everyone about stratagy when the bell rings to end class.)Silver:That class was so broing. Simon: oh come on stratagy is important.Silver:Why is everything important sooo brooooing/. Dani: (laughs) oh come on.Silver:I guess it could have been broooing then it was. Simon: without stratagy i wouldn't be the amazing brawler/ninja that i am. Silver:Good point simon. Dan: i am so tired from last night. Dani: i'm not Silver:human's get tired so ease. Dani: not our faults most humans need sleep.Silver:I know. Simon: of course davis's dont get tired.Silver:Really. Dani: yeah we start training at an early age normally around half a year old.Silver:Really coool. Alex: and of course we get our first bakugan at age 1.Silver:I didn't try hunt my first bakugan until i was 8. Simon: we dont hunt we normally get them.Silver:Oh that's how i got Anubis. Dani: cool.Silver:It's better then hurting bakugan. Simon: yeah. Hex: i got my first bakugan from my big brother..Silver:Your big brother pass has bakugan down to you. Hex: not exactly he said that felix was too weak so he went and got a new bakugan.Silver:Oh ok. Hex:yeah lorernzo is a bit mean. Dani: did you say lorenzo. Simon: like lorenzo leader of the takers lorenzo. Hex (nervous): yeah. Alex: well that explains alot/ Silver:Really what do you mean. Hex: i was once second in charge of the takers. but then i realized it was wrong and stopped that and i was tired of lorenzo treating me terrably/ Silver:So thats what happen. Hex: yeah then i joined the brawlers.Silver:Ok. Hex: come next c;ass startes in 5 minutes. Silver: what class. Dani: P.E.Silver:Ok let's go um what's P.E. Dani: it's where you run laps in big circle.Silver:Sounds like fun (they go to P.E.) Amber: i am your new P.E. teacher and want all of you to run for the next 20 minutes.Silver:Cool race yay. Hex: see how you feel about that in 20 minutes. (20 minutes later) Dani: done thats about 1 mile easy. Hex: i think i'm gonna puke. Simon: ha that was fun. Alex: yeah.Silver:Can we do it again. Hex: yipes.Silver:Yay! come on. Amber: next you have a choice between running and gynnastics. Dani: yay! see yah silver keep running.Silver:No pro on that one i'm just going to keep on runing. (Dani walks over to the gymnastics area where she shows off her flips when she falls backwards and hits her head.) Dani: (not good)Silver:Huh (Silver runs over to Dani)Silver:You ok. (dani gets up) Dani: yeah. (Dani runs to Rose's office) Rose: i think the age machine might have only temporary effects. (Dani steps into the age machine) (the age machine starts up and dani is now 14.) Dani: i'm older. Rose: it was the only way the machine would work.(Back at the gym)Silver:Where did she run off to oh i get it she wanted to race. Simon: no silver. (Dani comes back)Silver:Hi Dani. Dani: (please dont let him notice.)Silver:Hey Dani you look diffrent...did you get a hair cut. Dani: no must just be you.Silver:Ok Hex: Silver mind getting me a bottle of water from inside.Silver:No problem (silver leaves) Hex: whats up. Dani: the age machine is only temporary. Simon: not good. Hex: how did you figure out you were turning back. Dani: when i fell i felt like i was growing smaller. Alex: why dont you just stay your young age. Dani: no way i'd be like 3 months old.(Silver come's back into the room) Silver:Here Hex Hex:Thanks Silver. Dani: come on we have our free period now. (Simon gives Dani a look that says should we tell him) (Dani gives Simon a look that says no way end of conversation.)Silver:So what are we going to do Dani: normally we go to bakugan interspace and brawl.Silver:Sounds cool. (They head to bakugan interspace and as they arrive)Silver:Wow this place is big. Dani: yeah try not to get lost.Silver:Ok. Simon: come on let's battle.Silver:Sure. Dani: oh awesome simom vs Silver.Simon and Silver:Feild open Silver:Gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand (Anubis stays in ballform) Simon: huh that's strange.Silver:Hey Anubis Anubis:.... Silver:Can bakugan break. Simon: i dont think so.SDilver:Oh man wake up Anubis. Dani: mabye he's just tired.Silver:I hope that's all. Simon: let's take back to rose's office.Silver:Ok let's go.(Rose's office a few mintues leter.) Rose: this is strange indeed.Silver:Is there anyway i can fix Anubis. Rose: mabye if you go to new vestoia a visit to the perfect core should help.Silver:I hope so. Dani: come on (opens portal).Silver:So where is the perfect core anyway. Dani: right here. (Dani to her bakugan): right snakey.Silver:I dont get it Dani: the sacred orb is held by a bakugan bit it is also what new vestroi is made of.Silver:Ok Simon: so now what. Dani: no clue.Silver:Is that bad. Hex: sorta.Silver:Ok. Dani: mabye if we try sumoning the perfect core's power.Silver:Got it how do we do that. Dani: i do not know. Silver:Um ok. Simon: try emptying your mind of everyhting but the perfect core. (Dani closes her eyes.)Silver:So what's ment to happen. Simon: i ahve absolutely no idea.(meanwhile at the takers base Lorenzo and Lyra are fihting with David and Cassandra) Lyra: if you think you could a better job than you go. Cass: fine we will. (they tellaport themselves to the brawlers.) (they arrive in new vestroia right infront of the brawlers.)Silver:Huh? Dani: it seems that lyra and lorenzo have sent more people to do their dirty work.Silver:Ok that's not good at least I think. Cassandra: wow are you slow now time brawl.Silver:I would perfer to be slow then just plan ugly.Anyway as much as i would love to to beat you like you were nothing but dust i cant so come back later. Dani: i'll take care of it. Cassandra, Dani, and David: feild open. Dani: bakugan brawl bakugan stand go snakey. Cassandra: bakugan brawl bakugan stand iron dragoniod. David bakugan brawl bakugan stand come one aquas eleco.Silver:(Next time i will beat her..) Dani: lets try somehting double abilty activate blitz superior plus..... (Zenthon appears) Dani: woah (Zenthon defaets everyone including Dani then tellaports away.)Silver:What was that? (Rose appears on Dani's bakumeter) Rose: that was a mectogan Dan Kuso's mectogan to be exact.Silver:Really is that good or bad ? Rose: bad if you can't control but dont worry even Dan coudn't control him at first.Silver:I see. Rose: Dani you and snakey are out of sync you must get in sync to control zenthon.Silver:Um how do you get in to sync? Rose: Dan did it by training with just drago but then he needed to get back in synv with the rest of the battle brawlers.Silver:Ok. Rose: if you want to more about what Dan did talk my cousin shun kazami he should still be at the acadamy but i'd try to fix anubis first.Silver:Got it Dani: so how do we fix anubis.Silver:I have no clue (Anubis this is when i need you but your not their.) (Silver starts to cry and a tear lands on anubis) (Anubis starts glowing) Dani: he's evolving.Silver:Anu..Anubis buddy your my best friend please dont leave me please Dani: dont worry (anubis stops glowig and now looks different).Silver:Huh? Anubis:What happen Silver:Anubis! buddy Your back.Anubis:Have you lost the plot.

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