Rose Lanski: Darkus brawler: Darkus Uniscorn/Pegascis (evolved) darkus pegacorn (evolved) Darkus dragapegacorn Paul Davis; ventus brawler: Ventus aerodactle Amber: pyrus brawler: pyrus tigrara Simon: aquus brawler: Aquus griffan Alex Davis: Haos brawler: haos hydronoid Kyle Williams: haos brawler: haos Leonitis Paige Minnow : subterrs brawler: subterra stinglash Viper: Pyrus brawler: pyrus dragonite Star: aquis brawler: Aquis tigrara Mac: darkus brawler: Darkus laserman Lync volan: ventus brawler: ventus monorus evolved ventus moonlit monorus John: pyrus brawler pyrus lumagrowl Josh: Pyrus brawler pyrus dharak Darki: darkus brawler darkus siege Fox: Aquas brawler: aquas dragoniod Brianna: Ventis brawer ventus griffin Dani: pyrus brawler: pyrus sephaniod Hex subterra bralwer subterra helix dragoniod Ches: ventus brawlers ventus helix dragoniod. Micheal:darkess brawler darkess dragoniod. Dan: elamental brawler, elamental draginiod.

Rose: pegascis, uniscorn check this out Pegascis: check out what. Rose: this letter Uniscorn: who's it from Rose: don't know. it says i'm invited to some sort of party because i'm the 8'th rank brawler. pegascis/Uniscorn: cool Rose: lets go ask mom if she can bring me there. Rose walks down stairs Rose: Mom. MOM, MOM Rose walks into the bathroom Rose: mom Rose sees dead mother on floor A couple days later Rose is getting off a plane to see her grandfather and her 13 year old couson who she hadn't see since her grandmother died when she was 4. Rose walks over to her grandfather Rose's granfather: long time no see Rose: yeah Rose to her couson: So your shun right Shun: yeah Rose: cool you know i am a bakugan brawler too. I'm ranked number 8 Shun: i don't really brawl anymore Rose: oh why not later that night Rose: pegascis uniscorn wake up Unicorn: what Rose: we're leaving i cant stand this place. come on rose jumps out window onto tree wearing all black. rose jumps threw trees for awhile when she sees 2 boys about to battle. Then suddenly she sees the second boy is on the ground. The first boy is laughing and walking away. Rose goes down to the second boy when a masked figure. Masked figure: I am bakuboy defender of small boys and girls everywhere. get away from him you bakugan thief Rose: you got it wrong i was helping him Bakuboy: fine then i challage you to battle Rose: ok Rose and bakuboy have a battle. Rose wins.Pegascis/Uniscorn Evole into one bakugan pegcorn. Bakuboy passes out. in the morning bakuboy wakes up. Bakuboy: what happened Rose: you lost and passed out Bakuboy: oh Rose: so what's your real name Bakuboy: my name is Paul. You see around here a bunch of bullies called the bakugan hunters. they take the bakugan of young kids who come out of night. Rose: so paul anyway i can help Paul: you can be bakugirl Rose: no way i want to be the bakuninja Paul: bakuninja that sounds cool ok then i'm bakuninja 2 And so became bakuninjas 1 and 2 5 years later Rose and Paul are 16 years old and are teaching a class of 6 year olds about the bakuninjas Rose: now the first rule of being a bakuninja is Kids: Know your aponnent Paul: very good now hurry along class dismissed All the kids leave except one Rose: amber is there a problem Amber: I was wondering if i could stay after class my mom and i are fighting again Paul: actually we were wondering something Amber: yes Rose: would you like to come live with us Amber yes yes yes I would love to. 2 years later Rose oppened a bakugan battlebrawler school callede bakuninja acadamy 3 years later Rose and Paul adopted another child his name was Simon. He was 3. 3 more years Rose and Paul had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Alex. today is his first birthday. Rose: Alex for your 1st birthday i am givinmg you your first bakugan.. Meet haos hydroniod. Alex: hi Hydroniod: hello Simon: Alex i challange you to a battle Alex: ok alex and simon battle. alex wins. Our story now goes 4 years later to a ten year old boy named kyle and 2 bullies named green and red. Red: come on kyle lets battle Kyle (scaredly) : um ok Red and Green battle against Kyle. Kyle loses. Red and Green baet up kyle take his juggerniod and throw him in a dumpster. Kyle (from in dumpster): help help HELP PLEASE A girl walks over to a dumpster. The girl opens the dumpster. Girl: hey Kyle: Star what are you doing here Star: i came because i heard a little girl screaming. were you that little girl Kyle: maybe Star: come on star helps kyle out of dumpster. star leaves. Kyle: i cant believe they took Juggerniod At the very same time there was a bakugan was at the water founton near the dumpster looking for a partner. his name was leonitis. decendant from the leonitis that was used in the bakugan vidio game Leonitis: Human what is your name Kyle: who said that Leonitis: down here Kyle looks down and sees leonitis. Kyle: who are you Leonitis: my name is leonitis. you are brawler in need of a partner. I could help you with that. Kyle: so you'll be my partner Leonitis: yes Kyle: cool i'll call you leo. now we go to a girl named paige. paige minnow. at the grand finale battle of the tag team battle to get into The bakuninja training competition. a compitition that takes place on a train and goes around the wall. she is with her gardian subterra stinglash which she called fencer. She also has her best friend and tag team partner Viper with his gardian pyrus dragonite. Dragonite is a bakugan desended from dan's drago's couson. Paige: ability activate abyss ruler Viper: Ability activate drogon rage Aponents: nooo Anouncer: it looks like the team of paige and viper win. congradulations you are going to the bakuninja training competition. Paige and viper: yes The next day. Paige and Viper are getting on the train. they go thier seats ans see right in front of them a 6 year old boy named Alex. A couple hours later a woman goes up to front of the train and says Woman: will all brawlers please come with me to the brawling room everyone gets up and goes to the room the woman was pointing at Woman: ok now we have 1 on1 battles to get you ready for tomarrows tournament. we will now randomly pick 2 peaple to battle the woman pionts at the screen Woman: and it looks like the first 2 are viper and Alex Viper and alex battle. Alex wins viper: i cant believe i lost Alex: well my mom is the famous bakuninja Rose Davis At the same time Star and her aquis tiegrara and kyle are teaming up to to battle at the same tournament that Viper and star are teaming up for It is time for the tournament and it is the semifinals Viper and Paige have already won thier battle. Now it is time for Star and Kyle vs Green and Red. Green: ability activate Slash zero Red: ability activate dimention four Star: ability activate Crystal fang Leo: human use my ability card Kyle: i told you my name is kyle but fine. ability activate alpha blaster Leo: the power Leo takes out reaper and fear ripper then takes out tigrara Kyle: leo stop Leo: no leo rampages and almost destoyed the entiree stadium when Rose: bakugan brawl pegacorn stand ability activate dark gallop Leo dodges it pegacorn: lets try that again rose Rose: doulble ability activate horn of the unicorn plus pegasis wings Pegacorn attacks leo and beats him that night Viper was out for a walk when out of nowhere came a boy about the age of 8 but the size of 10 he jumped out of a tree challenged viper to a battle he beats viper easiliy with his darkus Laserman he knocks viper out. the next day Paige goes up to Kyle and slaps him Kyle: what was that for Paige: someone went and beat up kyle for no reason and since leo is so agressive and you have no control over him i figure leo made you do it Kyle: no Leo: we have been getting along a lot better actualy Paige: well then who hurt Viper masked figure: i did Star: who are you Masked figure: My name is markee i am the altamate brawler i chalange you kyle to a battle Kyle: ok Kyle and markee battle. markee wins kyle passes out and gets very sick later that day Kyle is in the hospital. Star is mad. viper is better and up. star: i am going to go and beat that markee Viper: are you sure thats a good idea Dragonite: he beat us and we can beat you star: dont care Star goes outside and sees markabee Star: what are you doing here Markabee: i came to finish kyle off Star: you will have to go threw me first at the same time leo is giving kyle his streangh to revive him and now leo is evolving. Kyle wakes up and runs outside Kyle: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE MARKABEE I CHALLANGE YOU TO A REMATCH Markabee (scaredly) : Your supposed to be sick Kyle: not anymore pal Markabee and kyle battle kyle wins. Markabee starts to cry. Markabee: Do you know whats it like to constantly lose. to get beat up and thrown in a dumpster. Kyle: actally yes you know i'll be your friend markabee Markabee: my name is mac. Star: mac i'll be your friend to Mac you will Star, leo, tigrara and kyle: sure 2 years later a stange man infiltrated the bakugan brawlers headquarters and battled all of them after deafeating all of them he sends them to another dimention useing a strange divice about 2 years later everything is forgiven for mac. but now the story turns to a portal opening up in the woods behind the bakuninja training acadamy a boy the age of 14 comes out of the portal. it is the middle of the night and pitch black Boy: oh man where am i He passes out. A few hours later he was found by 3 bakuninja's there names were Rose Paul and Amber Davis. Paul: who is he Rose: dont know Amber: who's lync volan Paul: i'm sorry who did you say Amber: that what it says on his name tag Rose and paul look at eachother. they bring lync back to the bakuninja training acadamy medical center. Rose: i'll call alice Paul: good idea Rose goes to the video screen and contacts alice Alice: Rose what is it Rose: A boy with the name tag that says lync volan looks just like him. he apeared tonight in the woods passed out Alice: do you think it has anything to do with the brawlers disapearence Paul: Mabye Alice: i'll be there right away rose: paul fire up the telaporter Paul: fireing up telaporter Alice steps into her telaporter and is now at the bakuninja acadamy Alice: where is he Rose pionts at bed that has lync on it Rose: over there Alice looks at lync Alice: thats definetly him a few days later lync woke up. Alice was visiting him in room when Lync: what what happened alice: Lync! your awake Lync; alice Rose walks in Rose: looks like hes awake Lync: who's she. what happened. where am i Rose: my name is rose davis. you were out for about 5 weeks since we found you but you went missing about 19 years ago and haven't aged since then. you are at the bakuninja training acadamy hospital wing. Ias for what happened i'd hope you could tell me that. Lync: I lost to hydron and got sucked into a black whole. Rose: if you dont mind i want to ask you some questions Lync: um ok. after rose was done asking the questions she brought lync to the bakugan room to have lync choose his new bakugan gardian. he chose ventus monorus. they then went to roses office Rose: now it is time for you to begin training Lync: training where Rose: here at the bakuninja training school Rose: let me call up your roommates Rose into loudspeaker on her desk: Will kyle gold and Mac daley please come to the head masters office. At the same time Mac and Kyle are in stratagy class they hear the anouncement and head to roses office. Kyle: what do you think she wants with us Mac: i dont know Rose opens the door Rose: hello i'd like you to meet your new roommate lync volan Mac and Kyle: ROOMMATE lync: hi Rose: i know you 3 are going to be good friends Lync leaves with kyle and mac. they are walking outside when the two school bullies come over grab lync and throw him in a dumpster. Mac quickly runs over to the dumpster and helps lync out of it. Lync: what was that about Mac: they do that to all the new kids Kyle: and anyone who cant beat them in a battle. Mac: you get used to it Bell rings Kyle: we're late to class come on they run to class and make it there just in time Teacher: today we will have 2 on 2 battles. the teacher points at lync Teacher: you new student you will be paired up with mac. now to start off lets have john and josh vs mac and the new kid Mac: uh oh not the school bullies Teacher: ready Lync, mac, john josh: gate card open. card set. bakugan brawl bakugan stand lync: go ventus monorus Mac: go darkus laserman John: come on pyrus lumagrowl josh: come on pyrus dharak Josh: ability activate thunder probe john: ability activate wolf howler Mac: ability activate spiced slayer lync: ability activate blow away just then monorus started to glow Lync: huh Mac: monorus's evolving Monorus: yes i am Lync: you talk Monorus: yes i do i am moonlit monorus but you can call me monorus Lync: wow hey my ability card is changing it's a card that transfers 200 g's from the oppenents bakugan to mine. Ability activate moonlit magic Josh: finish it John: right Both: ability activate Josh: evil blast John: spiral blade Lync: wow combined power level of 4000 mac: nothing new usally they have higher john and josh: attack josh and john win That night Rose left the bakugan acadamy in her bakuninja costume and headed to a place about 20 miles east of the acadamy. When she got there she took out the gaurds . Soon after entering she walked into a room where a man dressed in black stood. Man: i have been waiting for you. Rose: are you the one who killed my cousin. Man: not kill I just Rose: sent him to another demention,. I know. I also know you're name is Darki member of the dark gearmo who want to destroy the world Daraki: very good Rose. now are we going to brawl or sip tea Darki and Rose: Field open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand Darki: go siege Rose: come on Pegacorn Darki: ability activate darkness blazer Rose: ability active pegasis wings siege 900 g's. Pegacorn 800 g's Darki: ability active battle finish . with this ability card your power is dropped to zero and there's nothing you can do about it. Rose: no pegacorn. Rose: I cant loose. I need to win for my cousin shun. Pegacorn starts to glow Darki: pegacorn is evolving Pegacorn evolves into dragapegacron Rose: deagapegacorn Dragapegacorn: you can call me pegacorn Rose: good beacuse Dragapegacorn is a mouthfull. now ability activate Dragon claws Pegacorn 1990 g's siege 0 g's Rose: i just absorbed your power level. Rose wins. Darki: Very good but if you want your cousin you'll have to beat my champian in the final summer tornament. Rose: fine Rose leaves. The next day Rose is making a school asembly and she says it is nessesaryu for everone to enter the tournament. The naxt day was the tournament. The first round was a girl named fox vs Josh. Fox was the dark gearmo's champien and easilly took out Josh with her aques dragoniod. A few hoours later was the finals and everyone who brawled against Fox was in the hospital including Lync, Paige, Viper, Mac, and several others. it was Rose vs Fox Rose and Fox: Gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand Fox: go aquas dragoniod. Rose:come on Pegacon Dragapegacorn: we can win this Fox: ability activate aqua fire. jsut liek old times unless you dont remember casey Rose: casey how could i forget you were my best friend. ability activate Dargon wings Casey: you cant beat me abiltiy activate Aquas fire blitz Aquas dragoniod g power overoad. Shun and the other brawlers apear in the battle feild out of no where. Shun: rose we are the spirets of the brawlers that lost. Win this for me. Rose: Ability activate backwards battle. This ability card switches our power levels. Rose wins. Shun and the other brawlers apear in battle field. Dan: you did it. Shun: thats my little cousin. Rose: thanks They all leave and Rose tells everyone what happened. they see Alice and she tells them that her and Dr. micheal have constructed a machine that can reverse the affeacts of the demetion they were sent to. All the brawlers step through it and turned back to the age they would of been. Dan: when we were in the other demention I saw it was enslaved by an evil ruler. we have to stop him. All other battle brawlers: yeah Rose: you can't. i'll sent the next generation brawlers Shun: are you sure Rose: don't worry. Paige, Star, kyle, mac, viper. Viper: We still need a ventus member Viper sees Dan viper to dan: oh wow it's dan kusa I am your biggest fan Star: don't mind him he's a little esantric Kyle: we still need a ventus member. just then a girl age 12 walked into the room. Girl: no you don't my name is brianna i'm a ventus rawler and ready to jion your team. and this is ventus griffin Griffin: Hi Viper: i chalenge you to a brawl if you can beat me you can join. Brianna :easy Brianna and viper: feild open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand Brianna: Griffen use torando field Grffin 2000 g's Brianna wins. Griffin: that was easy Viper: fine you can join but i'm the leader Rose: you know Brianna you look very familiar Brianna: i get that a lot. Star: lets go They all go to the other dimention.They land in the other dimention Brianna: cool we're in another dimention Griffin: Wow Meanwhile back in the lab. Rose to shun: You know briana looks alot like you Shun: so. Rose: a little too much like you. Shun: can we talk about his later Rose: no. Shun: I made a mistake i didn't expect her to happen and it was one time. The next morning Brianna wakes up to Paige and Viper screaming at eachother Paige: We'll go South Viper: we'll go north Mac, Star, and Kyle wake up Mac: Will you two stop fighting Kyle: you can't tell by the way they fight but the're a couple. Star: i should clue you in on dating around here. Kyle: first there's Paige and Viper who fight all the time. Star: Then there's Kyle and i who act more like friends then girlfriend and boyfriend Kyle: Then there's Mac with no girlfriend Star: his parents won't let him have one Mac: not my fault kyle: there's still you Brianna: no boyfriend Viper: we're going north Paige: we're going South Kyle and Star look at eachother Kyle and Star: East it is Everyone but Brianna starts walking east. Mac: Brianna come on After about an hour of walking Brianna, Kyle, Star, Paige, Mac, and Viper come across a town. Griffin: cool A boy walks out of his house and sees the team and runs back into his house. Star:What was that about. A Girl age 18 walked into the town from the opposite side followed by a boy age 9 and another boy age 15. Girl: time to recruit some fresh meat. Girl to 15 year old: David time to go out hunting. A few minutes later the girl was at the center of town whcih was the park. At the same time Star and Kyle followed by the others walked onto the park. Star as she saw the girl: who's that The girl saw star Girl: I am lyra and exactly who are you and why don't you know me. Kyle: we are the bakugan brawlers the next generation. Star: we're from earth. Lyra: earth you say. well you are on dimenta welcome I am part of an organisation that keeps the bakugan. Leo: what do you mean keep. Brianna: She means steal and enslave Lyra: i prefer keep but yes steal and enslave Dragonite: not cool you shouldn't enslave bakugan Lyra: watcha gonna do bout it Leo: come on Kyle we can take her Klye: ready to brawl Kyle and Lyra: gate card open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand Kyle: ready Leo Lyra: go aquis jokopus Lyra: ability activate aquis blazer Jokopus power level 2000 g's Leo power level 1500 g's Kyle: Abilty activate Omega eraser Jokopus 2000 g's leo 1700 g's Lyra: jokopus attack Kyle life force 20% Kyle and Lyra bakugan brawl bakugan stand Lyra: atttack Jokopus: ROAR! Kyle life force 0% Viper: my turn Paige: Let me go i'm better Viper: ha ha ha yeah right Paige:EXACTLY I'M RIGHT Viper: ARE NOT Star: i'll get viper Kyke: i'll get Paige Brianna to Lyra: i'll battle you Lyra smiles an evil smile Lyra: good Lyra and Brianna: gate card open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand Brianna: what ya think Griffin should we go easy on her Griffin: do we ever Brianna laughs Brianna; nope Lyra: ability activate aquis blazer Brianna ability activate wing burst double Lyra: just like your father Brianna: I'm nothing like my father Lyra: but yes you are and I will beat you like I beat him Brianna: now attack Griffon Lyra: bad move aility activate aquis killer Griffon 800 g's Jokopus 1300 g's Brianna: no griffon Mac: bakugan brawl bakugan stand go Laserman ability activate sliced slayer Laserman 500 g's Jokopus 1100's Griffin 900 g's Mac and Brianna win. Lyra: 2 angainst 1 impressive. Brianna to mac: you didn't need to help me. Just then David and the 9 year old walked into the park and saw Lyra lost. David: lyra ma'm are you ok Lyra: fine now lets go. A few hours later the bakugan brawlers next generation were getting ready to leave the town when Rose came on Viper's communicater. Rose: Viper you need to come back Viper: why Rose: an army of aliens from the demention your in have attacked i'll oppen up a portal a portal oppens up and all the brawlers walk through it and end up back in Rose's lab Kyle: where are the aliens Rose: they left but we need you help in case they come back. Brianna you can sleep in a spare room at the acadamy That night Brianna arounf 11 PM wakes up Brianna: Griffon wake up we're leaving Griffon: why Brianna: i thought seeing my dad would make everything alright but it didn't come on Brianna grabs Griffon and runs off Rose sees her outside from the roof and jumps down Rose: brianna where are you going Brianna: Home Rose: i get it you thougth seeeing your dad would make everything alright Brianna: how did you know Rose: you look way too much like my cousin Brianna: oh Rose: you stick around you know I think Mac likes you Brianna laughs thens goes back to her room The next morning Brianna wakes and goes down stairs to the acdamy.Paige sees her. Paige: want to jion for a morning trsining class Brianna: ok Paige brings brianna to meet Amber, Gear (amber's boyfriend), and steven for morning training Alex: morning and for todays class we will be practicing hurdles Brianna why is he teaching the class he's just a little kid Alex i don't like to be called little Alex jumps and then runs over ti Brianna and tries to use his ninjs skills to punch Brianna. Brianna dodges and pushes Alex. Just then Rose and Shun walk in. Shun: no way you can beat me Rose: i've beat you before Shun: you were 3 i let you win Rose: you were four you wouldn't let me win Shun: lets settle this with a battle Rose and Shun battle Rose wins Shun passes out. Rose rushes over to Shun Amber: Rose what happened Rose: we brawled and he lost and he passed out. Rose felt Shun's head Rose: he's burning up. A few minutes later Shun is in the hospital wing passed out with a fever of 105. Rose soon discovers tht are the bralwers are sick and then remembers That lync was also sort of sick when she found him. Rose; there's somrthing about the other demention Alice then walkes into the hospitalwing where rose is. Alice: What do you mean Rose: All the bralwers were in the other demention and are now sick if i'm right then just then a nurse walked in Nurse: Rose; Kyle, paige, star, mac and Brianna have all passed our and come sick Rose: knew it Now we switch to a boy age 14 whose name is simon. Simon was battleing with two boys named Josh and john simon: bakugan stand go aquis griffon Josh: bakugan stand go dharak John bakugan stand go lumagrowl Simon: ability activate Aquas tornado double Griffon 9000g's. Dharak 000 g's lumagrowl 100 g's Grffon wins and simon gets John and Josh's bakugan Simon: here's your bakugan back Simon leaves and heads back to bakugan acadamy. when simon gets back to the acadamy he sees Alex. Simon: whats up little bro Alex: don't call me little Simon walks to hosital wing where Rose is. Rose: there you are simon. I have a job for you Simon: i'm in Rose: since i beat the dark gearmo peaple that got sucked into the death ball have been apearing everywhere. i need you to search for them. They will be sick Simon got it Rose: we have a transpoter ready to take you to vestal Amber is a;ready looking on earth Simon leaves and heads toward the telaporter room. Simon steps through the telapoter and goes to vestal. soon after arriving on vestal he sees a girl who looks about 7 in front of a house. Simon: little girl have you seen anyone asleep around here Just then the little girl's father Kieth Clay came out from inside the house. Kieth: mia who are you talking to Simon: hi i'm simon davis Kieth: Rose told me you would be coming Simon: you know Rose Kieth; yes i was a brawler once Simon: cool. Just then a worm hole oppened up and a boy age 16 came out of it unconious. Kieth: is that Simon: what jsut happened who is that Kieth: it's a long story but he was sucked up by the black whole sent into the other demention Kieth uses his gontlet to contact rose Kieth: someone just apeared from the other demention Rose: who Kieth: prince hydron about half an hour later Hydron is lying passed out in the hospital wing with all the bralwers and the brawlers next generation The next day about 5 more people had been found from the other demention. Rose is in a lab trying to figure out a cure for the sickness Rose: i've found it the cure Alice walkes in Alice: thats wonderful Rose: the cure is a mix of daisies, buterfly wings, and roses Rose made the cure and administered it to all the patients. Imidietly Brianna, Kyle, Dan, and Hydron woke up. Alice: why didn't they all wake up Rose: i don't know Rose: walkes over to hydron Hydrom: where am i Rose: in a hospital about 19 years after you had died yet your still alive Hydron: i didn't die used a death bomb and was sucked into it. wait a minute did you say 19 years Rose: yes and you haven't aged a day Just then Shun who was lying on the other side of the room woke up. Rose ran over to shun Rose: Shun you ok Shun: yeah but exacly happened Rose exsplains to shun and then went to alice Alice: it apears everone is waking up. Rose: we'll have to exsplain to hydron Alice: you can do it Rose: walkes over to hydron and exsplains. When rose is done exsplaining Mac, Paige, Viper and Star wake uo. Rose goes to tend to them while hydron think thing threw A few hours later everyone had woken up and Rose and Alice had exsplained to everyone. By now Rose had discovered the machine that turned people who went into the other demention to the age they would have been if they hadn't gone to the other demention was broken. Everyone was out of the hospital except hydron beacuse he didnt have a place to stay. Rose walks over top hydron now in Rose's office Rose: we've found a place to put you Hydron: where Rose: here at the bakugan acadamy Hydron: are you sure thats a good idea Rose: don't worry we have students from Eath, Vestal, Nethia, and Gundailia Hydron: where's Rose: long story now let me introduce you to Mac and Kyle. you can come out now just then Mac and Kyle walk in Mac and Kyle: good afternoon head matser Davis Rose: now should I introduce you hydron or did you already hear me from behind the door Mac laughs embarrased Rose: now get going and I expect you on bakuninja duty tonight Hydron, Mac and Kyle leave. A few minutes later they are outside when they see the rest of the bakugan the next generation except for Brianna and Viper by a tree. Mac to Star: where's Brianna and Viper Just then Viper falls out of the tree and Brianna jumps up from the top of the tree. Brianna: i win again Viper: how can walk up a tree without any ninja training at all. I cant do that and i've had 3 years of ninja training Brianna: a magician never reavels her secrets Star: but your a ninja not a magician Brianna: same difference Brianna notices hydron Brianna to Hydron: hi i'm brianna Just then John and Josh walk around the corner and see the brawlers Josh: well well well look what we have here John: a couple of wimps The brawlers look at eachother Brawlers: run They all run except for hydron. John and Josh throw hydron into the dumpster and run after the brawlers. a few mintes later Viper, Mac, Paige, Star, and Kyle are laying on the ground and Brianna is hiding up a tree. John and Josh walk away and Brianna comes down from the tree. Kyle to Brianna: how do you never manage to get beat up. Brianna: because i'm a good climber Kyle: we better get Hydron out of the dumpster The brawlers get up and get Hydron out of the dumpster hydron: what was that about Kyle: they do that to all new kids Star: and old kids Mac: and anyone who can't outrun them or outbrawl them Viper: so basically Brianna and head master Davis's kids Brianna: i'm a good runner Paige: and climber Brianna: and the only one in the group who can beat Viper Viper: i let you win Brianna laughs Brianna: yeah right Kyle: you still wouldn't last a minute against any of the Davis kids Viper: what do you expect Rose davis is couson to Shun Kazami Star: and last time I ckecked Rose beat Shun Mac: and then shun fell unconious Brianna: technically he was sick Paige: does it really matter Hydron: ok do you always talk like that Brianna: sorry bad habbit. wierded me out wheni first joined too. Hydron: so who are the davis kids Brianna: the children of Rose and Paul Davis. Names are Amber, Simon, and Alex davis Simon and Amber are adopted and Alex was born to Rose. All very strong brawlers. Hydron: how come i've never heard of a Rose Davis Kyle: back when your from it was Rose Lanski darkess brawler and as for why you haven't heard of her. Dan probally said something about someone having a worse temper than Shun's little couson and Shun probally said not call her little or she would beat him up again. With dan saying it's not like she could hear them from earth. Headmaster Davis was known for ninja skills being better than Shun's and a bad temper A few hours later the brawlers are back at thier rooms with Hydron being the boys new roommate. Mac, Kyle, and Viper are getting ready for thier bakuninja night by putting on thier black suits Hydron: where are you going. viper: bakuninja night. you see around here there are these teenagers called the takers. Its up to select kids at the school called bakuninja's to stop them. Hydron: Can i come Mac: sorry only 6 members per team Kyle: and Paige, Viper, Brianna, Mac, Star, and I make 6. That night an hour after the team left fr bakuninja duty hydron left the school with subterra soras rose had given him and went into the woods. hydron; i'll show them. just then a boy age 12 came out from behind a tree and grabbed hydron. Then a boy age 14 jumped from the top of the tree. Boy age 14: you don't wan't his bakugan hex he's just a little kid. Hex: yes I do all bakugan will one day be mine. Hydron: i am not a little kid and who are you. Boy age 14: i'm Simon, Simon Davis and the best, well second best, well thrid best, ok fourth best bakuninja there is. Just then Alex came up on simon comunicaitor. Simon to Alex: you know i'm better than you. Hex: are you gonna talk or battle.. All three: field open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Hex; go pyrus luxor. Hydron: go subterra saurus. Simon: go aquis griffon. Hex: you really think you can win by yourself with out Alex. simon to Hydron: Normally it takes Alex and I to beat Hex but i've been practiceing and it's not like he gonna use. Hex: bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Simon: oh no. Hex: go subterra helix dragniod. Simon: only got one shot ability activate aquis tornado triple. Grifon: too much power Simon: i thught this would happen attack evrything Griffon. Griffon attacks sauros, luxtor and helix dragoniod. taking them out. Simon wins. Hydron: wow Simon: it's not over yet.Hex starts running over to attack Simon. Simon as he did it : duck jump punch duck punch block punch. Hex: you've won the battle but not the war. Hex walks away. After Hex is gone Simon brings Hydron back to the acadamy. when they got to the acadamy Simon took Hydron to the bakuninja la where they saw Rose. Rose: bad news Simon the ageatron is only temporary. Simon: you mean deveryone who was in the other demention is turning back to their original age. Rose: yes including Lync and the bralwers. Hydron: Lync? Rose: he came from the other demention a few months before you did. He been living with Alice for past couple weeks. Just then Amber walked in on her hands. Amber: hey little bro. Simon: hey Amber nice hand trick. Rose: Amber the sun will be rising soon why don't you get the bralwers. Amber (still onn hands): ok. Rose: and stop walking on hands the blood will flow to your head and.. Amber feints Rose: exactly Hyfron: is he gonna be alright. Simon: 3,2, Amber wakes up. Amber:i'm ok Alex walks in. Amber: hey bro feeling better. Hydron: who's the little kid. Simon, Rose, and Amber smile. Alex: i dn't like to be called little. Simon: 3,2,1. Alex attacks hydron with his ninja skills knockong Hydron out. Gear walks in and Hydron wakes up. Hydron: ouch. Amber: nice on little bro can i get a boo. Gear:can i get a yah. both: but it all together and get a BOOYAH booyah. Amber: booyah Gear: double booyah. Amber: triple booyah. Gear: booyah times quad. Amber: consecutive booyah. Gear: you got me. Rose: wow kieth's right that is pretty weird (starts laughing.) Paul walks in. Paul: speaking of keith we've got on the communication moniter. Rose turns on moniter. Kieth: Rose you needed my help with the ageatron. Rose: yes i'll fire up the transporter. Kieth steps into his own transporter and get transported to Rose's lab. Kieth: good to see you again. Rose: you two keith. Kieth sees Hydron. Kieth:hydron i see you're all right. Rose: hydron you should be getting ready. the acadamy starts classes in about 12 minutes you have first period stratagy. Hydron leaves and heads back to his room. When he gets there Mac, Viper, and Kyle are already wating for him i there regular clothes. Kyle: how was it out on a bakuninja job. Hydron: how did you know. Viper: we saw you weren't in the room. Mac: come on time for school. They roommates leave and go to the're stratagy class. When they get there they see Lync. Lync: hey guys. Mac: lync long time no see. Lync sees Hydron. Lync: what is he doing here. Hydron: lync i can't believe your alive. I never wanted to kill you but if i didn't get the data back my dad would of killed me or worse tortured me with the agonizer again. Lync: it's ok. Hydron: really. Lync: yeah. Just then simon runs by. Kyle: Simon where are you going. Simon: bakigan interspace my Rose's having a baby. Mac: WHAT!!? Simon: long story. got to go. When they got there Rose had already given birth to a girl named Dani. A few days later when Rose and Kieth were fixing the aganater Dani fell in and was aged to the age of 4. Rose tested her and figured out that Dani had all the knowlege of a 12 year old. Rose then decided to enroll Dani as a student at the kindergarden part of the acadamy with her pyrus serponiod. After her first day she was moved to the the same age group as the brawelrs next generation because of her supereor brawling skills and competitive attiatude. The next day was her first day of the new grade. Teacher: everyone i'd like to introduce you to Dani Davis. now she's a little bit younger but also a very strong brawler. Dani: i'm the best brawler. I'll take you all on and win. Infact i challenge you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you (pointing to the brawlers next generation, hydron, and Lync.) Kyle: cocky much. Dani: you gona brawl or are you chicken. All field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Dani power level 100 g's. everyone else combined power level 123450 g's Dani gate card open Dani: power switch. Dani wins. Everyone in the battle except Dani fients then wakes up. Kyle: ouch i haven't been beaten that bad since last week when I battled Simon. Lync: i dont think i've ever lost by that much. Viper: definetly a Davis. Mac: only thing she's mising is... Dani does a double front blackflip in mid air and then punched a whole in the wall. Dani: sorry little too excited. Mac: never mind ninja skills and mad good flips are check. Simon walks in. Simon: don't forget about easily excited. Dani: big brother. Simon: sorry i'm late. Teacher: simon you know you shouldn't be late and thats the 10th time this month. Dani giggles. Simon: watch it little sis. Dani: don't get your undies in a bunch unless you wanna brawl. Simon: Fine lets brawl. Teacher: thats it class dismissed Bothh: field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Simon: go griffon. Dani: go snakey. Griffon: it's on. Simon: abilty activate aqua tornado times 2. Dani: ability activate Pyrus over aquis combo.Simon: ability activate aqua wall times 3. Hydron: did he say triple. Dani: gate card open low bridge. Dani wins. Simon: I chalenge you to a bakuninja duel. Dani: name your challanges. Simon: triathalon of ninjs skills scary movie maraphon and thunb wrestling. Dani: fine but the stakes are whoever loses has to die his hair green. Both: DEAL. ATTACK. both (as they did it): jump duck did punch duck punch. Dani: punch. Dani punches out Simon and win the contest. Simon: next scary movie contest who ever leaves or wets there pants first loses. First movie killer zombie dogs. Five minutes into the movie Lync: I think i need to change my pants. Dani: wimp About 5 hours later Lync had passed out from fright, Hydron had also wet his pants, and since he hadn't left the movie in 5 hours Simon really had to go to the bathroom. there was a dripping niose Drip Drip Drip. Simon: ok you win. Simon runs out of the room and heads straight to the bathroom. Lync wakes up. Lync: who won. Dani: i did diaper boy. Dani giggled. Dani: making fun of you is so much fun. Lync: i don't wear diapers. Dani: well you should because your a total wimp. Lync: am not. Simon comes back into the room and sneaks up behind lync. Simon:BOO. Lync screams and wets his pants. Lync: fine. Dani breaks out in hysterical laughter. viper: will you stop that. Dani: Wow i'm like 4 and i'm bullying you guys. Just then Josh and John walk up behind Dani. Josh: the only doing any bullying around here is us. Dani grabs Josh and throws him across the room and then does the same thing with john. dani: now leave. Star: Wow is she scary. Dani: now where was i oh yeah so lync lets make a bet if i win the thumb wresting you have to go back to diapers for a month. Simon: it's a deal. Lync:what!?. Simon: dont worry there's no way i can lose. Dani smiles good. Simon and Dani:1,2,3,4 i declaer a thumb war, 4,3,2,1 who will be the strongest thunb. Dani pushes down on Simon's thumb and and wins. Lync to simon: You Lost! Dani: yes now diaper boy if you need any help useing the autochanging machine you can ask Alex. Dani walks away doing back flips. Simon: show off. Simon's watch beeps. Simon: gotta go bakuninja duty tonght. Simon leaves. That night there was a new group of bakuninja's that group was Simon, Hydron, Lync, Alex, and Dani. Rose did that because she new none of them a group yet. Simon and Alex were normally together but they needed a bigger group. The new group of bakuninja's were headed out into the woods. Simon:listen little kids i'm the leader so lsten to me. Dani:I'm the strongest shouldn't i be leader. Simon: but i have more expeirience. Dani: but i have more skills. Just then Hex comes out from behind a tree. Hex: look at this felix Simon Alex that wimp from the other night, a baby and a little girl. Dani: your the only one who's little around here. Hex: o really lets brawl. Dani and Hex: gate card open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Hex; ready Felix. Dani: go go go snakey gate. Hex: ability acrivate strike tornado Dani: card open power swap. Dani wins Hex: i, i , i lost. NO WAY!!!!!!!! Dani: thats what you get when you mess with a davis. Hex: a davis you say. Hex walks away. Dani: now can i be leader. The next day was a school day. everone was in second period ability cards when Hydron walked in. Teacher: Hydron your late. Hydron: i overslept. Teacher very well. After class Hydron and Mac are walking to thier next class. Mac: i remember my first bakuninja duty slept for about 24 hours. They look over to Dani who is flipping around freely. Later that night around 6:00 Dani is heading back to her cabin when Hex jumps down from a tree. Hex: hello Dani Davis. Dani: hello Hexom Livingston. Thats right i googled you. Hex: impressive now would you like to help me on my quest to take all bakugan. Dani: no way would i join you. Hex: oh really you could have a lot of power and I know you like power. Dani:I do like power. Hex: join me and you will have all the power you wish. Dani: i'll never join you. Hex: you will regret this. Hex walks away. Dani heads back to her room. That night Dan, and Shun are at the secret brawlers base when a nasked man attacks. The basked man beats shun who then falls unconious then battles Dan and Drago. After losing to the masked man Drago had used up all it's power and dies. So does Dan. The next day when Dan and Shun are found by Rose, she brings them to the hospital. Rose: Shun what happened. Shun: a maksed man came he killed Dan and Drago. Later that day. Rose has decided that all brawlers everywhere must step foward and battle to see who is the bearer of the element. Whoever is chosen will have their bakigan evolve. Even later that day all the bralwers from around the world including nethia, gundalia, and vestal are gathered in new vestio for the the ultimate battle. The first round is Dani vs a gundalien named Willie. Dani: go serpaniod. Sepaniod attacks and beats Willie. A few days later only 100 bralwers are left. This includes Hex, Paige, Dani, Lync, Hydron, Viper, Mac, Simon, Star, Kyle, Brianna, Amber, Gear, Josh, John, and Rose. The next battle is Paige vs Kyle. Kyle: ability activate omega eraser. Paige: gate card open land pressure. Now attack stinglash. Paige wins. The next battle is John vs Rose: Rose: Dragapegacorn attack. Rose wins. A few hors later is the semifinale. The match is Hex vs Rose and Simon vs Dani. Dani: Ability activate aquas Pyrus combo. Simon: ability activate Aqua tornado times 2. Dani: Ability activate powe swap. Dani wins. Now Hex vs Rose. Rose : triple abilty activate dark gallop plus horn of the unicorn plus pegasis wings. Hex (scared): uh. Rose: Now dragapegacorn ATTACK. Rose wins. The finals are Rose vs Dani. They are about ot battle when all of a sudden Serpaniod stats glowing. Rose: serpaniods evolving. She's the chosen one. Serpaniod evolves into poison serpaniod. At the same time Dani along with serpaniod get transpotored insode the sacred orb that Serpaniod now has. They see drago and Dan. Dan: hello welcome to the sacred orb. Dani: uh hi i'm Dani. Drago: you have much responciblity ahead of you are you ready. Dani and serpaniod: yes.Dan : good. Dani and Serponiod get ransported back to the arena. Rose: congradualtion daughter. Later that day Dani goes back into the agaier and becomes the age of 12. The next day Dani is getting ready to go to the other demention. Dani: ok Mom open up the portal. Rose opens up the portal. Simon and Alex walk into the room. Alex: You are n't leaving without us are you. Dani laughs: of course not. Snakey: Griffon, Hydroniod you too. Griffon: well duh. Hydroniod: Yep. They all go threw the portal to the other Demention. Meanwhile deep deep into woods at a secret base Hex walks into a room. He sees a big muscley boy who is 18. Hex (scared); uh hi lorenzo. Hi Cyclone percival. Lorenzo: listen little boy i heard you lost to a girl. Felix (extremely scared): in his defense that girl was Rose Davis couson of Shun and mother of the chosen one. Cyclone Pecaval: dosen't matter little boy now go to the other demention and BEAT THOSE BRAWLERS. Lorenzo leaves. Felix to Hex: close one. Hex: you can say that again. Hex walks threw the door to the telaorter room. When he gets into the telaporter room he sees a girl age 15. girl age 15: hi little boy. Hex: hi cassadandra mind turning the telaporter on. Cassadanra: fine. Cassandra turns the machine on and Hex steps into it and lands in the other demention near Lyra, and David. Lyra: Davis grab the earthling. David grabs Hex and brings them to their secret base.Later that day Simon, Dani, and Alex landed in the other demention in the town where the battle brawlers next generatio were before. Once there they saw a bunch of aliens hanging by the park. Alien to another alien: did you here the bakugan dentias are letting in new members. Other alien: no way. The two aliens go to the park. Dani: come on. Dani runs ahead to the park and Alex and Simon chased after her. When they get to the park they see Lyra, David, the 9 year old, and Hex surrounded by a crowd. Lyra: who ever can beat this human will be accepted into the denta army. Crowd cheers. Dani: what is Hex doing here. Simon: no clue but i know the girl is Lyra the other brawlers told me about her she really strong. Dani: well in that case. Dani pushes her way threw the crowd. Dani: LYRA I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simon: dani what are you doing are you crazy. Hex: simon what are you doing here. Simon: right now trying to keep Dani from battleing. Hex: thats Dani she looks 8 years older. Dani: can we stop talking and start battleing. Lyra: earthling i accept your challenge. Both: field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Lyra: ready jokopus. Dani: go snakey. Abilty actiavte poison fangs. Lyra: abilty activate aquis blazer. Dani: abilty activate pyro killer. Gate card open no card. this card nulfies all of your abilities. Lyra life force 0%. Dani wins. Lyra: impressive earthling. Dani: Booyah. Simon and Alex: BOOYAH! Lyra (pushes Hex foward): take the earthling he's a wimp anyway. Hex: hey am not. Dani: yes you are and unless you want to be beat up by a girl i would stop talking. Hex: fine. Lorenzo appears right in front of Hex causing hex to scream like a girl. Dani to Lorenzo: who are you. Hex: he's. Lorenzo: i can introdice myself little boy. i'm Lorenzo battle, the best brawler ever. Dani: are not! Simon: you may not know but you should naver mess with a Davis. Alex: or you'll get hurt. Simon: badly. Alex: extreamly badly. Simon: like in diapers for a month and put in the hospital badly. Alex: technically the diaper thing was because he lost a bet. Dani: wow your getting wierder than Amber and Gear. Lorenzo: are you gonna talk or brawl girl. Dani: your going to regret saying that. Both: feild open gate card set bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Dani: go poison. ability activate poison famgs. Lorezo: gate card open jokers wild. with the jokers wild the darkess always wins. Dani lofe force 0% Lorenzo wins. Lorenzo: ha ha girl. Alex: you shouldn't have said that. Simon: the Davis's have what i like to call triggers. A trigger is a word or sound that throws a Davis into an anger fit. for Rose and Alex it's being called little, for paul it's when peaple make fun of him, and Dani it's when someone underestimates her just because she's a girl. starting in 3,2. Dani lashes out and punches lorenzo knocking back into a building. Lorenzo: not a bad punch for a girl. Alex and Simon grab Dani to keep her from killing Lorenzo only to be thrown off into a tree. Dani runs at Lorenzo only to have him dodge. Simon gets up from the tree. Simon: Dani stop. Dani (unhapilly): fine. Lorenzo: come on little boy time to go. Hex (scared): coming. Lorenzo punches Hex. Lorenzo: thats for getting caught by a girl and making me have to save. Lorenzo pushes Hex. Lorenzo: and thats for losing multiple times to a girl. Now come on before I hit you again little boy. Hex: coming. Simon: Hex you don't have to put with this join us you'll be accepted and we still need a darkess brawler. Hex look at the brawlers in a way that looks hopeful. Lorenzo to Hex: wimp now come on. Lorenzo grabs Hex as the portal opens up. Hex: sorry but no. Hex walk threw the portal after Lorenzo and land back in the lab with cassandra . Cassandra: so how was your trip. Lorenzo: not bad. Little boy was scared of a girl. (starts lauging.) Hex: stop, the brawlers were right i'm leaving. Hex head to the door. Lorenzo runs infront of Hex and blocks thee door. Lorenzo: you're not going anywhere little boy. Hex punches Lorenzo. Hex: ow ow ow my hand. Lorenzo: listen wimp you're not leaving. Later that day the brawlers leave along with their new teammates Ches and Micheal. Ches's partner was a ventus helix dragoniod named Venti. Micheal's partner was a regular darkus dragoniod named nebula. That night Hex managed to escape the base and came to the bakuninja acadamy. He gets to the inside of wall around the school and passes out. Later that night Ches, Micheal, Dani, Simon, and Alex are coming back from bakuninja duty. Dani: i'm suprised we didn't see Hex he's always trying to take the little kids bakugan. Simon: you know i've been thinking and mabye Hex isn't that bad. I mean you saw the way that Lorenzo guy treated him anyone who goes through that kind of abuse can't be all bad. Just then as they enter the trough the wall they come across Hex passed out. Alex: well that explains that. Dani: come on we have to get him to the hospital wing. Simon: good idea. Dani Alex and Simon carry Hex to the hospital wing where they see Rose and Lync. Alex: mom we found Hex outside we think he escaped the evil guys. Rose: set him down on the bed over there. Dani : got it. Dani walks over to Lync. Dani: what are doing here diaper boy. Lync: Josh and John beat me up again and I think my arm is broken. Rose: well your thoughts are right your arms broken. Now hold still while put it in a cast. Hex starts waking up Dani: mom Hex is waking up. Rose walk sover to Hex. Hex: where am I. The last thing I remeber is getting away from the base and passing out. Rose: you're in the hospial wing of the bakugan acadamy. Hex: i made it. Hex passes out. Rose: he's sick. oh no. Simon: whats oh no. Rose: he was in the other demention. we need to get him some elixer quick. Simon grabs the Elixer from the shelf and Rose has Hex drink it. A few minutes later Hex wakes up. Hex: what happened. Rose: sickness from the other demention. Hex: ouch my hand. Rose: let me see. Rose examines Hex's hand finds its broken. Rose: your hand's broken. Hex: my hands been hurting since i punched Lorenzo. Dani giggles. Dani: you broke your arm by punching someone ha ha. Rose: Dani from what i heard that Lorenzo boy is pretty tough. i mean he did beat you. Dani: that was shear luck. Rose: imagine that two broken bones on two peaple in the same day. Yipes. Lync: you know headmaster davis you didn't finish putting the cast on my arm. Rose runs over to Lync and finishes the cast. Rose to Lync: so sorry. knew i was forgetting something. Lync: man can't believe my arm's broken. Dani: look on the bright side diaper boy you get out of P.E. Lync: man are you ever going to stop calling me diaper boy. Dani: probally not. Lync: Man. Rose: now Hex i suggest you try not to move your hand to much and have fun. Hex: have fun where. Rose: at the acadamy you are offically enrolled. Hex: wow really. Alex: thats my mom for you. she knows everything. Felix: snakey, hydroniod, griffon you really will accept us as part as your group. Snakey: of course. Rose: now you should get going and tell John and Josh to see me in my office. Hex, Dani, Simon, and Alex leave. When they get outside they see Josh and John throwing Mac into a dumpster. Simon, Alex, and Dani walk over to Josh and John. Simon: dude not cool. Josh grabs Simon by the coller. John: listen we are the bosses around here and if you want to battle us, then battle us. Simon: deal, now put me down. Josh puts Simon down. Simon vs John and Josh. Simon wins. Simon: easy. Alex and Simon high five. Alex: nice one bro. Dani: not bad. Simon to Joh and Josh: i suggest you leave now. Josh and John leave. Mac gets out of the dumpster. Mac: are they gone. Dani: yeah. Mac leaves and Ches and Micheal come up to Dani, Simon, Alex, and Hex. Ches: your never guess what. Dani: it's movie night. and one of the movies is total scary scary killer movie the scariest movie ever!. Micheal: yes how did you know. Simon: mom owns the school remember. Ches: oh yeah. Simon: who do you think will wet themselve's first. Alex: i've got ten bucks on hydron. Simon: 20 on mac. Dani: you two are such idiots. i've got 50 on diaper boy. Simon and Alex: deal! That night at the movie five minutes in. Lync: i think i need to change my pants. Dani to Simon, and Alex: pay up. Later that night at the secret base where Lorenzo was, Lorenzo is pacing back fourth. Cassandra enters the room. Cassandra: whats up with you. Lorenzo: master Zozon wants to ream up with those dementians. Cassandra: isn't that a good thing. Lorenzo: yes but I don't trust that Lyra girl. Cassandra giggles. Lorenzo: what? Cassandra: you liker her. Lorenzo: gross no way. Meanwhile on dementia in the denta army's secret base Lyra is pacing. David walks into the room. David: Lyra ma'am whats wrong. Lyra: master Zestes want to team up those humans that call themseve's the takers. David: isn't that a good thing. Lyra: yes but I don't trust that Lorenzo boy. David giggles. Lyra: what? David: you like him. Lyra: gross no way. The next morning a young haos leaonitus named lee the son of kyle's leonitus arrives on earth in a park near the bakuninja acadamy. Lee: where am I. Rose walks into the park with Dragapegacorn. Rose: nice day don't you think Dragapegacorn. Dragapegacorn: yeah. Rose spots Lee out of the corner of her eye. Rose to Lee: who are you. Lee: my name is Lee a haos leonitus son of Leo the fourth. Dragaegacorn: nice to meet you i am dragaegacorn. Rose: and my name is Rose. Lee: so there are humans on this planet. Rose to dragapegacorn: he's Leo's son alright. Dragapegacorn (laughing): you can say thats again. Lee: how do you know my father. Rose: he is the partner of a student at the bakuninja acadamy. A Kyle Williams. Meanwhile Kyle is climbing out of the dumster along with the rest of next generation brawlers. Mac: ow. Leo: either we got weeker or they got stronger. Viper: definetly they got stronger. Brianna climbs out of the dumster. Mac to Brianna: uh Brianna. Brianna: yeah? mac: never mind. Brianna: ok. Brianna walks away. Viper walks over Mac. Viper: Mac did you ask her to prom yet. Mac: no i chickened out. Viper: oh not good. Kyle walks over to Mac. Kyle: did you ask her out. Viper: he chickened out again. Kyle: you gotta man up dude. Mac: says the guy who got beat up by a girl. Kyle: alright fine i got beat up by Star are you going to let that go. Mac: no. Brianna walks over to mac. Brianna: hey mac will you go to prom with me. Mac: sure. Brianna: thanks. Brianna walks away. Brianna: YES YES YES. Mac: YES YES YES. Kyle: nice one bud. Later that day at the house of runo kuso (wife of dan kuso) it is runo and dan's son's (daniel kuso jr) birthday he is turning 3 and getting his first bakugan. Julie, Billy, Julie and Billy's daughter jules(she's 8), marucho, and marucho's son choji jr(he's 5) are also there. Dan opens his present. Dan: wow a bakugan. Runo: this is elamental dragoniod the only bakugan ever to have all the atrributes. Dan: i'm gonna call you drago. Julie to Runo: just like his dad. Drago: hello. Dan: wow a talking bakugan i know i'll go chalenge the kids at the bakuninja brawlers school to a battle. Jule's: hold on diaper boy don't you need to practice first try battleing gorem and i. Dan: i'm the son of the best brawler so i dont need to practice and i've been out of diapers since last week so stop calling me diaper boy. Choji: 3,2,1 Dan wets himself. Dan: fine. Runo: how about you three head over the bakuninja acadamy to battle. The young bralwers head over to the adacamy which is down the road. as they arrive they see Dani, Simon and Alex talking amoungst eachother. Dani to Simon and Alex: did you see Hex puke i mean it was allover the battle field. Simon: how could you not i mean he got it allover john josh and the teacher. Alex: but you gotta admit john and josh so deserved that. Dani: booyah. They all laugh. Dani sees Dan, Choji, and Jules standind near the acadamy. Dani to the new brawlers: wanna brawl. Alex: thats not fair Dani they have no experience. Simon: you can tell jsut by looking at them. Dan: i don't need brawling experience to beat you punks i'm dan kuso jr. All: feild open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Dani to Simon, and Alex: can i take them out. simon and alex look at eachother and shrug. Dan: pretty cocky abilty activate elamental glow. drago power level 300 g's. snakey's power level 1998 g's. Dani: attack. snakey wins. Dani: did i mention i'm dani davis the person who currently hold the sacred orb bacuse i am. Alex: and i'm alex davis the strongest haos brawler of our genration. Simon: that would make me simon davis the second best aquas brawler EVER. Dan: cool. ok i've just got to join your team please. Dani: sorry no one under the age of five allowed. Simon gives Dani a look taht says your not five yet. Dani gives Simon a look that says you tell them and you die. Dani: fine you can join us if beat a friend of ours. Dan: ok who. Dani: mac wright. Mac jumps down from a tree followed by Branna. Mac: you called me. Dani: battle dan kuso jr please. Mac: easy. Mac and Dan: gate vard open bakugan brawl bakugan stand. Mac: abilty activate spiced slayer. Dan gate card open low bridge. Dan wins. Mac: lucky shot. Dani: congrayts kid you are a bralwer for my team now. Simon: what no way he was not suppossed to pass the test. Alex: what he said. Dani: fine we'll have a group vote, Hex is still in the hospital wing and Ches and Micheal are in stratagy class. Alex and Simon: fine let the kid in. Dan: awesome i just have to get permission from my mom first. Dani calls up Runo from her bakupod. Dani: hello runo i was wondering if your son could have full scholership to the bakuninja acadamy. Runo: simon alex dani is that you i haven't seen you kids since Rose beat shun in a brawl when she was 16 and he was 18. Now about a scholership i would love to have my son go to the acadamy. Dani: thanks bye. Dani hangs up. Dan: how do you guys know my mom. Dani: Our mom always hung around the brawlers when she was younger since she was shun's couson. Dan: cool! Later that day Dan, Dani, Simon, Alex, Ches, Micheal, and Hex are outside in the woods. Alex: raedy for bakuninja duty tonight. Dani: of course and i'm so excited. Dan: whats bakuninja duty. Ches: you see around hear there are these brawlers called the takers and they take other peaples bakugan but the bakuninjas an elite group of students started by headmaster lanski herself when she was 11 stop the takers. Dan: taking bakugan thats not nice. Micheal: yeah well some people do that. Dan: thats not fair. Ches: you got alot to learn kid alot!

( one week after bakugan: the gundalian prince meets bakugan the adveture Dani is brawling in class vs evryone besides simon) Dani: i sumon zenthon mectogan (Zenthon appears) Dani: now attack. (Zenthon takes out everyone except snakey Dani wins) Dani: can i get a. Simon: booyah. Both: booyah. Hex: wow you've gotten pretty powerful Dani. Dani: thank you very much. (menawhile at the denta army base the leader Zozon is planning an attack on plnet earth. He sends his army to the acadamy to capture the perfect core.) (at the acadamy a few minutes later the ships arrive) Rose: were under attack bakugan brawl bakugan stand go dragapegacorn. (dragapegacorn opens up taking down sevaral ships. The ships then send own their own bakugan) Paul: bakugan brawl bakugan stand lets go arrowdactal. Rose: abilty activate horn of the unicorn. Paul: abilty activate wings of feathers. (They succesfelly take out the enamy bakugan and the ships retreat.).

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